How To Behave, What Would A Man Feel Comfortable Next To You



More recently, you could not live a single minute without each other! Loved constantly called, was interested in your affairs, spoke about the feelings. Where is all gone? Really out of love ? Do not rush to such a conclusion. Most likely, he was just a little tired of you. What to do? Use the following tips as quickly as possible!

1. In no case do not deprive a man of personal time . Watching your favorite sports, computer games, and maybe some hobby annoys you? Be patient! And better try to understand that a man just needs a personal space. [Ad # content] 2. Never get into the soul of a beloved man. If he is not inclined to talk, it is better to just leave him, it will take some time, and he will tell you everything if he considers it necessary to bring you up to date. But perhaps these are the problems that he does not want to share, and, believe me, he may have reasons for this.
3. Do not reach a man with your contrived problems about excess weight, wrinkles and cellulite.Do not compare yourself with other women. Men like confident women! Once a man is near you, he loves you like this. Do not make him look for flaws in you. Want to improve your appearance – do it without discussing with your loved one. In the end, for these purposes you have a girlfriend!
4. Do not “eat” a man with jealousy, suspicion, distrust. Be indifferent to his stories about a new employee or a compliment to another woman. Unreasonable jealousy, in the end, can lead to real treason.
5. Men are less emotional than women. They do not need constant kisses and gentle words . Do not force your beloved to constantly tell you how he missed you all day long and several times a day to explain to you in love!
6. Try to talk less, completely eliminate gossip! Constantly chatting woman is able to take any unbalance! Never speak with a man in riddles and hints, hoping that he himself will guess what you wanted to tell him. Men love specific conversations.
7. Never humiliate a man, especially with strangers or his friends! Even if your loved one was unable to repair the crane, sharpen knives or buy you a fur coat, you should not tell him that he is a failed loser. Men need to praise !
8. By nature – a man – a hunter! Never show a man how much you love him, play, give him the pleasure of pursuing you. Otherwise – he will just start using you. [ad # content]

And then there are gentle words that can melt the heart of any man.

Of course, when we are in love , it is difficult to live with the mind, not with the heart. But if you want your loved ones to stay with you as long as possible – then you love him not as a toy, but as a free person , with your habits and needs.


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