How Do You React On Infidelity Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. When you meet someone and fall in love, imagining him with other women is not something that is likely to happen at the beginning of your love. Even people feel betrayed when they find out they have been cheated on, that kind of things are happening more and more. Maybe the time we live in has to do something with it. Let’s be honest, we have so many chances to cheat on our partners nowadays. When you go to a business trip there are some chances that you will meet a hot girl or guy for one night stand. The good thing is that you are far away from home so nobody will find out what happened. Except you, of course. So if you can live with that, bring it on.

The catch is we don’t act the same when we cheat. Zodiac has really good explanation why different signs cheat in different way, so let’s start!

1. Aries – This sign is someone you don’t want to mess with. If they find out that you have been cheating on them, they will tell that to all of your friends and family. And no, they won’t feel bad about it. When they tell everyone that you were unfaithful they will be able to feel better. If they have an opportunity they would shout from the rooftops that their spouse has cheated on them. They do it because they want other people see them as a victim and comfort them.

2. Taurus – If you hurt a Taurus they will forgive we very shortly but you shouldn’t trust them. The truth is they want to see you suffer but they have a long term plan. You know that saying: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!” They just want to keep you close to them so they can take advantage of you. If you are being around it is easier to see your weak points and therefore it will be easier to hurt you. They always play every game very wisely and it is not easy to trick them. So watch out!

3. Gemini – Even Gemini is pretty calm, cool and collected they can be pretty aggressive when they find out that you have been cheating on them. You can expect them throwing all your stuff from balcony because they don’t want a piece of something that will remind them on you. So my suggestions is to keep your valuable belongings close to you because mad Gemini is a real tsunami.

4. Cancer – They will want all of your friend know what kind of bloody bastard you are. If they find out that you have been cheating on them some ugly words can come out of their mouth and they won’t care how badly they are hurting you. The catch is they feel broken and betrayed and by saying something bad to you can make them feel a little bit better. There is no way you can talk to them when they are angry so let them cool down a little bit and then try to explain what exactly happened.

5. Leo – If a Leo finds out that you have been cheating on them they will make your life a living hell. They will take away everything you have, including your dog or your credit card. They just want to see you suffer and they know how to do it so it hurts you badly. If you were cheating on Leo make sure that they don’t find out about that because you will end up without anything.

6. Virgo – At first Virgo will ask you whether they did something that made you cheat on them. They will think that they are guilty for bad things that are happening in your relationship. The catch is they just want you to buy that shit. They are very clever and they know how to manipulate. So next time you cheat on Virgo and they say maybe it is their fault, just forget about that. The truth is they have a very nasty plan and you are the protagonist of that story.

7. Libra – Libra will try to make some ways to make you feel bad. Since this sign is all about fun and excitement they will mock at you in front of your friends. If you ever cheat on Libra you would wish you had never done that because they will make your life miserable.

8. Scorpio – This sign will pretend that everything is okay and that things like that happen. But don’t trust them because they are just trying to make you feel bad. This sign is very vengeful so don’t mess around with them

9. Sagittarius – If you ever cheat on a Sagittarius you can literally forget about them. There is no chance they will want to talk to you anymore. The thing is they feel so hurt and broken and seeing you can just make the situation worse. They are very emotional so they will never let you see them crying. Instead of that they will just leave and you will never hear about them.

10. Capricorn – This sign is very stubborn and even it is difficult they will convince themselves that you haven’t existed in their life. It is not in their interest to revenge to you but instead of that they will live the best life ever. And yes, they will make sure you found out for that.

11. Aquarius – This sign will freak out when they find out you have been cheating on them. But that’s just the state of shock. After they realize they have been cheated on they will just grab their things and leave in silence. They will never make any dramas in front of you because they don’t feel like doing that.

12. Pisces – This sign is very emotional so they will spend weeks crying and thinking how two of you were a good couple. It takes time but after they realize it is over, they will surround themselves with positive people and be truly happy.


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