Making decisions is hard – especially when it comes to something as momentous and memorable as your honeymoon. That’s why, to make your life easier, you should let the stars be your travel guide. Look to your zodiac for advice as you plan such a romantic trip. Doing so won’t only help you embrace the beauty of astrology, it will also be super fun. Just take a look at the following honeymoon selections…

You’ve never been the type of person who likes to do what everyone else is doing, so while other couples are planning trips to Hawaii, you would instead prefer to sign up for an African safari. You can already imagine how life-changing it will be to see some of the earth’s most majestic creatures in their natural habitat – especially since this means you (thankfully) won’t be the center of the show.

When it comes to all things self-expression, you’re a big fan. That’s why, for your honeymoon, you’d love nothing more than to surround yourself with the arts. As long as there are plenty of cultural events on your itinerary, you’ll be one happy camper! With this in mind, Rome may be the site for you (since there’s literally art EVERYWHERE).

Relaxing on your honeymoon is nice and all, but aren’t adventures more fun? As you take the time to plan your honeymoon, you’re thinking about all the activities that will keep you active as you enjoy yourself in a new place. If you haven’t been to Acadia National Park in Maine, you might want to give it a try. Aside from the scenery, there’s so much for you to enjoy as you get your body moving: hiking, kayaking, biking, and much more!

Yes, you may be going on your honeymoon, but what you’re not going to do is this: completely empty your bank account. Since spending your money responsibly is important to you, you may want to find a place that has plenty of budget-friendly options. According to Trips to Discover, Tulum, Mexico is one of those places (which also has plenty to do, so you’ll never be bored!).

Since you feel a strong connection to the adjective “indecisive,” you may want to consider picking a honeymoon destination that will allow you to visit many different destinations. For instance, there’s Europe (France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Spain!), where you can travel to several different countries via train. So, once you get your fill of one place, you can move on to the next. Since there’s plenty for you to do, the upside is that you will never be bored!

Since you’re all about making unique memories, a traditional honeymoon destination just isn’t going to cut it. You want to look back at all the photos you took during this time and say “Wow!” – which is exactly why you’d love nothing more than to explore the lush landscapes of New Zealand with your sweetheart. Can you hear the adventure calling your name?


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