How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Sorrows

  Worst of all, we all go through bad times in our lives – it’s impossible to escape them! There are boring situations, sad, horrible … And although they are different moments, one thing is absolutely the same for all of them: we would not like to live them. Yes, everything that is bad hurts us! Terms of relationships, disappointments in special friendships, betrayals, some decease in our family, among many other situations that, if we could choose, we would certainly choose not to live such bad moments that hurt us so much and leave enormous wounds in our hearts. And how to overcome them? Well, each one has its way of conquering difficult moments of life. Check below how each sign deals with hurts and find the best way to overcome difficult times, according to your sign!


Aries are very strong, determined, full of energy and, above all, always think of their well-being. Therefore, they usually overcome very well any hurt or disappointment. Of course they are sad, but the sadness is short and soon they are having fun again! A new way of exercising, included in your routine, can help you overcome your pain even faster!


Taurus are very practical beings. That is, they understand perfectly that it is not worth losing a lot of time of life suffering for something that already passed. Therefore, the Taurus natives soon try to keep their mind occupied with other subjects and therefore other emotions and feelings. In this way, as time goes by, they forget what made them suffer.


Geminis are absolutely skilled at overcoming suffering and leaving behind all the hurts and frustrations of life. And this ease in overcoming difficult moments comes precisely from his enormous curiosity and willingness to break new ground. Live the hurt a little, but soon you will venture into new challenges and enjoy life, Gemini!


Now, we enter a risk zone. Cancer not only find it difficult to forget things that hurt them, but also live the hurt for a long time, and in an intense way, see !? Focus on your family, your roots and backgrounds, which is what makes you truly happy. Focusing on hurt will make you a sad person, and Cancer, you do not deserve it!


Leo usually do not find many problems in leaving the sadness in the past and to continue the life, of fun and bright form, as always. But that does not mean forgiving those who hurt him. Although they do not suffer for long, the memory of the natives of Leo is great. That is, they have not forgotten who made them suffer, and so they do not trust these people again – not to be hurt again. If they are hurt by some life situation (which has not been caused by someone in particular), the overcoming is even faster.


Virgo are organized, analytical, reflective, sensible, intelligent and attentive to everything around them. Therefore, when they feel hurt, whether by someone or something that has happened in their lives, the Virgos think and reflect on everything that involves this hurt. They even come to grief in their minds and hearts for a while and blame themselves for not having foreseen what would happen – to thereby prevent it from happening. Over time, they leave sadness behind but never make the same mistake again.


Libras are emotional. But they are polite and absolutely polite, so they often do not show their grief and sorrow to all people. However, by being alone with trusting people, they demonstrate what hurt caused them. Do not give in, Libra! Your social life is important to you, so get ready and have fun! Go out with friends, take a trip and, over time, overcome sadness!


If a Scorpio feels hurt with anyone, just forget, the Scorpio native’s relationship with the one who hurt him will never return. Scorpians never forget their sorrows – they overcome it and follow life, but they never forget it – they even take revenge if there is an opportunity. To help you overcome sadness more easily, our suggestion is: get out, meet friends and have a good laugh! Soon you will realize that life is much more than what happened!


Around here, the hurt has no turn! Sagittarius definitely do not waste time suffering, because life is too short not to laugh all the time. No matter what happens, the natives of this sign surpasses quickly and soon return to have fun as always! But if it’s really hard to get over the disappointment you’ve had, go out with friends, have a great time, book a trip – even a short one, next weekend. All sorrow will pass quickly!


Capricorns are focused and responsible beings, and these characteristics can triple in size after heartaches and frustrations. Watch out, Capricorn! You do not have to close yourself even more to the world. Remember that everyone suffers from frustration, hurt and sorrow in life. Learn from the mistakes and the sad situations of life, but soon after learning, leave what happened in the past and follow life. Remoer is not the solution!


Sadness, rancor and sorrows have no time in the life of the Aquarian! Aquarius natives are confident, cheerful, fun and definitely do not waste time on negative things. Something bad happened? It’s part of life. Now let’s move on. This is the Aquarian’s thinking. And in that regard, we must all learn from them!


Pisces are intense, dramatic and absolutely sentimental. Hurt takes over the Pisces native for some time and, as long as it lasts, the Pisces feels that the world will end. Take it easy, Pisces! Remember that there is a world outside your home, and yes, there are still plenty of reasons to smile and be happy. Do activities that make you happy to try to forget sadness more quickly: help loved ones, take community action, find a new hobby that ties in with art, and more. Get stuck in sorrow? Never! Be happy and enjoy life!


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