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How To Find Love: 6 Mistakes Not To Commit


Tired of being single? Often the reason for not finding the right person depends on wrong mental attitudes and mistakes that are made thinking of past stories. So here are some tips that can help you meet love

Matter of luck and being in the right place at the right time? Of course also good luck is essential to find love, but more often than not to know your soul mate it is important to have the right mental predisposition and not to commit a series of errors that prevent letting go in a story. In this article we do not intend to suggest the places or ways to meet a man with whom to build something, but the attitudes that very often do not predispose a fertile ground for a serious and lasting relationship. 6 Mistakes to not commit to finding love First of all if you are tired of being single , you think that all the stories you have had have been bankrupt and that men are fake and just want to take you to bed you are making the wrong considerations that you they will prevent you from being peaceful for a relationship. You must know that one always learns from one’s mistakes, that even if one thing goes wrong it does not mean that it will always be so and one must have the right attitude. Having said that, we point out some mistakes that you make and that distance you from the goal of finding love!
  1. You neglect your life You are so obsessed with finding the prince charming that you see all your anguish and despair and everything you do is dependent on it. Try looking at yourself from the outside, you are not very s*xy and totally dependent . Live your life, be more confident and you will see that the right one will come!
  2. You settle for fleeting moments If you want to find love, you probably have to say enough about the continuous adventures of a night that won’t take you anywhere, especially if your hope every time you step out of a bed is the one that maybe he’ll be the right one: do not confuse s*x and passion with true feeling.
  3. You do it too much. It’s okay to be desired, but men don’t like women who are too haughty and full of themselves. So ok if you’re not too available as soon as you know a person, but avoid being the one with the stink under your nose.
  4. Too demanding If some women are satisfied with crumbs, others make the mistake of waiting for the perfect man! You have to know that it doesn’t exist because the right partner is the one that has a winning combination of character, s*x appeal, ways of doing: so don’t look for the egg!
  5. Too independent If on one hand being addicted is very wrong, even wanting to do everything alone and repeating to you and others that you don’t need anyone, is a mistake not to make if you want to find love. Being paid for a dinner or being helped when the tire needs to be changed to the car does not mean that you are not autonomous, but only gives men the opportunity to play male!
  6. It must be him who takes the first step. Where is it written that man must always take the first step? If he doesn’t try, maybe he’s just shy , and if you notice he’s interested in you there’s nothing wrong with being the one who throws the hook. Don’t be too aggressive, but show yourself available to meet him. Certainly if after a while he does not grasp it, then let it be, it means that maybe it wasn’t the right one!



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