Do you believe that the love can be controlled? Do you think it is impossible for someone to fall deeply, madly, in love with you with some mental tricks? If your answer is yes, then you are one of those people who just believe that love comes in the form of destiny and you will not believe that something (e.g. LOVE) can be changed and manipulated. Do not be afraid, this is not a witchcraft. There are only some psychological advises that are proven and approved, and can help you to make that person fall in love with you. First of all – How we actually fall in love with someone Love is known as a “mysterious phenomenon” and most of the people think that this has something to do with fate. Actually, when you think about it it’s not about fate but people’s subconsciousness. What about subconsciousness? You know when you have a list or some criteria what kind of a man you want. You are figuring and analyzing some person whether he matches your list or not. So, what about the fact you can control or manipulate someone’s mind. Here are some tried methods to try out to make another person fall in love with you:

1. Know the different criteria

We all have this list in our mind in which we can find all the best criteria of what things do we expect from that person that we want to fall in love with. Many times we meet people who do not meet one of our requirements and that is where we let things not happen. So if we start with ourselves and stop putting so many criteria’s, first let’s start to know that person before saying no. Investigate all that you can about that person, what are their interests and see if you can nail one so that you could have something to talk about.

2. When we meet someone, we expect him to be like us in many ways

We seek if that person has the same strengths. If you are looking for someone to fall in love with you, there is always someone who has inferiority complex, so you can be strong and make that person see you as someone special. The more you play the trusted role, you subconscious will be sending a message to the other people like “You already have what you need”.

3. How much do you give yourself and strive in your goals?

Many people do not stop insisting and chasing and believe me it works. If the person you are chasing is someone dependent, surely the chase will work since a person with those characteristics almost always seeks someone to hang. So, if you discover that the person you like is a little dependent, we assure you that he is going to fall in love with you. When someone is more vulnerable and wants from other people to take care of them, those are great opportunities for them to fall in love with you, if you are willing to play that role.

4. Use your common friends

If you and the other person have common friends you can use this in your favor. The reason is that the subconscious is bets programmed when a friendly or close source gives them advice. Somehow, ask them to help you to brainwash so that person believes that you are the best thing that is going to happen in life. The more friends you have in common, the more likely you are to get your image into your subconscious, since more than one will speak well of you.

5. Manually manipulate your mind

The more you say something to someone, it is much easier for that person to keep that thought. Why? It is very easy, continuous repetition can influence the unconscious to accept something. This does not mean that you call him every five minutes, but you can come up with several ideas to get him to remember you throughout the day. Just stay where they can see you, and try to keep them not to stop thinking about you.

6. Let them associate you with positive things

When your name is mentioned in a group of people, what is the first thing they would say about you? How do they see you? The better things others have to say about you, the better perception that person will have about you. It does not matter that you have a couple of negative things, but learn to reinforce the positive ones so that it stays in people’s minds. If you are explosive, but at same time you are feeling shitty… try to reinforce this last one. May people associate you with laughter rather than with anger. Can we believe in those sayings that love at first sight really exists or we could consider it as a myth? Well people say that love at first sight does really exist. You are most likely that you will fall in love with some person at first sight if that person manages to fulfill your list of criteria’s that can be found on your subconsciousness. Look at that like this. Probably most of you believe in the life before this one, and that is how that person reminds you of someone, you have that feeling you two met each other before. People think it’s because that person is someone you once loved before. We are usually looking for the same partner and same kind of love that we experienced in the past. Well, the next time when you meet someone and you start to feel that you know him, believe that is something your consciousness is trying to tell you. And the thing your consciousness is trying is to know that special person is someone from your past and you start realizing that you are falling in love with him and what is more important….you are falling in love with him FOR THE FIRST TIME!

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