How And When To Cut The Hair According To The Phases Of The Moon

  Are you thinking about making a makeover? Discover how the lunar phases affect your hair and choose the best time to cut your hair. As we know, the Moon is the satellite of our planet Earth. It has influence on the tides, but also on human activities and sensations. We even know of its impact on our mood, but did you know that it can also influence your look? In this article we will talk about the importance of taking the Moon into account when cutting your hair .  We will begin by explaining that our satellite does not have its own light and what we see from the Earth is what the Sun reflects from it depending on the position it presents with respect to the Earth. In this sense we know four very powerful lunar phases that occur during the month. They are: New Moon, Crescent, Full Moon and Fourth Waning. New moon is when the satellite is between Earth and the Sun and is not visible from Earth; whereas the Crescent, when the Moon, the Earth and the Sun form a right angle, so that it can be observed in the sky half of the Moon, in its period of growth. We also have the full Moon, when the Earth is located between the Sun and the Moon and the solar rays are projected on its visible face, so we can see it 100%. And fourth waning, when a right angle between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun forms again and our satellite goes down. In the process it comes to be seen as a growing quarter, but on the other side. Take note so you can take advantage of each phase in your beauty!

Importance of the moon to cut the hair

To talk about the importance of the moon to cut your hair we will start by telling you that the new moon is also known as a harmful moon for the hair . Experts recommend not to perform any type of cut during this phase because it is considered that in this stage weakening of the hair fibers and a greater probability of falling is generated. Meanwhile, the crescent Quarter is an ideal stage for hair to grow faster and stronger. It is also highly recommended to make a cut only on the tips that are dry or split. If what you want is to make a great cut because you have very dry hair and mistreated, the ideal is to do it in full moon. It is the phase of splendor and volume. It is proven that this period favors a stronger and healthier growth, besides adding shine to your hair. The waning Fourth phase is similar to the Crescent phase, but in the opposite direction. This phase is ideal if you want to make a cut that lasts and that looks just as bright. This is because during this time the Moon begins to slowly decrease and this has the same effect on our hair. So you could keep your look longer.

Tips for hair to grow

In addition to taking into account the phases of the moon to cut your hair , we bring you some tips to know when to cut your hair that will help you grow faster, always remembering to do it during the full moon and crescent, especially in the first. Point:
  • Cutting your hair in full moon, as we explained, is an excellent option. We suggest you do it between 6:00 in the morning and 12:00 noon. You can do it, preferably one day before the full Moon appears or the same day that this phase begins. This will allow it to grow stronger.
  • It is also advisable to make the cut between 12:00 noon and 6:00 in the afternoon. It is a time when there is an increase in lunar attraction and, as a result, promotes hair growth.
  • Make a cut, even the tips, every two or three months to ensure the shine and health of your hair.
  • Keep an eye on what is being used and decide to use the phases of the Moon to favor your cut. Do not forget that the most recommended phases for hair cutting are also ideal for special hair treatments .

Trends of haircuts 2019

A new year is coming and you want to be fashionable. Now that you know the importance of the phases of the moon to cut your hair , we tell you about the trends of hair cuts 2019 that will make you be in tune with the most famous stars, in addition to highlighting a healthy face. According to fashion experts, 2019 is a year in which wearing a natural mane will be very common. So this is a very relaxing time when choosing a haircut. In 2019 there will be a trend of easy fringe cuts that provide a low maintenance cost. Also very fashionable long hair relaxed, with a line in the middle that will make the style very impressive. Just like natural hair and relaxed length, it will also be very preferable to cut hair pixie style , a little longer than what has been seen in other seasons. The so-called “Bob cut”, which is a minimalist cut and can be at the height of the bars, is a very practical style for executives and that goes very well for women who have fine hair. On the other hand, the cut by layers will continue imposing another year. Give a refined style for which you can choose to include it in 2019 to your look , as well as allowing us to look glamorous. Now that you have learned the importance of the Moon to cut your hairand the trends that will be in fashion in 2019, analyze what style you want to wear. Do not forget to look at the sky at night to decide how much time is good to go to the hairdresser.


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