Here’s What She Should Wear On A First Date, According To Her Sign



Regardless of how cool or confident we think we are, first dates are always nerve-wracking. We already have a romantic interest in the other person and they’ve given us every sign that they’re interested in us too – thus the date – but there’s always that little “what if” in the back of our minds. Even if our date likes us, what if the date goes poorly? What if we do or say something to embarrass ourselves, or worse – say something to embarrass our date? With all these little “what ifs” floating around our heads, it’s easy to get worked up over nothing and start freaking out about every little thing.

The stars might not be able to help us relax, though taking a moment to look up at them certainly does sound nice and calming, but they can absolutely help clear one anxiety-inducing worry from our minds. What’s the number one thing all girls worry about when it comes to a first date? Of course, it’s always the question of what she should wear. Thankfully, a girl’s fashion choices can be determined by simply studying her astro sign. If the stars can help map out our personalities, they can definitely help us choose the most alluring outfit as well. All you really need to know is where to start with our wardrobe choices; figuring out what to pair with those heels or that top is simple once you have your starting piece!

Here’s what she should wear on a first date, according to her sign:

20-Gemini Girls Should Wear Statement Earrings

It doesn’t matter where the date is going to be – statement earrings are perfect for any occasion. Gemini women can reach for their favorite pair and build their outfit around them. Odds are, the outfit will say, “I’m cute, I’m confident and I’m ready for a great date!” When she arrives at her destination, her potential partner will be drawn to the earrings, which will also draw their eyes to her hair and face – which is exactly where a date should be focusing anyway. A Gemini’s natural social skills will compliment the attention-grabbing earrings and the date will be all smooth sailing from there.

19-Libra Ladies Need The Perfect Necklace

Libras tend to have a ton of necklaces ranging from delicate chokers to colorful statement pieces. All a Libra girl needs to do is reach for her favorite one and it will dictate what sort of outfit she should wear. Her necklace alone will be the deciding factor between a dress, skirt outfit or simpler, more casual look. It can also be the deciding factor in how she styles her hair – a delicate piece could look great with an up-do, while multi-stranded necklaces might look better with longer hair styled with soft curls. Whichever necklace she chooses, her entire look for the night will inevitably follow.

18-Aquarius Women Are All About The Bracelets

The great thing about Aquarius women is their emotional side; unfortunately, it also tends to be one of their greatest weaknesses. Due to their ability to see things through different lenses, the odds of an Aquarius putting too much pressure on herself simply from choosing an outfit is pretty high. Rather than go through the unnecessary anxiety, all she has to do is sort through her small collection of bracelets and choose her favorite one. With one piece of the outfit complete, she’ll have the right frame of mind to follow through with picking out the perfect outfit for that first date.

17-BONUS: Aquarius Girls Can Also Show Off A Cute Bag

If you’re the type of Aquarius girl who has a better selection of bags than she does bracelets, you’re in luck! All you’ve got to do is take a peek at your bags and choose the one that speaks to you in the moment. Matching your outfit to your bag can be comfortable, even really fun. By choosing the bag first, you’re deciding whether you need an outfit with pockets, whether you’ll be dressing more up or down and you’ll also have a better idea of what shoes and other accessories to wear as well. Don’t stress about your wardrobe choices, just choose a bag and let it take care of the rest!

16-Air Signs Show Off Accessories

Air signs only have to take a look at their accessories to help them pick the perfect first date outfit! Air signs are friendly thinkers who love to socialize with the right people – so when asked if they have a favorite accessory, they don’t usually have to think very long; they often know exactly what necklace, what bag or which set of earrings to grab right off the bat. It makes sense that they’ll start with a key accessory to help them choose what outfit to wear! All they have to do is reach for their lucky accessory and the rest of the outfit will pull itself together.

15-Capricorn Girls Should Wear A Strappy Sandal Or Buckled Boot

Capricorn girls are known for their responsibility and leadership skills, but one little-known fact is they’re also really great fashionistas when it comes to shoes. Guaranteed she’s got some cute strappy sandals and buckled boots in her closet just waiting to be worn for a first date! Once she knows what shoes she’s going to flaunt, the rest of her ensemble might as well pick itself out! She’s going to be comfortable and she’s going to look amazing, all without the stress of which outfit shows off her best features. At her date, she’ll be turning heads for her great outfit and her confident smile.

14-Virgos Should Pair Their Outfit With Their Statement Boots

Virgos are known for their shyness, so one way to help pull her out of her shell is to fake it ’til she makes it! That’s right Virgo ladies, it’s time to kick up your confidence with some statement boots! Regardless of how shy you’ve been in the past, it’s time to dress for the personality you want to have on your date! Don’t be afraid to have some fun! Mix and match your outfit choices with some amazing boots and the confidence you feel in your outfit will extend to the aura you exude just by walking up to your date. Get it, girl!

13-Taurus Can “Wow” With Lace-Up Boots

A Taurus girl might be known for being stubborn, but she’s also known for being practical, and little “practicality” more than a great pair of lace-up boots! She’ll be ready to do everything from horseback riding with her date to enjoying a nice dinner on a yacht. They’re perfect for practically any occasion – so long as she pairs the right outfit with them! It’s simple – jeans and a button-up plaid top for a more casual look, or leggings and a nice blouse for a nice affair. However she dresses, so long as her best boots are on her feet, she’ll be comfortable and ready for anything!

12-BONUS: Taurus Ladies Can Also Wear Print Flats

If a Taurus lady feels like flaunting some flats, she’d do well to consider printed flats. Don’t go with plain-Jane solids – choose a flat that features an animal print, geometric design or even a nice floral print. These fun shoes will let any potential date know that beneath that stubborn exterior, there’s a girl who knows to let loose and have fun. Her shoes can even be part of an ice breaker to help get the conversation going on that nerve-wracking first date! She can just let the fun side of her outfit help pull out the fun side of her personality as well.

11-Earth Signs Should Focus On Their Shoes

Well, we hate to say it but how can we pass up the opportunity? Earth signs are “grounded,” so it makes sense that they’d focus on their shoes first, right? Right? Well, all an Earth sign needs to do is pick out her most comfy shoes and build up her outfit around it. If her favorite shoes happen to be some really cute heels she just had to buy with her last paycheck, then now is the perfect time to trot them out. Now she knows what bag to use with them, and from that combination she also knows what outfit and hairstyle will work best. Sound simple? That’s because it is.

10-Aries Should Wear A Red Blouse

Red has several connotations, including passion, seduction and confidence. By wearing red, an Aries lady can show off her confident, passionate and honest sides. Yes, she’ll be a striking figure but that doesn’t necessarily intimidate her date. Wearing red has so many positive attributes that an Aries’ date will be inclined to really look at her and listen to what she has to say. She’ll exude power and will remain comfortable enough that her date won’t bat an eye at even the silliest comments she makes; in fact, her date might even find her to be extra charming and have no idea it’s all thanks to her outfit.

9-Sagittarius Can Show Off Her Teal Top

Teal is a gorgeous color anyway, so every girl should have at least one teal top in her closet, but a Sagittarius, who is known for her great sense of humor, can use this color to show who she really is inside. Teal can be worn by everyone from a powerful businesswoman to a laughing clown at a circus – this color takes a step away from the humdrum reds, simple blues and boring yellows and greens of normal dates and kicks things up a notch with a little flair. The fun feeling from her outfit will also come out during her date, so Sagittarius ladies, reach for that teal blouse!

8-Leos Look Amazing In Cream

Cream is a classic color that goes with just about every skin tone. Leos may be creative and they may love bright colors, but there’s a certain boldness about a woman who shows up to a first date wearing such a dangerous color. What if they order spaghetti and a drop stains that gorgeous outfit? By flaunting a cream top, a Leo is telling her date that she is proud, she is confident and she knows how to reel herself in when the occasion calls for it. Of course, if the date goes well, her partner will understand these attributes later, but why wait when she can showcase her personality on the first date?

7-BONUS: Leos Should Stick To Silk

Silk tops are another dangerous, but absolutely gorgeous, fashion choice. Once again, a Leo is telling her date that she can be trusted in any situation. One of a Leo’s greatest attributes is their cheerful personalities and penchant to tell jokes. Cream might come off as a little to stiff for a first date, but silk can come in any color, any design and can give off any vibe. If a Leo lady wants to show off some of her fun side, she can choose a colorful print, or she can reel herself in with a simple but elegant single shade; however she chooses to flaunt the silk, she’s going to look great!

6-Fire Signs Focus On Their Tops

Fire signs are hot, hot, hot (yes, we went there. No, we’re not sorry)! She knows she’s amazing and the confidence dripping off her words and casual motions is likely what caught her date’s attention in the first place – so how can she keep from being too intimidating for a first date? All she’s got to do is pick the perfect top to help her date focus on who she is as a person and turn away from the nervousness of being with someone who might as well be miles out of their league. Everyone present already knows she’s a catch – but with the right outfit, she’ll help her date see beyond what’s on the outside.

5-Cancer Ladies Should Wear A Pleated Skirt

Cancer girls tend to be really fun! They’re tenacious, imaginative, loyal, silly and are great at getting to know people. If she’s already got butterflies in her stomach about her date, it’ll help for her to grab her favorite pleated skirt for the occasion. This fun skirt can fit in at any high rate restaurant and can be equally appropriate for a fast food place. She’ll look really cute regardless and can use the pleated design as a show for her more flirty side. A pleated skirt can say, “I take my work seriously” just as much as it can say, “I’m looking great on this amazing date” – and a Cancer girl would do well to remember it.

4-Pisces Look Great In A Little Black Skirt

It’s time to put away the little black dress and make some room for that little black skirt! The dress might be a timeless classic, but a Pisces lady knows it’s also the perfect match for a more colorful top! The great thing about black is it tends to go with everything – so she can show off her artistic side by slipping on a colorful blouse or can keep things a little more intimate with a solid colored top with a plunging neckline – however she chooses to represent herself, a Pisces girl knows that a black skirt is the strongest foundation she can start with.

3-Scorpios Wow In Print Skirts

Scorpio girls sometimes like to tease, and what better way to wrap a date around her finger than to show up in a fun and flirty outfit that just so happens to make twirling a fun option? Whether the skirt has a colorful design or a simple and elegant one, the fact that she starts with a fun piece sets the mood for the date – even if her date is none the wiser. All she has to do is grab her favorite print skirt and let its whimsy take control of her emotions. By the time she’s dressed and ready to go, she’ll not only look great but she’ll feel great too.

2-BONUS: Scorpios Can Also Turn Heads With A Simple Pencil Skirt

While a Scorpio can definitely pull off a colorful print skirt, there’s something to be said about the humble pencil skirt. These skirts work wonders on a woman’s figure, and if a Scorpio really wants to turn heads, she can do so just as easily with the pencil skirt as she can the print. The difference? The pencil skirt tells her date that she’s got a serious and passionate side, while the print skirt tells her date she’s got a whimsical, flirty side. Which one is best for her to wear? It really all just comes down to how she’s feeling that night. Whichever she chooses, it will be the right choice.

1-Water Signs Have Flattering Skirts

Water signs are extremely intuitive and as such, they can manipulate the direction of a conversation as easily as any one of us can simply snap our fingers. While they may be great conversationalists, they still fall prey to the same first date anxieties the rest of us do, so when she needs a minute to collect herself, she might as well start simply: She might as well try picking out the perfect skirt. It doesn’t matter if she chooses a skirt that matches the weather or one that matches her plans for the night – by picking out the skirt first, she’s already narrowed down her options and she’ll leave the house feeling just as amazing as she looks.


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