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How Do The 12 Zodiac Signs Divide When Things Get Stuck



When a relationship ends, it is not easy for anyone. And if you are the one taking the breakup initiative, it can be one of the hardest things to do. But sometimes it has to be done, otherwise you will maintain an unhappy relationship for years and years. Most of us have experienced a dead end relationship at some point. You realize that you do not love your partner as you used to, and so you want to break up. You spend more and more of your time with your friends or at work, rather than being together. Conversations are minimized just like your emotions. And you are ready to enjoy your freedom again. When love fades, the relationship may fail, but you have the opportunity to discover yourself,

Read below on how the zodiac signs diverge when things get stuck.


Usually the separation is steep, on a fight, or if he realizes that his partner is getting ready to split, he does so because of his selfishness. If his partner is relaxed, indifferent, indecisive or cowardly, Aries begins and suffocates from the relationship. If you consider yourself better than him, be prepared for conflict, and if repeated at regular intervals, for separation. A lover who hurt an Aries waiting to be completely cold and canine. If the relationship has become predictable, then he will be looking for a new adventure. It is impulsive and cannot deal with the consequences. Justification … ‘I am exactly who I am’.


When a relationship ends, Taurus can lose his temper and become cruel and tyrannical. This usually states that his ego was offended and he cannot admit that he seemed naive. Leaving a relationship leaves the other person in confusion as his anger and anger slowly come to the surface. Only if the relationship has become unpredictable, then he will look for another person and this will usually be something casual. It is always in doubt whether he will abandon a relationship because he does not want to be alone. They don’t like the changes, even if they are for the better. This is what makes separation with a Taurus difficult, because they do not like change and would prefer to solve the problem rather than dismantle it all.


When the Gemini decide to end a relationship it is because they are bored or when their partner raises many emotional demands. While they may suddenly say the end, in essence there is no doubt that they have been secretly unhappy for a long time. When the decision to end the relationship is made, it will be irreversible and the Gemini will be completely frozen. If they get bored with s.. or restrict their individual freedom, then their relationship ends and their lover is left in insecurity and lost. When there are times when they appear and the other is removed, the danger bell rings. They will not draw attention to what is wrong with the relationship, but will simply let you know.


Cancer is well known for being attached to love. But when he has decided to split up, he either moves to another city or changes his phone number. While other zodiac signs break up their relationship if their partner is rude or has a parallel relationship, this technique will not work on stubborn and masculine cancer. Separation for Cancer takes time because it needs to be weaned. She is unlikely to seek a divorce, no matter how uncomfortable her marriage is. On the other hand, a Cancer who does not feel loved can secretly find someone else to satisfy his strong emotional needs.


When Leo wants to finish an affair, his pride makes him unable to speak straight and say things are not right. Some Lions do not treat their partner in a nice way to make him leave the relationship himself. If his partner does not accept and continues to insist, he can become quite tough and play psychological games, treating his lover with contempt. If it has accepted infidelity, it will be badly hurt and it will take months for it to recover. It can become very cautious to risk love again. As with Aries, the goal here is for Leo to leave first if he realizes that his lover wants to split him up.


Usually the way a Virgo is separated is simple. Because it is a variable sign, it is easily adapted to new situations. But he always thinks hard and analyzes things before he breaks down a relationship. She asks many questions to herself and then makes the decision. The chain of questions will be endless, it’s just Virgo’s way of gathering more information to decide that separation is necessary. This zodiac sign usually does not go well with reconciliation and it is almost impossible to start again. Pleading, tears, emotion, or a more aggressive approach will have no effect. Because it has very good self-discipline, the past will soon put it aside.


If she chooses the end of a relationship, she will do so in a calm and dignified manner, as far as possible. It makes the separation as enjoyable as possible. This zodiac sign does not always handle its anger well and can become very unpredictable when disturbed. When a Libra is determined to split, it usually takes time because it is by its very nature undecided, but when it makes the decision, it is irrevocable. No matter how you try to persuade him, a passive-aggressive attitude will never begin. He will seriously consider separation if the relationship has become unfair or his partner has been s..ually attracted to him. Then the flirt will start and look for a replacement. Justification … ‘you do not care as much about the relationship as I do’.


The separation for this zodiac sign is difficult because it tolerates nothing and leaves nothing to escape. Usually the way he uses it is by making psychological plays and showing indifference. On the phone, he will use his s..iest voice or some verbal s.. toys and when the separation comes you will not understand why. The day before may have made you a passionate lover and the next day there will be no more in your life. And if you ask him the reasons for breaking up the relationship he will tell you the nicest words and you will keep wondering. The problem with the Scorpions is that the secretive nature of their thoughts and actions makes it difficult for their partner to explore and discover the virtues of their soul.


Since Sagittarius values ​​and respects sincerity and honesty, he usually breaks down his relationship using a simple approach. Fortunately, Sagittarius’s famous sense of humor will greatly help dissolve the relationship in a friendly way. He is not at all interested in who will leave the relationship first because he does not have his ego so stressed. This, of course, makes things a lot easier. Before breaking up, he will try to find out the reason behind his decision whether the relationship is good or it should end. It may leave you implying that you can win it again, always in a fun way. For Sagittarius, separation is a food for thought, another life lesson to learn, because it seeks everything. Of course, he will replace his partner with the next one.


A Capricorn never separates on trivial matters and tends to do everything to maintain the relationship. When a relationship begins to fail, it will first give and do everything to make the relationship work, no matter how long it takes. He has the patience and perseverance to fight for his fate and the common happiness. This is a sign that he is dedicated to his job, his partner and his children and has a strong aversion to divorce. However, when deciding to end the relationship it will be abrupt and definitive. Even if Capricorn is deceived, he will try to organize things so that his partner can reunite with him. If he continues to cheat on him, then he becomes dangerous, to the point of behaving very badly.


Aquarius is generally devoted to one mate and is only driven by curiosity elsewhere. He likes to dominate any relationship, though he keeps his emotions under control and does not tolerate any possessions. She hates both confrontation and divorce and tries to handle unwanted situations discreetly because she does not want to end the relationship. But if he is restricted in his freedom or becomes his jealous companion, then he abruptly ends the relationship and treats the other as if he were a stranger. Of course, he tries and always warns in his own way, if anything displeases him in the relationship. If his partner does not see the signs, then he removes himself so that the other person can put an end to the relationship.


Pisces in order to end a relationship need steel determination that they do not have, so they continue to insist. They deeply believe that if things change, somehow, everything will go well. If their partner could get away with it himself, then he could rid them of the emotional chaos they have. Some Pisces tend to be seduced into another relationship without the other person having learned it. They are already unhappy, long before they decide to part. Since they are not so easy to divide, they make efforts to do so calmly. When emotions are over and their fantasies no longer cover, they will end the relationship, but with much pain. Justification … ‘you do not own my heart and soul anymore’.



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