How Much Love Do You Deserve

  I begin today by highlighting the title question: How much love do you deserve? When you finally discover this answer, you will know how to eliminate those who do not match you, avoid suffering and, consequently, find the love of your life. It happens to everyone, men and women, all the time. We look from side to side, but we can not see (or does anyone see us?). In any situation the fact is that the eyes are tired, unbelieving and too generic. Sometimes it is not for those who look, but the way they look. In times of sexual trivialization, where one searches for it even in virtual relationships applications, it seems to me that people are lost. Men throw a “green to harvest ripe” and offer sex to anyone, ugly or beautiful, running the risk of accepting it or not. The woman, in turn, feels offended that she has not been open to receive a proposal from her and she has no reaction or, I do not know, accepts without much measure and then repents. We need to be what we seek in the other . Do not want the faithful man if you betray. I did not want a sincere man if you live lying. Do not want a romantic man with flowers in his hand and love posts on his face if you agree to “lie down” with anyone. You need to value girls, so men will respect you. Not every man is a jerk, not every woman is naughty. People who come in and out of each other’s lives without feeling anything (even after having sex) is not normal. When two bodies touch each other, sit, kiss, warm, something stays. Not even for a while. Those who do not feel anything can walk out the front door and make no noise, okay? You do not have to go back because you, at the very least, have a lot to learn about relationships and about life. When a guy dismisses a woman, the first thing she does is blame herself or think about what she did wrong, what she missed, what she did not have or what she did not like. The woman can go out with a guy, realize that it has nothing to do with her, but she hurts to get rid of him or fear not to get things better. Wait, how much love do you deserve? Why settle for little? Why not want more and wish the best? I like to believe that there is a right person for everyone. That we are all worthy to find someone who completes us, or rather, overflows us. God does not send “crap” to anyone, my friend, my friend. You do not have to lean on someone just to not be alone or to be ugly with friends (since everyone is dating). Stay with someone who adds you, makes you smile, makes you grow. Never the other way around. Stay with someone who exalts your qualities and knows how to live with your faults. Stay with someone who identifies the brightness of your eyes and knows how to identify your mood even without you needing to talk. Stay with someone who makes your blood bubble, butterflies in the stomach, make you lose air. Stay with someone who will be calm on hard days. Wisdom in moments of doubt. Let it be warmth, let it be tenderness, let it be the sun, the sky and the sea. Stay with someone who deserves you and not someone who will forget you. When a man wants a woman, he demonstrates. When a woman wants the man, she corresponds. Something that is too far away, that is heavy, tiring or that does not flow naturally, should be avoided, eliminated. Do not settle for little. Want more, do more. And thus you will have the love you deserve. 


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