Here’s Why He Might Not Love Her (Based On His Zodiac Sign)



So, you’ve been dating this guy for a long time and things were going great… except now you’re noticing signs that he’s standoffish and not as romantic as you are. You start to question yourself.

Or maybe he’s been in your life for forever, and you’ve always had a crazy connection; you want to take things a step further, but he doesn’t see it. He characterizes your dynamic as brotherly love, or just close friends… but definitely not the kind you were hoping for.

You begin to plague yourself with wonderings of “why doesn’t he love me as much as I love him?”

Well, look no further than the stars ladies, because they have everything we’ve been yearning for.

Whether it be that the relationship has run its course or he just needs time to reevaluate his priorities, his sign can shed light on both. Keep reading and you’ll find out why!

24-Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are known to be creative, adaptive, insightful, strong-willed and spontaneous. They have a strong personality as they are ruled by fire. Quick to anger; Aries has a fiery passion that blazes fiercely and is hard to contain.

They have a strong drive to succeed in anything they set their minds to. They are very impatient, however, and don’t like to wait very long to do something.

That doesn’t stop them from excelling at friendships. Aries are loyal to a fault when it comes to their friends; they will do anything they can to help those close to them.

23-Why An Aries Might Not Love Her

If a woman dating an Aries is questioning his love, it is most likely attributed to the fact that he is going through a self-centered time in his life right now.

Aries are restricted in the time they take to truly focus on themselves.

Adding someone else to their plate takes away from the already-limited time they have in their life and can become too distracting.

Once he begins to progress in his career and finishes the projects he has been trying to complete, he’ll be able to allow someone else into his life and into his heart.

22-Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is visually symbolized by a bull, and boy does it represent the Taurus sign perfectly.

Those born under the Taurus are known to have great strength, stamina, willpower and of course the ability to be stubborn beyond belief. They will stand their ground to the bitter end and will never let anyone push them around. Contrast this with their softer side, which makes them loving, sympathetic and appreciative and you have a sign that is balanced and well rounded.

Tauruses are known to be pretty understanding people. They are great listeners when others need to unload.

While their interests come first, ultimately they are endlessly generous when it comes to their time, possessions and love.

21-Why A Taurus May Not Love Her

If a Taurus man is dating a woman but not reciprocating her love, the harsh reality is that he decided a long time ago what type of woman he will fall in for, and doesn’t she fulfills that.

It’s hard for Tauruses to open their hearts and love someone else when they have their minds set on a specific ideal.

Deep down, he knows that she is an amazing woman and that she would make a great life partner, but he has a hard time working through his expectations. Unfortunately, opening up to change is not one of his strengths.

20-Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

There are three words that describe a Gemini best: flexibility, balance, and adaptability.

Geminis are quick to grasp what is going on in a situation and can accurately deduce what needs to be fixed.

The one downside to being a Gemini is that they tend to have a dual personality. As a result, it is hard to predict how they are going to react. With the snap of a finger, they can go from hot to cold or from cold to hot.

Despite their spontaneous mood swings, they are extremely affectionate and imaginative.

19-Why A Gemini Might Not Love Her

For a woman who is dating a Gemini and is having issues with him not loving her as much as she loves him, just know that he is distant because he is unsure if he able to commit to loving anyone right now.Geminis struggle with commitment.

They have a problem letting someone in and loving them exclusively at the fear that something better will come along.

Interestingly enough, if something is preventing a Gemini man from being with his partner, it will intensify his feelings for her. But if there are no significant barriers, and they have the ability to see them all the time, he will resist falling in love in case someone else comes into the picture.

18-Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are homebodies. They would rather be home, comfortable and with family then out and about in large settings living it up.

Cancers are traditionalists and operate best with the fundamentals in life. One could say they have an old soul due to their love of history. Anything having to deal with the past, ancestry and heraldry fascinate them.

Some negatives of being a Cancer are that they are a contradictory, prone to moodiness and have a reputation for being fickle.

There are times when a Cancer needs to be by themselves and away from everything and everyone. It is best to allow them to just do their own thing.

17-Why A Cancer Might Not Love Her

If a woman isn’t getting the same affection she is giving her Cancer partner,  it might be because he is in love with someone else.

Cancers have a hard time getting over their ex-partners.  Moving on doesn’t mean the obsession is gone and he will continue to romanticize his past relationship as his best one. 

It may take a while, but he will wake up one day and realize that the relationship ended for a reason, hopefully, it isn’t too late.

16-Leo (July 23 – August 22)

There are few signs that have the gift of success like Leos do. Leos are natural born leaders and possess the drive to help them succeed either in life or their careers.

Leos are vocal and open-minded about their opinions. They hold nothing back and tell it how it is. It is best to listen to them because 9 times out 10, they are right.

Thanks to their natural leadership, Leos have an amazing way of analyzing a situation and then executing a swift judgment call on what should be done.

They are brave, intuitive, head-strong and willful, but under all those dynamic personality traits is a person that can also be generous, loving and sensitive.

15-Why A Leo Might Not Love Her

Leos tend to care more about themselves and their vanity more than anything else.

If he isn’t giving his girl the love that she wants and deserves, its because he is too wrapped up in himself.

A good example would be a guy someone is talking to online. Over the internet, they talk all the time and have lots of stuff in common but when they meet in person, there is no chemistry and the girl discovers he wasn’t being 100% truthful. That is how he is. He prefers not to show others who he is under the surface.

14-Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos love to chat with other people. They are awesome teammates and work well with others not only in work situations but also in their social life.

Virgos are curious about the world around them and are skilled at getting information out of other people. This skill makes them highly intuitive.

However, when their lives become unbalanced, they can become short-tempered, impatient and self-serving. They also have a tendency to express their opinions, even when they are not wanted.

13-Why A Virgo Might Not Love Her

Virgos tend to pull away when they feel they are getting too close to someone.

If Virgo is pulling away from their partner, it’s most likely because she is alarming him. How so?

 If she is making him feel things that he is not used to feeling, he will push her away by finding her smallest flaws and using them as an excuse to back off.

If she is really serious about being with him (and willing to wait), then all she has to do is ride it out and eventually, he will wake up and stop being so critical and afraid of being in a serious relationship.

12-Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libras base their lives on four things: balance, justice, equanimity, and stability. They only want to be surrounded by harmony and beauty. The downside is that if they feel that their current goals or situations are unreasonable or unhealthy, they will go to any extreme to bring back the harmony and balance in their life.

Thanks to their ruling planet Venus, Libras are understanding, caring, but also quiet and shy, unless someone close to them can persuade them to come out of their shell.

What’s ironic is that even with their shy and quiet nature, they are excellent debaters, and can prove a point even with not much intel to go off of.

11-Why A Libra Might Not Love Her

Libras tend to give off an aura of confidence, but in reality, underneath their hard outer shell, lies an unlovable man.

the reason they have a hard time loving her as she loves him is that he is scared to take a leap of faith.

He fears that she will start telling him things about himself that he doesn’t want to hear.

Over time, the barriers will start to come down and that hard-outer shell will crack. He will see that he is worthy of love after all and then his understanding of the feelings he has for her will become clearer.

10-Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are often misunderstood because of their personalities. They are known to be bold, with the ability to execute massive enterprises, all while keeping a cool and confident demeanor.

Scorpios can overcome any obstacle they face if they put their mind to it and have an amazing ability to zero in on a situation.

Scorpios are excellent secret keepers. Once they know something, nothing can get them to talk. They have a bold nature that allows them to remain secretive, but that doesn’t stop them from lurking in the shadows though, snooping on anyone they feel has juicy gossip.

9-Why A Scorpio Might Not Love Her

Scorpios tend to overthink everything. While others are trying to find a solution for a current problem, they are two steps ahead and already working on it.

the reason he doesn’t love her as much as she does is out of a need to self-preserve.

He fears that if he loves her, she will run away, and he will be left with a broken heart.

Scorpios love to be in control at all times. When they allow their emotions to take over, they lose that control and that is always something they try to avoid.

8-Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius people are known as the philosopher of the astrological world. Like their cousin the Scorpio,  a Sagittarius has the amazing ability to focus their attention on something without wavering. They tire easily, however, and have to learn how to channel their energies instead of allowing themselves to be pulled in all different directions.

 Sagittarius people are not very patient people and require quick results. Unlike most who get angry when they fail, Sagittarius people are quick to make big comebacks and try again, even when there are incredible odds stacked against them.

They make loyal friends and lovers who will be there and do anything for the ones closest to them, but they refuse to be tied down and do not handle commitment very well at all.

7-Why A Sagittarius Might Not Love Her

A Sagittarius man views love as a constraint to his independence.

If a woman wants them to feel how she feels for him, she needs to prove to him that loving her doesn’t mean he will lose control or become stifled in the relationship.

She must let him know that if he wants to go out alone, he can, if he wants to go traveling, he can, just that he will have a traveling buddy to join him if he wants.

It is just convincing him to commit that is the hard part. Sagittarius doesn’t like commitment.

6-Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Like the Sagittarius, Capricorns are another philosophical sign who also possess high intelligence.

Capricorns use their knowledge for practical matters and strive to maintain a feeling of stability and order in their life. They are great organizers, highly intuitive, (even though they don’t like to share this trait with others) and patient and enduring.

They are not receptive to criticism and tend to follow a day-by-day plan to make sure they accomplish all their goals and tasks. They rarely share their problems with anyone, which is why they are susceptible to feelings of gloom caused by a bottling of their emotions.

5-Why A Capricorn Might Not Love Her

If a Capricorn’s girlfriend is having doubts about their relationship, she is probably right.

Capricorns love to keep busy with different projects, but one reason he may be doing it more often than usual is that he is trying to avoid his feelings.

Capricorns do not like to admit to their feelings because they find them scary.

If he learns to stop running from his feelings and to own up to them, he may be able to pursue a relationship with her.

4-Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Those born under the Aquarius sign are known to live a simple, quiet and nonspontaneous lifestyle. They have an amazing ability to accomplish their goals in peace with non-conventional methods that are surprisingly effective.

Aquariuses are known to be loyal, honest, and highly intelligent people. They can make friends very easily, but if they do not keep themselves in check, they may fall into a period of laziness. They are aware of this flaw, which is why they try their best to keep themselves motivated and constantly busy.

3-Why An Aquarius Might Not Love Her

Aquariuses are known to be loners, and because they have been solitary for so long, they have convinced themselves that they will remain like this.

 if his girlfriend is having trouble getting him to open up to her, its because he is in an emotional rut and scared of getting hurt.

His emotions make him uncomfortable and can sometimes scare him. He doesn’t know how to manage them or how to express them to other people.

Showing him how to love will eventually make him come around to the idea of not being alone.

2-Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are very intelligent people, but those around them would never know it because they tend to keep a low profile.

those born under the Pisces sign are honest, trustworthy, and unselfish people who would rather live a life of quiet dispositions than be out and about in large social settings. They tend to be overcautious in their home and work life and can be gullible.

Because of all these qualities, they tend to get taken advantage of, which is sad because they really are such a gentle and generous bunch.

1-Why A Pisces Might Not Love Her

Pisces are grounded in family. They truly love and care for their close family and friends, which is why he may not show the affection his partner wants as much as he should.

Pisces love their family and friends so much that it makes them afraid to bring anyone else into the mix.

This is not a game to him; if he truly loves her, he will want her to be around for the long haul. Until then, being in the mix is something he doesn’t take lightly.


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