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How Is Dating The Man Of Each Zodiac Sign

  Oh the love! Chances are you’ve researched his sign as soon as you’re interested. At the beginning of the courtship, you must have also done the synastry between the astral maps, right? But now that you’ve been together for a while, is everything really as you imagined? Using a bit of one of the most important ingredients for a relationship, good humor, we tell below how it is to date the man of each of the signs of the zodiac. Check out:


The Aryan has a lot of male energy pulsating in his blood. Because of this, he is impulsive and can meet you, fall in love and ask you to marry him on the same day, but he can also see you and fantasize (and put into practice) a one-night stand. It is objective, intense and lives in search of challenges. Know that to date a native of this sign requires a lot of creativity and resourcefulness.


Taurus is the famous good life, he likes everything from the good and the best and will probably also provide that. Be careful not to gain a few extra pounds over this relationship because the best program for a bullfighter is to go out to dinner at a very good restaurant and then relax doing nothing. The main problem here may be lack of initiative and stubbornness.


Active and restless, to accompany a Gemini boyfriend requires a lot of dedication and willingness. Talking, he will always have a story to tell, but do not get excited and think you might even miss the long conversations with your best friend because at the time of listening to him it’s not so good. Always with a thousand tasks, it might make you feel a little sideways, but know that it does not hurt.


At first, it may seem like the ideal boyfriend because he tends to be sensitive, romantic and extremely considerate. However, it can go overboard and be sticky and dependent. At the time of the fights, prepare to be charged with things you said on the first date, because he never forgets anything that hurt him. It’s fair to say that if you are a balanced person, it will make you feel like the most beloved woman in the world.


If you chose to date a leonine is because, like most people around you, you admire him like no one else. The native of this sign will always do everything to be the center of attention and hardly admits criticism. If you have the same way he does, you’ll probably feel like a queen by your side and enjoy every attention he gets.


Virgo is intelligent, helpful and extremely organized. You will always be ready to help you in whatever way you need to be and will also be the first to volunteer to take care of you in any situation that requires this. Just remember that Virginians are also extremely picky and expect their girlfriend to be always tidy, clean and up to date.


Libra are the best tidy men in the zodiac, you hardly ever have to worry about putting a touch on your look. It is likely that you will hear a few pinpricks on your hair or nails that you have not had time to do. If you like to have the relationship under your command, this is a great boyfriend because he is totally unable to choose what they will do over the weekend or what they will eat for dinner.


Get ready for an intense life with many sexual discoveries. Relationship with a Scorpio will always end up in bed. However, also prepare yourself for much jealousy, mistrust and unfounded squabbles. The Scorpio likes mystery, but, or perhaps exactly because of this, he tends to distrust everyone all the time.


Sagittarius are good-humored, active and very fond of going out and seeing the news. He will hardly say no to any proposal he makes, as crazy as it may seem. However, if you seek someone for serious and traditional relationships, you may be disappointed, he runs away from anything that can take away your freedom.


The Capricorn boyfriend may seem closed and unlovable at first sight, but when he really falls in love, he will show him a face no one else knows. He seeks stability and strives for his ideals; and consequently expects you to do the same. Ambitious that he is, he will never agree to date someone well-off.


Dating an Aquarian requires a lot of grooming and gameplay. The most creative and experimental native of the zodiac has 15,000 friends and hobbies and expects you to share, like or at least accept them. He may seem detached too, and you need to evaluate if you can handle it. Ideally, you have the same profile, otherwise you may experience an unhappy relationship.


Romantic and sensitive, the Pisces can make you feel alive in a fairy tale love. The problem is that he hardly lives in the real world and can truly believe that what you live is not of this world. The ideal is that you are the weight that brings this goldfish to the land when you need them. Flying forever can get tired.



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