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How He Will Hurt Her, Based On His Zodiac Sign



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In a relationship, we are often blind to our partner’s faults until it is too late. We ignore the warning signs of how they squeeze out the toothpaste and leave their socks all over the house until we find ourselves cohabiting or married forever with toothpaste being squeezed the wrong way and socks everywhere. Other, more annoying or painful, traits might start to appear as if by magic, and we wonder how we missed all these warning bells and red flags.

If we take the time to really get to know someone before we dig in too deeply, we can often minimize or even evade a lot of potential problems that would crop up otherwise. Knowing what our man’s astro sign is and analyzing his personality through that lens can often give us a glimpse into the darker side of his nature – including the most likely way he will hurt us. We can almost guarantee that he will hurt us accidentally or unintentionally, but most of us feel better knowing what to expect and look out for in terms of relationship pain. One man might hurt us by working too much while another doesn’t say “I love you” as often as we need to hear it. To make matters easy, we made this list.

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20-Bonus: Jealous Scorpio May Ruin Things

Passionate Scorpios feel everything very deeply and can wow us with this depth to their characters on the rare occasions they share with us. But once they get an idea stuck in their heads, they tend to run that idea down to the ground whether it is true or not. As Bustle points out,

“It’s normal and healthy to experience some jealousy in a relationship, but Scorpio takes their envy to an unhealthy level — which might just drive their partner away.

Scorpio must cut the jealousy. It’s so annoying to a partner that is actually faithful, that you drive them right into someone else’s arms.”

19-Aquarius Stays Aloof On Purpose

The Aquarius man will be enticing because he seems so mysterious. What he really is underneath this disguise is emotionally aloof and just a tad arrogant. This might work for a while but at some point, you will want and need a deeper emotional connection, and unless he truly cares about you, he won’t be able to give it to you. And when it comes time to break up, Your Tango says,

“An Aquarius man will have zero emotion through this break-up.

He’s bored, he’s over it, and there’s a good chance he really doesn’t care whether or not it’ll hurt you.”

18-Hot-Head Aries May Stray

Most likely your Aries man won you over by sheer charm and attractiveness. Now that he’s caught you, he seems less likely to stick around for the long haul.

Aries men are highly energetic, ambitious and impatient with a tendency to make some very rash, impulsive decisions.

Those decisions will be what hurts you since one is likely to be a question of betrayal. According to Elite Daily, “You won’t think about the consequences. In fact, you won’t think at all. You’ll be blinded by lust and will abandon the love of your life just because you got swept away in a moment that wasn’t even real.”

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17-Uncompromising Taurus Won’t Give In

Your Taurus is ideal for a long committed relationship. He is stable, reliable, and won’t make any impulsive and damaging decisions. But he has his faults, too. He is incredibly stubborn, and once he gets an idea in his head, it will be nearly impossible to shake it out again. According to Relationship Rules,

“As a Taurus, you are so incredibly possessive. You are loyal and people love that about you. But you also tend to be very controlling.

You get jealous easily and you really don’t like to share your friends as if they were your property to begin with.”

16-The Force Of Water

Water is a powerful life-giving force that can take many forms – from gentle raindrops to huge rushing torrents that gauge out deep canyons in the rocks. The signs that represent it: Cancer is ever-changing like a river, Scorpio is deep and calm like a lake, and Pisces flows and babbles like a brook. As Astrology Zo. Signstells it,

“This is the element of constant movement, but slow and steady, swirling inside each of us and holding on to its mystery.

This is the element of conception and death, of illusions and fairytales, holding the secret to our soul — its beginning and its end.”

15-Scorpio Is Far Too Intense

Scorpios are deeply loyal and make great partners in that regard, but you have to keep an eye on them. They tend to be very secretive and controlling. Sometimes he wants control by being the leader in the group project, other times he goes too far. Keeping secrets from you is one way he can brutally hurt you. Relationship Rules says,

“As a Scorpio, when you get hurt, you really take it to heart. You get very upset whenever someone wrongs you and you have a hard time letting that go.

You harbor ill feelings and emotions about other people even though it’s practically eating you up on the inside.”


14-Wandering Sagittarius Is Hard To Hold On To

Sagittarius guys love adventures and trying new things in every way imaginable. They are the wanderers which can make them very appealing to you, but if you want to settle down and get married, you should look for someone more grounded. His love of adventure will exhaust you and his constant need to be free will tax you emotionally. As Bustle says, “Oh Sagittarius, you adventurous loner, you.

Even though you prefer your space and independence, you still need love and attention.

Don’t make the mistake of dating someone who gives you enough space as to be distant.”

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13-Capricorn Is Overworked

Your Capricorn man has ambitions and a hunger for power. He will be the guy who can give you a high status in life and buy you pretty things. But it will come at the cost of your relationship. He will always be working – to the point where it will feel like he is married to his job and not you. In the long run, this will erode your relationship. According to Bustle, “It’s never a bad thing to be super invested in your career, but it’s also important to make sure you have a healthy work/life balance — something Capricorn could stand to work on.”

12-The Power Of Air

Air is essential to life. It balances with water in this regard and is very similar – coming in the form of a gentle breeze that refreshes in the heat of summer or a powerful hurricane that destroys everything in its path. The signs for air are Libra who flirts and plays like a gust of wind, Aquarius who consistently blows the windmills, and Gemini who is an ever-changing breeze. According to Astrology Zo. Signs,

“The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them, opens our soul to personal freedom.

All signs that belong to this element have a strong need to feel liberated and free.”

11-Pisces Is Ever-Changing And May Not Show Up When It Matters

Pisces will enchant you with his imagination and his ability to make you look at the world differently. This will entertain you for quite a while, but when you need him the most, your Pisces will flake out and vanish. Why?

Because the reality became too much for him, whether it is the reality of your need for him, his need for you or external circumstances around you both.

Even Bustle knows your man will wimp out. “Running away from your problems might seem like the easy way out, Pisces, but your tendency to disappear when the going gets tough isn’t something that your partner will appreciate.”

10-The Strength Of Earth

Earth surrounds us, anchors us to reality and nourishes us with food grown in the rich fertile soil. Earth is essential to life in many ways and works well with water while air balances it and fire opposes it. The signs for Earth are Capricorn who works the fields, Taurus who holds steady like a rock, and Virgo who shapes and flows like a garden. According to Astrology Zo. Signs, “This is a somewhat complicated element because it is stiff and unmovable, especially when a person has a lot of planets in it, but not enough of them in the element of Air to balance it out.”

9-Elusive Gemini Doesn’t Know Who He Is

Your Gemini man is charming, appealing, makes you feel good, and is super fun to be around – especially in social settings. But when the initial rush fades, you notice that he is indecisive and changes his behavior around different people which can cause you to wonder if you really know him at all.

This unpredictability will ultimately spell ruin for your relationship if you’re too dependent on him.

As Your Tango says, “You don’t have much of a success rate when it comes to achieving long-term goals — you tend to get bored very easily and find that you can’t stay dedicated to one thing for too long.”8-Cancer Has Claws

Cancer is very emotional, and he will make you feel special and loved. But at some point, you will realize that he is very needy and clingy himself – possibly to the point where you have to take care of him. And when things turn bad, he can become controlling and manipulative in a very ugly way. In the end, he will suffocate you with his love and then manipulate the relationship to last longer than it should. According to Bustle,

“Unfortunately, Cancer’s tendency to worry might just be a symptom of a larger problem.

Cancer’s excessive emotions and resentfulness can lead to emotional manipulation and bitterness.”

7-The Ferocity Of Fire

Fire is the final element, and it can burn the brightest and hottest of them all. Fire can warm us, light our world and burn everything down to ashes. The signs for fire are Aries who is the spark that lights up the world, Leo who is the replenishing ember, and Sagittarius who is the torch that passes from hand to hand. According to Astrology Zo. Signs, “This is the element that represents energy itself, and even though there is a lot of earthly energy in the element of Water, it cannot be compared with the amount of energy that lives in the Sun, even though they might be equally important to the human race.”

6-Powerhouse Leo Is Just Too Much

Leos are dramatic (most of them are aware of this fact) and they like to party hard. They are the “go big or go home” types, and they have massive egos. They are fun to be around, but are exhausting. They like control and have issues with being patient. In the end, he’ll hurt you by sheer selfishness. As Your Tango says,

“Having control is very important to you. This can sometimes make others view you as someone who’s headstrong and uncompromising.

Patience is also something that you struggle with maintaining, and it’s because you expect to have what you want when you want it.”

5-Micromanaging Virgo Might Wear You Out

Your Virgo man is likely very neat and organized, which can be very appealing. He has control issues, likes to micromanage and has high standards. In the end, you won’t feel able to measure up, and it will hurt. As Relationship Rules says,

“You just think that the world should be your perfect little oyster but it just isn’t and you refuse to accept that. As a Virgo, you are always demanding so much from yourself and the people that you’re with.

One of your most negative traits is the fact that you hold people to unreasonable standards even when they don’t agree to it.”

4-Neutral Libra Isn’t For Everyone

The Libra man will make very careful decisions in his life, which is great in the work environment but sometimes at home, it is not so great. A simple question of where to eat can be agonizing. He will likely be more annoying than painful, but if he gets angry, he can let loose and dump a mountain of pain on you. And if he breaks up with you, Your Tango says it will involve charts.

“Not to say a Libra man is unemotional, but he’ll maintain a very neutral demeanor throughout the conversation.

It may even seem like he’s simplified the entirety of your relationship to a T-chart of the good and bad.”

3-Bonus: Impulsive Leo Can’t Be Held Back

Leos aren’t known for being impulsive, but the fact that they can make up their minds relatively quickly often gives them this impression. And unfortunately for you, your Leo might just decide that someone else is prettier, more accessible or will give him more attention than you and he’ll pursue her instead. This will hurt immensely. According to Your Tango, “Leos will leave you for someone else. Leo men are notorious for having a wandering eye, always on the lookout for someone or something to give them attention. If they feel you’re not giving them the attention they deserve, they’ll jump ship.”

2-Bonus: Critical Virgo Won’t Let Your Forget Your Wrongdoings

Virgos are accused of having narrow minds and being overly judgmental. He likes things to go his way, and when they don’t, he really isn’t happy with that outcome. Because of his high standards, he wants everything to be perfect and criticizes everything short of that goal. This can lead to you feeling less than him. You aren’t; you’re great in your own way, but he can’t see it. As Your Tango says,

“This leads others to believe that you’re overly critical and judgmental.

Your comfort zone falls within conservative boundaries, so you often turn away from modern ways of thinking.”

1-Bonus: Gemini Is As Flighty As Can Be

Your Gemini doesn’t take forever to make decisions as Libra does, but he does have trouble with decision-making and following through on those decisions. This means last-minute plans and cancelations of those plans. On top of that, he doesn’t know what to do with your emotional needs, so he shuts down in the hope that they will resolve themselves. As Bustle points,

“Gemini also tends to self-sabotage by over-thinking a relationship; they’re too busy analyzing every little detail to really sit back and enjoy the day-to-day with their partner.”



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