How To Make The Relationship Official Before The Holidays (Based On His & Her Astro Sign)

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it truly is the most romantic time of year. Whether you’re daydreaming about taking a horse and carriage ride through the snow with your special someone, snuggling up by the fire and drinking hot chocolate, or exchanging adorable gifts with a special someone, it seems like everyone has some pretty high expectations when it comes to holiday romance. So, what if there’s somebody you’ve got your eye on? Someone who you wouldn’t mind meeting under the mistletoe? How can you lock things down and make it official with them before the snowflakes start falling and the string lights start going up?

Well, here’s the thing — the best way to make it official will depend on their astro sign, not solely though, but you get the point. If you don’t already know your crush’s birthday, it’s time to find out! Just knowing the time of year that someone was born can tell you so much about their romantic outlook. If you’re looking for love, look to the stars first, and astrology will guide you in the right direction for your next steps towards asking them out. Here’s how to make the relationship official before the holidays, based on his or her astro sign.

24-Gemini Girl: Include Her In A Gift Exchange

Gemini women are super social. They love meeting new people and making new friends, and one of their favorite parts of getting into a new relationship is meeting all of their man’s social circle!

So, what better way to let a Gemini girl know that you want to take things to the next level than including her in a fun gift exchange with yourself and a few of your good friends?

She will not only love getting to know everyone, she’ll also love picking out a cute present and receiving one of her own — she’ll feel like one of the crew.

23-Gemini Guy: Invite Him To A Big Holiday Party

Just like Gemini women, Gemini men are also very social. Since they love to be the life of the party, why not invite your Gemini guy to a holiday party? Once he realizes that all of your friends think you would be such a cute couple, he’ll feel super flattered — and by the time you bring up the topic of that “boyfriend” label, he won’t be able to resist saying “yes” to you! In fact, he’ll probably be the first to ask if you want to make the relationship official and go into the New Year with him by your side.

22-Sagittarius Girl: Plan A Holiday Getaway

More than anything else, Sagittarius women love to travel. They are the true free spirits of all the signs, and their favorite thing about the holiday season isn’t opening presents or going to festive gatherings with their relatives — it’s taking advantage of their days off and heading off the somewhere totally new.

So, what better way to show your Sagittarius girl that you’re head over heels for her than surprising her with a little getaway to an amazing destination?

Even if it’s somewhere close by, she will be so flattered that you planned a trip that she’ll be falling in love.

21-Sagittarius Guy: Help Him Forget The Holiday Stress

Sagittarius men are not huge fans of making and sticking to specific plans, but during the holiday season, this is basically unavoidable. After all, you’ve got to go shopping, spend time with your family, wrap presents, go to holiday parties with your friends, and possibly travel to see your relatives. It’s undoubtedly a very busy time of year.

Help your Sagittarius man destress this holiday season by accompanying him for his holiday shopping and then winding down at home with a cheesy Christmas movie and some hot cocoa.

He needs a woman in his life who can help him relax.

20-Virgo Girl: Give Her A Hand With Organizing

During this time of year, Virgo women basically go into overdrive. They are in planning mode like never before, rushing around town to get all of their holiday errands done and get everything ready for the perfect holiday season.

If you see your Virgo girl’s to do list, it will probably be enough to make your head spin.

So, how can you take a big step towards making things official with a Virgo woman around the holidays? Help her check a few things off that massive to do list and show her that you’ll always be around to lend a hand.

19-Virgo Guy: Share Your New Year’s Resolutions With Each Other

Virgo men are super ambitious — this trait is typical of earth signs, and Virgo guys take their planning for future goals to a whole new level compared to other signs!

Once they decide that they want something, nothing can get in their way, and they want to be with a woman who feels the same way about her own future.

How can you prove to him that you’re girlfriend material? Open up to him about your New Year’s resolutions and let him know about all of your big plans. He’ll be so impressed that you guys are on the same wavelength.

18-Capricorn Girl: Help With Her Holiday Shopping

Capricorn women definitely can find themselves floundering during the holiday season. They love to work hard, but they also find their schedules booked with family commitments, and since they don’t like to do anything halfway, they find themselves rushing around to do everything right. How can you make things official with your Capricorn girl this time of year?

Offer to help her with her holiday shopping — she’s obsessed with choosing the perfect gift for everyone, so it always takes up so much of her time during the holiday season!

If you can give her a hand, she’ll be so grateful.

17-Capricorn Guy: Encourage Him To Take Some Time Off With You

Just like Capricorn women, Capricorn men also tend to overwork themselves during the holiday season. This is definitely an issue for earth signs in particular — they’re so hardworking that they just don’t know how to slow themselves down for a month!

Want to prove that you’re the perfect girl to balance out his intense nature? Be the one to encourage him to slow down.

Help him get his schedule off his mind. Plan a couple super chill date nights to keep him from staying late at work — trust us, he will thank you once the holiday rush has calmed down!

16-Aries Girl: Make Her Laugh With An “Ugly” Holiday Sweater

Aries women love the holidays, but they definitely don’t like to get too bogged down in all of the holiday shopping, decorating, and planning! Nope, they would much rather enjoy all the fun parts without all of the stress! What’s the best way to put a smile on her face this holiday season? Invite her to an ugly sweater party! This fun new tradition has really gotten popular in the past few years, and every Aries woman with a good sense of humor will love the sight of her man in a funny Christmas sweater — she’ll be laughing for days!

15-Aries Guy: Let Him In On Your Plans For The Future`

Aries men are super spontaneous. Any girl who has tried to date one knows that it can feel impossible to really get inside his head and know what he’s thinking — especially when it comes to his feelings about her. So, what can you do to let him know you want him to be a part of your future? Be super straightforward with him and just tell him outright! Let him know your plans for the future and why you think he should be a part of them. He’ll be so impressed by your honesty that your relationship will blossom from there.

14-Pisces Girl: Surprise Her With A Creative, Homemade Gift

Pisces women are super sentimental, and they simply love to spend time with their loved ones. That’s why they tend to enjoy the holidays so much! They don’t need to do anything fancy, they just want to be around the people they care about. So, how can you show your Pisces woman that you two should stick together throughout the holiday season and into the New Year?

Surprise her with an adorable gift that reminds her of all the good times you’ve already spent together.

She will be so touched by your thoughtful gift that she’ll definitely say yes to you.

13-Pisces Guy: Give Him The Chance To Meet Your Family

Pisces men are very similar to Pisces women — they are also super family oriented. And as everyone knows, the holidays are a time to spend with family! What better time of year to introduce your Pisces man to your family and show him that you want him to be an important part of your life?

He will be so happy that you’re bringing him to family events and including him in all of the festivities.

When you ask if he wants to take the relationship a step further, he’ll already be so on board thanks to your holiday plans.

12-Scorpio Girl: Suggest Some Couples’ Costume Ideas

If you’re looking to call that special Scorpio girl in your life your girlfriend, you need to get the ball rolling this week! Got a fun Halloween party coming up? Ask her if she wants to plan a couple’s costume with you! Scorpio women are very creative (just like most other water signs), and she will love putting together fun costumes that will make every other couple at the party a little bit jealous. Seriously, you’ll basically be off the hook as far as planning goes — just leave this little project in her capable hands, and she’ll come up with something great!

11-Scorpio Guy: Get Together For A Hot Chocolate Date

Scorpio men aren’t looking for anything fancy in a date. They just want some deep conversation and time alone with you.

So if you’ve got your eye on a Scorpio guy and you want nothing more than to make him yours, plan a date that will get you two into a cozy setting where you can simply relax and talk about everything on your minds.

Why not invite him over to your favorite coffee shop on a chilly weekend afternoon so that you two can huddle up inside, warm up, and enjoy some tasty hot chocolate together before the holidays?

10-Aquarius Girl: Suggest A Whole New Tradition

If you’ve ever dated an Aquarius girl, you know that they are not big on traditions! They like to do their own thing and march to the beat of their own drum. But the holiday season is full of traditions, so what’s a guy whose falling in love with an Aquarius girl to do? Start your own little tradition with her!

When she sees that you’re the kind of guy who can really think outside the box, she will be so in love with you.

Being with an Aquarius girl means that you have to get creative, so use your imagination!

9-Aquarius Guy: Find The Perfect, Unique Present

Aquarius men also like to stand out from the crowd. Overall, this sign is known for having a strong independent streak — they definitely don’t like it when people simply expect them to fall in line. So, how can you show an Aquarius guy that you understand this side of his personality, and that you won’t try to put him in a certain box if he has the label of being your boyfriend?

Give him a unique gift that reflects his true personality.

He will be so appreciative that you took the time to come up with something that really suits him.

8-Taurus Girl: Take Her On A Fall Foliage Tour

There is nothing that a Taurus girl loves more than spending some time in the great outdoors. So the way to her heart this holiday season should be fairly obvious — take her on a fun fall foliage tour!

She will love the chance to not only get outside and enjoy the crisp fall weather and natural beauty of your area, but she’ll also love just getting to do these things with you.

She’ll be falling in love with you every moment that you spend outside together, and she’ll be so happy that you planned the perfect day trip for her.

7-Taurus Guy: Be Straightforward About Your Feelings

Have you fallen for a Taurus guy this holiday season? Are you wondering if there’s some kind of trick that you can use to make him fall for you in five seconds flat and ask you to be his girlfriend? Nope, that’s not how it works when it comes to Taurus guys!

Listen, if you’ve got your eyes on a Taurus guy, and you’re wondering how you can take things to the next level, the best thing you can do is simply tell him how you feel.

Trust us, all he wants to hear is what’s really going through your head.

6-Cancer Girl: Bake Some Fall Treats Together

Any guy who has ever dated a Cancer girl knows that baking cookies for everyone they care about is basically their love language. These girls are simply at home in the kitchen, and they could spend all day cooking up a storm! So, how can you make things official with a Cancer this holiday season? The answer should be clear — spend an afternoon baking together! She’ll be so happy that you want to join her in her favorite hobby. And even if you have zero skills in the kitchen, she’ll still be overjoyed that you’re interested in doing some baking with her.

5-Cancer Guy: Plan A Holiday Movie Night

While Cancer guys do like rolling up their sleeves and getting to work in the kitchen, they’re not quite as interested in cooking and baking as Cancer women. So if you’ve got a Cancer guy on your mind, you have to try a different tactic.

Cancer guys can’t resist sappy holiday movies — sure, they might downplay that in front of their guy friends, but you know they can’t resist those Hallmark classics!

Invite him over for a movie night and just cuddle up and chill. Naturally, you can have some popcorn and hot cocoa on hand for the evening, too.

4-Leo Girl: Surprise Her Early With Glitzy Jewelry

Leo women don’t even try to downplay it — they simply love getting jewelry! While many signs like to get unique gifts, Leo women are happy with the classic gift ideas. So, how can you make a great impression on her and let her know that you understand what she’s all about? Surprise her with some glitzy jewelry early! Here’s the thing, everyone who knows her will know what kind of gifts she likes, and she’s easy to buy for. Therefore, you really want to surprise her early before all of her friends start giving her earrings, bracelets, and shiny necklaces.

3-Leo Guy: Go For A Horse And Carriage Ride

Some guys would much rather go on a laid back date than plan something elaborate, but if you know any Leo guys, you know that they like to go all out and go out on the town! So, don’t invite him to stay in with you for a holiday themed evening.

Instead, do something a little different that you can only do at this time of year.

Invite him to go for a romantic horse and carriage ride with you! He would love nothing more than to snuggle up next to you in the carriage and enjoy all the holiday lights.

2-Libra Girl: Decorate Her Apartment Together

What’s a Libra woman’s favorite thing about this time of year? Decorating her apartment, of course! She just loves to break out all of her decorations and go to town. Walking into her apartment this time of year is like walking into a winter wonderland — you won’t want to leave until New Year’s is over! If you want to really impress her, offer to help her decorate her apartment. She’ll love having an extra set of hands! Plus, you guys will have lots of time to bond and get to know each other while you string up those glittering lights.

1-Libra Guy: Impress Him With Your Holiday Style

Libra men are visual creatures — they just can’t seem to help themselves! They take good care of their appearances, and they definitely tend to be attracted to women who put a lot of effort into their hair, makeup, and clothing. So if you really want to catch his eye this holiday season, you’ve got to show off a little bit.

Don’t be shy — just dress your best and watch his eyes light up when you walk into the room!

When he sees you dressed to the nines in your winter wardrobe, he’ll start daydreaming about asking you to be his girlfriend.


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