With technology almost running our lives, it’s almost impossible to escape stalking. Whether you are the stalker or the stalked, the internet makes it easier than ever to get information about people in a heartbeat. Actually, it’s quite frightening if we put it in perspective. Nothing is private or sacred anymore. And all our business is just out there, like all the way out there, floating around in some nether region called the world wide web. Stalking is serious business and some of y’all take it to the extremes while some of y’all can’t be bothered. So which one are you? The stalker or the stalked. Or are you somewhere in between. Of course, this article is only addressing sun signs and thus can’t make an accurate assumption. Basing astrological theory on sun signs alone is not only dangerous, but incorrect, but for the sake of the article, let’s have a little fun and see how you’d stalk your ex by looking at your sun sign.Continue scrolling to keep reading

16 Aires –too into self to be worried about others

Aries does get involved a bit too much too fast. But don’t let that fool you into thinking Aries will also be quick to hold on. If anything, just as quickly as an Aries starts something, it will be finished. The fire strikes, then it dies out. And before anyone realizes it, even Aries her/himself, Aries is moving on. They don’t stick around for the tears and the heartaches, there is too much to do in this lifetime. So when a lover turns into an ex, Aries is quiet happy to let go because Aries has things to do. She will not whine or grovel and, no, she won’t be stalking your social media pages when she’s got her own pages to update. All about that update life.

15 Taurus –stubborn attitude could have it go either way

With Taurus, it’s anyone’s guess. They could easily be so bull headed that they want nothing to do with their ex. A love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude would make perfect sense with a stubborn Taurus. So hurt and disappointed, they’d rather hold a grudge than see their exes face again. However, there’s the other side of Taurus that could spiral out of control, one that’s so set on getting their ex back that they resort to stalking as a way to investigate their exes life. Taurus could really go overboard here because sometimes that’s what Taurus does. Look at how they indulge in luxuries and food and then their addictive behavior might make sense to you.

14 Gemini –with so much fun to be had, not likely

Why would Gemini want to go lurking around when there is so much future to be had. Gemini isn’t one to hold onto exes for dear life. Nope, Gemini has too much fun on her mind. What a Gemini prides herself on is being the life of the party, the social butterfly, the biggest flirt. For Gemini, the world is a giant party with plenty of people to meet and mingle with. Getting caught up in that ex fever would mean that Gemini had deep feelings and cared. Gemini does not like revealing that side of herself, she’d rather play on the surface and leave her deep moments for herself. Stalking an ex would take time from Gemini’s busy social calendar, one that really makes a Gemini tick.

13 Cancer –depends on how deep the love is

Here’s another sign that could go either way. With all the emotional layering of a Cancer, it’s hard to tell where the sensitive crab will fall. But wherever she falls, she’s home, always carrying shelter with her, safe and secure no matter how big the heartache is. Cancer has the potential to stalk only as a way to understand how the other person is or was feeling. They are curious about all the feels and if they couldn’t get any clues from their ex, they will go searching, i.e digging holes. However, if they have ego, Cancer might just drop the ex as one might bat an eyelash. That quickly and without any indication of emotion. Cancers run hot and cold, so it’s no surprise that they’d be a sign that could walk the fence on this one.

12 Leo –too much pride, but ok, a little

Leo would laugh at the idea of stalking an ex only to distract you. While Leo does have a lot of pride, she got to know where things went wrong. It’s in the details of the heart that Leo gets caught up. Leos don’t want to be vulnerable, so they prefer others perceive them as prideful. But behind the scenes, Leo is snooping, but just a little. Because a Leo wouldn’t be a Leo if all their attention went into someone else. While they are one of the most loyal signs in the chart, they are also very vain. Therefore, stalking could happen, but only briefly and only as a way to serve the Leo’s ego. Leo wants to stalk to see the ex has found someone worse. Leo wants to see the ex failing in some way so as to affirm Leo’s ego.

11 Virgo –to figure things out, yes, in a heartbeat

There is no shame in a Virgo’s stalking game. She is not going to be left out in the cold on this one. She needs to know what happened and how. She needs to know the who, what, when, and how. All the details, not just emotional ones, are Virgo’s domain. When it comes to stalking, this will become something of a science experiment complete with hypothesis, theories, and results. Virgo will not sleep on stalking. She will do it to figure out where things went wrong and to learn how to develop herself better for the next relationship. There is no other sign that can evaluate and criticize better than Virgo, so when it comes to stalking, she’s got things on lock. Virgo will stalk and not think twice about it.

10 Libra –maybe, but likely to already have a new boo

It will not be a shocker to learn that even before Libra has an ex, they’ve got a new lover. Libras don’t take their time scooping up a new boo. If they stalk at all, it will be innocent. Well, maybe not entirely. They want to ensure they’ve got at least one hook still left in their ex, that way they can go back one day should the craving hit. Libras love to have variety around. If it comes in the shape of an ex, so be it. Libras are not that picky and are happy to take on a new lover even if the new lover is an old one far removed. Stalking will only serve as a conduit for future rendezvous and not much else.

9 Scorpio –yes and then no and then yes, but ultimately delete

Scorpio is super conflicted. Like that’s anything new. They are the queens of looking like a b*tch but being sweet af, but then looking sweet af but being a b*tch. They aren’t quite as moody as a Cancer, but they seem to be challenging the title, for sure. At first, Scorpio will stalk like it’s her second job. Without abandon and without shame. But then she’ll feel all guilty and stop. She’ll even laugh at herself like what in the world. But later she’ll flip the script and go back to peeking in on her ex’s life. All of these changes can happen in the span of a day or week. In the end, Scorpio will delete because she doesn’t have time for the pain.

8 Sagittarius –not on your life or anyone else’s

What we can all learn from Sagittarius is how to love life, like really love life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Sagittarius takes them all and makes the most out of life. Rarely will you hear a Sagittarius complain because their focus in on the positive aspects of life. They are on the build rather than on the teardown. Stalking an ex would not be life-affirming and hence it would not be part of Sagittarius’s nature. You will catch Sagittarius with a new boo, a new hobby, or in a new country getting as far away from the ex as possible, but also giving plenty of space for reflection. And of course, this space gives Sagittarius time to immerse in a different side of life, different cultures and different men.

7 Capricorn –don’t let their cold exterior fool you

While Capricorns feel cold as ice, they are actually full of feeling. They are the opposite sign to Cancer and they tend to be in control of their emotions where a Cancer can’t quite keep themselves in check. Stalking comes as second nature to Capricorn because they harbor feelings they don’t want to world to know. They will stalk secretly, perhaps never telling a soul and they will cover their tracks, too, which means clearing browser history. They will do it late at night when everyone is sleeping so it feels like it’s not actually happening. They are very business about the stalk, but know that their stalking is emotionally driven. It’s all covert action. No other sign hold trauma the way a Capricorn does. But you wouldn’t know that because they are extra quiet about their feelings.

6 Aquarius –don’t bet on it

Aquarius loves people, but that doesn’t mean they love their exes. When everyone else might be sobbing over heartache, Aquarius doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s not because they are emotionless, but rather because they find emotions to be a distraction on their journey through life. There is way too much to do, too much to see, and so many missions to accomplish. And Aquarius will see stalking as trifling if nothing else. With rebel tendencies on their side, they are more likely to find a new lover that is the complete opposite in every way to their ex and in that way, they can eliminate any traces. Stalking doesn’t chime in with Aquarius’s vibe, either. If it’s not a positive action, one that can help others, Aquarius isn’t likely to be about it.

5 Pisces –wouldn’t see the logic in reminiscing on the past

Pisces is the last sign in the chart which means a lot has been learned already as we traveled through the zodiac. It also means Pisces would find stalking to be a complete waste of time. By the time we reach Pisces, we’ve had valuable lessons about self, others, and life. Pisces is the spiritual guru, the one that will not just laugh at stalking, but shun it. For Pisces, it’s got to have a purpose in order to do it. Reminiscing on the past would be a form of regression and Pisces is on a mission to elevate, expand, and become enlightened. You will not find a Pisces stalking because it goes against everything Pisces stands for. And of all the signs, Pisces is one who stands behind their word.

4 Seventh House

Here is how you relate to others. It’s how you value your relationship to others and how important relationships are to you. Libra is the ruler of the seventh house. No other sign enjoys relationships like a Libra does. The seventh house is the opposite of the first house, the house of self and self-discovery. In the seventh house, identity is formed through bonding with others. If you have several planets here, you will be totally into relationships. This does not mean marriage or even romantic relationships, but you will thrive on making connections with other human beings. Hard aspects with planets in this house will create tension and even conflict. Yes, this means challenges, but no challenge is without a solution. With a heavy seventh house, you could be a potential stalker.

3 Eighth House


It might not make sense at first, but stay with me here. The house of s_-, death, and the occult, some pretty heavy stuff indeed. And while you might hone in on the s_- aspect, that’s not the defining factor here. The eight house is ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of obsessions. No other sign will feel addicted to things like a Scorpio will, but these dependencies are deeper than just surface pleasure. Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things, hence the co-ruling Pluto. If you have a lot of planets in the eighth house, you could be an obsessive person, one who gets attached quickly and one who doesn’t easily let go. This will go for people and habits, but for this article, we’re talking people.

2 Venus


Do not confuse Venus for her beauty and charm. As equally important is her ability to lure you into her charms and ignore her negative attributes. Venus in love can become obsessive. She can latch on and become jealous, suspicious, and even vindictive. She is not to be played with basically. Hell hath no fury like a Venus’s scorn. Studying where Venus rests in the natal chart and if there are any hard aspects will lend to understanding any stalking behavior. Venus is not beyond stalking, if under duress and feeling unloved, she will take to stalking like a bee to honey. Hard aspects with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn have the potential to create a stalker. Seeing in which house Venus falls can also indicate which type of stalker if there is stalker material present.

1 Mercury


Mercury is the planet of communication, of course, but it is also full of nervous energy. This is why Virgo ranks high on the stalking list. With tons of Mercury in a natal chart, it is highly like to have a potential stalker or at least someone with anxiety issues. Mercury rules the nervous system and controls involuntary actions. Looking at Mercury’s placement can offer insight and also allow for possible solutions. Understanding how Mercury affects the natal chart offers alternatives for those who feel waking and sleeping nervousness. It’s evaluating how it plays with other planets and how that affects the person’s way of thinking, speaking, and acting. When there’s plenty of Mercury, there’s intense energy. It’s not just an energy that feels or happens to us, but it’s one that can also be acted upon, hence stalking.


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