Here’s Why He Wants To Break Up, Based On His Zodiac Sign


Breaking up may seem simple. All we have to do is pick up the phone (or meet in person) and tell our partner that we’ve had enough and it’s time to move on. But in reality, it’s much harder than that.

It’s because no one wants to be the bad guy or girl who broke someone else’s heart and left them shattered. That’s why a person’s ability to overcome this emotional pain can be the difference between an eternity of bad fights and poor interactions and a relationship with someone better.

So if your boo has been acting weird lately, making you feel like he’s probably thinking of leaving, this list will either put your mind at ease or give you the answer that will help you turn things around for the better. And no, it’s not a bunch of hocus pocus. An individual’s sun sign sums up a big part of their personality, especially their compatibility in relationships. So your man’s sign can definitely reveal the inner workings of his mind.

Just remember: If he was born in the last few days of one sign or the first few days of another, you’ll have to read the descriptions for both, because he’ll have tendencies from both.

Here’s why he’s going to break up with her, according to his astro sign.

20-Aries Man: He Is Bored Out Of His Mind

An Aries man is an impulsive and energetic person, bursting at the seams with life. It’s because he is ruled by Mars, the planet of desire, war, and masculinity.

That’s why he is very likely to break up with you if he feels that the interaction between the two of you has crossed over from being simply boring to mind-numbingly dull. Trust us, boredom to this male is like Kryptonite to Superman.

So if he always seems to be busy with his friends or something else whenever you suggest hanging out together, chances are big that he’s started to distance himself from you before he drops the B-bomb!

19-Leo Man: He Has Fallen For Someone Else

Romance to a Leo is like breath to a drowning man. He can’t live without it lighting him up from the inside!

And though it takes a lot to sway the loyalty of a Leo once he has given you his heart, he will drop you like a sack of hot potatoes if he feels that you don’t respect him, his time, or his affections.

In fact, he will hate you more if you turn out to be a harsh critic and a whiner on top of it all. That’s when he unconsciously starts to check out other women, and finally breaks up with you when is certain that he wants to make someone else his queen.

18-Sagittarius Man: She Keeps Telling Him What He Can’t Do

The Sagittarius man loves to talk, think, explore, and learn. He’s a mutable fire sign, after all. That’s why he’s so changeable and free-spirited.

And any woman who curbs his freedom, clips his wings, and tells him what he can and cannot do in life, is always the first one to go from his life. He just can’t stand such people, whether they are friends or lovers.

So beware of dogma if you are dating such a man. You might have bought into false societal beliefs, but you will never succeed in convincing him they are right and he is wrong.

17-BONUS: Sagittarius Men Will Pack Up, Just To Get Away From Her

Here’s an interesting thing these quick-footed Sagittarius men often do when they are in no mood to waste weeks on entertaining your whinings after a breakup announcement. They pack up their rucksacks overnight and head out of town.

These fond explorers never put down roots anywhere, even if they like the town they’re living in. And if moving guarantees an existence sans-you, they are willing to go that extra mile!

In fact, they often switch careers around that time too. Because if you are overhauling your life, why not overhaul everything at once?

16-Fire Signs: He Doesn’t Feel The Spark Anymore

To understand the astro men ruled by the element of fire – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – you need to first understand this volatile element. After all, fire spreads wherever there’s something to burn. And once it runs out of fuel, it sparks out.

That’s why these fiery men will almost always break up with you once they feel there is no spark left between the two of you. And while this can mean a lot of things, it generally refers to the curse of complacency that afflicts most relationships after the initial haze of obsession is gone.

15-Gemini Man: He’s Tired Of The Same Old Routine

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and mental acumen. That’s why Gemini men tend to flit from one romance to another, never settling down for a long-term partner. After all, when the world is a smorgasbord of delicious tales and conversations, why restrict yourself to a one-tune track every single day?

So if you are the kind of person who likes to talk about and do the same ol’ things every day, your Gemini lover will soon lose patience with you and call it quits.

Most likely over the phone or a quick text since they are equally afraid of ugly conflicts.

14-Libra Man: She Keeps Picking Fights

The Libra man is a peaceful guy. He loves engaging in interesting discussions, socializing with everyone in the biggest parties of the calendar year, and dressing up like a suave superstar. He is ruled by Venus, after all, the planet of love and gentler pleasures of life.

That’s why he absolutely hates it when the girl he’s with turns out to be an egomaniac who keeps fighting with him all the time for the pettiest reasons possible. He can’t tolerate conflict in any form and would rather they kissed and made up already.

And since he doesn’t like to be the one to initiate a breakup, he will most likely egg you on to do it first by being on worse behavior than usual.

13-Aquarius Man: She’s A Homebody, He Wants To Explore

The Aquarius man is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutionary ideas and deeds. That’s why he loves interacting with people who are not restricted in their minds and who are willing to explore the endless possibilities in the world with him.

So when he realizes that his partner is not open-minded, too much of a homebody, he starts to feel that their relationship does not have a future.

How can it when she will not explore with him, not be able to support him in his quest to change the world? And then it’s just a matter of time before he springs the breakup on you.

12-BONUS: Aquarius Men Will Test Her Values, To See If They Match His

Just because Aquarians pride themselves on their ability to think deeply and more clearly than most people with narrow minds, an Aquarius man will always ask his partner a series of increasingly deep questions right before he breaks up with her.

This often includes questions like her vision for their combined future, what she feels about his path in life, and whether she is open to addressing their relationship problems with incisive swiftness. Unfortunately, if she’s like most people, she construes this to be a sign of them growing closer, never realizing that she’s best subjected to a test that will determine the fate of their relationship.

11-Air Signs: She’s Ruled By Reason, He Wants No Rules

Of course, they don’t! They are air signs, after all. Ruled by the one element that still continues to swirl chaotically even after years of being trapped inside a sealed jar.

That’s why the airy men in astrology – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – are all so imaginative and social. They love to challenge their minds, talk shop with anyone and everyone and wave their hands around maniacally when they speak. And that’s exactly the environment they expect in their romantic relationship too.

Thus, the breakup is inevitable when they realize their partner is too practical, logical, ruled by reason.

10-Taurus Man: She’s Pestering Him, He Just Wants To Chill

Taurus men like their creature comforts and their favorite spots, as a peaceful bull likes to laze around on a lush green meadow on a balmy summer day with the comforting scent of flowers all around him. And they want their partner to make them feel exactly like that – at peace in their heart and their soul.

Makes sense why these males breakup when they feel their partners are an irritating presence in their life. After all, irritating people tend to feel like a thorn stuck underneath the soft hooves of the same bull lazying on the meadow.

9-Virgo Man: She’s A Mess, He’s A Neat Freak

The Virgo man’s dream girl is the dependable sort. A practical woman who is good with the little details and activities that help you function optimally on a day-to-day basis. After all, he’s just like that.

That’s why he can never survive with a frivolous partner who could care less about the daily chores and whose aesthetic in life can be summed up in four letters: S-L-O-B.

So if you the kind of person who keeps shifting your mound of dirty clothes between your desk chair and your bed as and when you need to use them, you probably aren’t going to last with a Virgo man anyway.

8-Capricorn Man: He’s Not Getting The Stable Home Life He Needs

The Capricorn man will always prioritize his career and ambitions over his relationship with you. It’s because his soul was born on Earth to satisfy a deep hunger for greatness and respect. But that doesn’t mean he will not do his best for you in whatever way he can. And that usually means supporting you financially and giving you a stable family life.

But if after working long hours at his workplace, he comes back home to an unstable and unsupportive environment, he will soon start to stay longer at work. In fact, some Capricorns are known to leave home at the crack of dawn and come back only once they know you have fallen asleep, just so they don’t have to interact with you at all.

7-BONUS: Taurus Men Will Passive-Aggressively Push Her Into Breaking Up With Him

As we discussed earlier, Taurus males love to snuggle into their favorite spot beside the fireplace and eat their favorite soup out of their favorite bowl on cold, Winter nights. They are creatures of habit, after all. It brings them peace and comfort.

And since these males hate to fight (chaos is the bane of their existence), they have a tendency to push you to break up with them by behaving passive-aggressively around you.

This can range from simple antics like never asking about you or how your day was, to more elaborate tactics where they’ll behave meanly with you and tell you that you’re crazy.

6-Earth Signs: She’s Trying To Change Him

Like their trusty elemental ruler, earth signs in astrology – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – are super dependable folks who are loyal to a fault…until they cannot tolerate your presence.

It’s because earth signs love comfort and stability more than anything else in the world. And if you get on their nerves with your whining, keep trying to change their habits and ways, or simply fight with them all the time, they soon grow tired of your chaotic presence and start looking for ways to politely break up with you.

But unlike fire signs, you will only become aware that they have distanced themselves from you after a considerably long period of slow changes over time.

5-Cancer Man: She’s Acting Too Cold And Uncaring

To a sensitive Cancer man, there’s nothing worse in the world than being in a relationship with someone who ridicules his emotions and chides him for his vulnerability.

It’s because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the luminary responsible for the tides and storms at sea, and which represents the mother and the home. Therefore, a Cancer man will always look for a partner who is just like his mother – warm, caring, and nurturing.

So if you are nothing like that, either in temperament or in values, you will soon lose the love of your Cancer man.

4-Scorpio Man: He Doesn’t Trust Her Anymore

Those born a Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, the planet of mystery, power, and occult knowledge, are said to have souls that desire intense, life-changing, karma-balancing experiences. That’s why all Scorpios tend to have backstories where they either were born in extremely challenging environments or were subjected to intense personal crises at the hands of the people they interacted with through the years.

That’s why a Scorpio man always chooses a partner who he can trust 100% to be on his team, through thick or thin. And if you can’t be that one for him, for whatever reason, he will soon find a way to cut you out of his life permanently.

3-Pisces Man: She’s Not Igniting His Creativity

Pisces men have the softest hearts of all the astro men. They are ruled by Neptune, after all, which is the planet of dreams, illusions, and creative imagination. That’s why all Pisceans tend to have a dreamy outlook about them. Almost as if they never lost the childlike part of themselves as they grew up.

Therefore, Pisces men place a high premium on dating people who bring out their imaginative side and who become their creative muses.

Which is why, if you don’t stir that soft place in his heart and mind anymore, you will soon find your Pisces distancing himself from you until he ghosts on you one day.

2-BONUS: Scorpio Men Will Accuse You Of Betrayal When They Want To Breakup

Scorpio men might have the astrological blessing of being capable of incredible change and transformation throughout their lives, but they almost always start their journey towards the light from the depths of infernal darkness.

And this is the reason why a lot of Scorpio men tend to be intensely possessive of their partners and often accuse them of betrayal, unaware that these accusations are delusions created by their own wounded minds.

So if you haven’t betrayed them, there’s nothing you can do to prove your innocence. These delusions will only fade once the Scorpio man is willing to explore the baggage he is burdened with. And that’s not your responsibility.

1-Water Signs: She’s Logical When He Needs Emotion

Still waters run deep. That’s the motto all water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – live by. That’s why these water babies tend to feel their way from decision to decision in life, regardless of what popular wisdom or logic might suggest. And that includes your relationship.

So if, after the initial tide of obsessive love has subsided, they feel that you aren’t as emotionally vested in the relationship as they are, or are too rigid, unfeeling, and cold, they will soon break up with you. Relationships are that important to all water signs.


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