How To Conquer The Woman Of Each Zodiac Sign



Not surprisingly, Astrology can guide us in various situations by tracing unmistakable personality traits of the natives of each sign. And at the time of conquest it is no different. Every woman has her own special way and it can be difficult to know how to please them, but the stars can help you in this mission!


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Having the Fire as an element, the Aryan woman has a strong personality and does not stay out of the conquest. He likes eyeballs and has no patience for fellows without attitude. Your best chance is to surprise her; take her to travel a weekend in a romantic and secluded place, but also full of adventures and different walks.


Full of mysteries and sensuality, Taurus loves to be pampered. He likes to be noticed in his look (which is always impeccable), loves gestures of affection and always appreciates good taste and comfort. Invest in gifts, but do not need to be anything too exaggerated; discreet gold pendants and good doses of romanticism will show her how much you care to please her.

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Ready-made phrases will only give you negative points with a Gemini. Because you are extremely intelligent and opinionated women, it is important that you have the ability to have a good conversation and not be afraid of questioning and debate. Give Gemini’s wife a good book on a subject that you know will instigate it; you will earn even more points if you are informed about it and ready to discuss it.

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Cancerian values ​​simple gestures that show that you deserve her trust. Do not skimp on romance and always treat her like the princess that is! It is also important that you open up to her and let her know every part of your personality. She likes gifts with sentimental value, one frame with an important history memory you will melt her heart.

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Always confident and sure of how many looks she attracts wherever she goes, the leonine enjoys great gestures and loves to know how wonderful it is through the mouth of another person. Invest in the compliments and show that you are always thinking about her, call during the day and send gorgeous bouquets of flowers off of special occasions and in places where she will have an audience. Nothing pleases a leonine as a stimulus in the ego.

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She abhors disorganization and likes the one who has stability and control of her own life; make her feel safe with you and never be late! Present it with perfumes . She is extremely vain, and behind the shyness, the Virginian hides an extremely critical critical side, so always be flawless when you see her.

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Librians exude elegance and act according to etiquette, so they repudiate rude and rude men. They appreciate romantic gestures in the right measure, never invade her space or press her to make decisions. Choose a discreet gift, but show how special she is to you? Invest in decorative objects that show your good taste and how much you recognize the beauty of her universe.

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Conquering a Scorpio is no easy task. She is a self-sufficient woman and is not impressed by little. Be mysterious and watch out for every word she says … She leaves hints of the way of your heart between the lines. A beautiful dress that enhances Scorpio’s sensual features will show that you admire the power she has over you.

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Free and detached, the Sagittarian values ​​good humor and spontaneity within the conquest. Honesty is one of the values ​​you value most, so be transparent and let it be known. Escape from the routine and take it for an unusual adventure. Suggest a tour where you will have great contact with nature or even take it to practice a radical sport!

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If you want to conquer a Capricorn, know that the chances are that she will become the woman of your life. There are few that she let into her heart, and those who succeed stay there for a long time. She appreciates confidence and does not deny that stability is a great attraction. If you prove you can keep her safe and give her a beautiful ring, you’re almost there!

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To win an Aquarian, you need to think outside the box. These women are curious and like to discover new things and experience different sensations. You need to show her how special she is without choking her or taking her out of her freedom, be a companion before a love. Take her to a show or an exhibit.

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Pisces are incorrigible romantic and dream of living a fairy tale. Seek someone for life and never let them hurt you, so invest in romantic gestures of all kinds. You need to show that you value it and that you share the same values; if she is a religious woman, it is important that you recognize how important this is to her. Present it with a pendant of Our Lady Aparecida.

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