How To Plan Her Perfect Big Day, Based On Her Sign



Ask many women around the world, and they’ll tell you that their wedding day is the single biggest day of their lives. For a generation brought up on Disney princesses whose happy ending comes when they finally wed their prince, it’s easy to understand why weddings seem like life’s be-all and end-all. Although a lot of people share a dream for a perfect wedding, the definition of perfect is different for everybody.

The wedding of your dreams is dependent on a lot of factors, including your personality, your goals and ambitions for the future, the traditions you were brought up with and of course, the person you’re marrying. Some experts believe that your astrological sign can also have something to do with what your ideal wedding looks like.

When it comes to dream weddings, the fire signs tend to desire a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience that either involves a huge party or a secret romantic getaway. The earth signs usually prefer a more traditional affair, complete with simple classic touches that align with what they’ve dreamed about for years. While the air signs like their nuptials to go out with a bang, the water signs are all about being as meaningful and romantic as possible.

Read on to find out what kind of wedding will nourish your soul, based on your sign.

20-One Word To Describe The Perfect Wedding For A Fire Sign: Unforgettable

The weddings of the fire signs are always unforgettable. Whether it’s because of the stunning dresses, the stand-out venues or the romantic individualized vows themselves, these signs always manage to have weddings that their family and friends talk about for weeks after. Aries likes to make her nuptials totally unique and ensure that her wedding is one of a kind, while Leo’s wedding is unforgettable because of the incredible party that’s held after the service. Sagittarius’s wedding might not feature hundreds of guests, but it will definitely be unforgettable for the couple themselves, which is the most important thing.

19-Aries: Organize A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding

Being the leader of the signs, Aries likes to stand out. She always does things her way, and never bends to the will of others. She’s totally comfortable being the center of attention and is confident enough within herself to be okay with judgment and negative opinions from others.

Her wedding should be completely unique and tailored to suit her and her partner rather than trying to follow traditions that hold no meaning for her.

Even if it doesn’t make sense to her guests, she should have a dress, a ceremony, a venue, food and music that was designed especially for her tastes.

18-Leo: She Needs A Huge Party With Fireworks

For Leo, life is one big party, so why would her wedding day be any different? Though the actual marriage service is the most important part for a lot of people, Leo will always remember the celebrations afterward. After a long period of wedding build-up, she needs to de-stress with a massive party, complete with fireworks, where she can let loose. The celebration shouldn’t be formal and flowing with tradition, but should instead be an opportunity for Leo, her new spouse, and her friends and family to have fun and dance until the sun comes up (or until the police arrive to shut them down).

17-Sagittarius: Forget The Party And Elope

Sagittarius can be a party animal just like her fire sign counterparts, but when it comes to her wedding day, she might want to tone things down. Being a spiritual sign, she could make sure the actual ceremony is super intimate and meaningful, about nothing more than the love between her and her partner.

Since Sagittarius is a natural traveler, it would make sense for her to elope somewhere far away and romantic, that gives her a chance to explore a little as she starts her new life as a married woman.

Plus, she can always hold a belated party when she returns.

16-Fire Dresses Are Stand-Out Works Of Art

Everything about a fire sign wedding stands out, but the single most stunning element is the gown. These signs like to put their creativity and passion into designing something truly show-stopping. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that the fire signs do like to be the center of attention, and the kinds of gowns they go for help them to achieve that goal. Think long trains, headpieces, elaborate designs, sparkling jewelry, or cutting-edge styles that stand out. Usually, fire gowns are total works of art. Even if the couple elopes, a fire bride still wants to wear a dress that will make her feel like a star.

15-One Word To Describe The Perfect Wedding For An Earth Sign: Understated

The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—tend to have weddings that are super understated.

These ladies don’t like to be the center of attention and don’t like to make anything in their lives over the top, so their weddings are typically quiet affairs.

Less is sometimes more, and that’s definitely the case with these signs. Taurus, in particular, likes to follow traditions and doesn’t ever move outside the boundaries, while Virgo tends to have a love for all things vintage and honor the past subtly through her wedding. Capricorn is happiest with a wedding that is simple and stress-free.

14-Taurus: A Classic Wedding That Follows Tradition Is Perfect For Her

Following tradition isn’t for everyone, but the earth signs tend to feel a connection to the old ways. And Taurus especially feels the most comfortable when she’s sticking to what she knows best rather than exploring new territory. This sign likes to follow a routine that she’s really familiar with in day-to-day life, so naturally, her wedding day should be no different. The actual traditions she incorporates into her wedding will vary depending on who she is and where she’s from, but generally, she’ll probably want to have a white classic dress and veil, complete with something old, new, borrowed and blue.

13-Virgo: She’d Love A Vintage Wedding

A lover of history, Virgo is the one signs in astrology who embodies what it means to be an old soul.

More than anyone else, she’d appreciate a vintage wedding that pays tribute to the past and makes her feel like she’s been transported to the old world.

It doesn’t have to be over the top since Virgo typically doesn’t like anything to be too much of a spectacle. But she’d probably like the dress, ceremony and after celebrations to be understated with a hint of vintage. That might take place through antique decorations or fashion recycled from history.

12-Capricorn: A Simple, No-Fuss Wedding Will Be Enough For Her

In life, Capricorn can have expensive taste and a preference for elaborate styles. But she’s also a quiet achiever rather than the star of the show and doesn’t like to be the talk of her community for too long. She’d be happy with a wedding that’s simple, easy to plan and totally understated. Being a busy woman, she probably doesn’t want to spend a lot of time focused on planning a huge wedding when she has other things to do. If she does end up going for a wedding that’s a little more extraordinary, she might consider hiring someone to organize it all for her.

11-Earth Dresses Are Tailored To Perfection

The earth signs are the perfectionists in astrology, and like all things in their life to be absolutely perfect.

They might not like to make a huge deal out of their wedding, so they might not have the most remarkable gown you’ve ever seen, but they will have their wedding dress tailored to suit them perfectly. They don’t like it when things don’t fit correctly, whether that applies to clothing or general situations in life. In most cases, the signs will get their dresses tailored until they hug their bodies perfectly and look made for them (even if they weren’t).

10-One Word To Describe The Perfect Wedding For An Air Sign: Exciting

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, otherwise known as the air signs, tend to always have weddings that are fun and exciting. These signs like to stay true to themselves and honor their inclination to let loose and not take things too seriously. Gemini is well suited to a thrilling destination wedding that will allow her to explore a new environment while committing herself to the love of her life. Libra isn’t afraid to admit that she still wants the same fairy-tale wedding she wanted when she was a little girl. And Aquarius’s wedding is usually full of originality and creativity—always an event to remember.

9-Gemini: She’d Love A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is the perfect option for Gemini.

This sign loves everything to be fast-paced and action-packed, and nothing will start off her journey into married life quite like tying the knot in a glamorous location.

The actual destination she chooses will depend on the individual—some might like a beach wedding, a mountains wedding, or even a wedding by one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. But thanks to Gemini’s fear of falling into a rut, a destination wedding is probably more appealing than the standard club, hotel or backyard that most people opt for.

8-Libra: She Needs A Fairytale, Almost Royal, Wedding

This romantic sign in astrology needs nothing less than a fairy tale to be happy. If Libra had her way, she’d arrange to have a horse-drawn carriage, over a thousand guests and an after party that could double as a royal ball. All that is probably beyond the budget of most people, so Libra should really start saving now, even if she isn’t dating anyone yet. There are cheaper ways to make her feel like a Disney princess, and she should hop online and research them so she knows how to make her day as fairy-tale like as possible.

7-Aquarius: Plan A Themed Wedding

Aquarius never does anything to meet the expectations of others, and of all days, she should definitely hold onto her individuality during her nuptials.

One way to make sure that her day honors the essence of who she is might be to plan a theme that suits both her and her fiancé. If they’re Disney lovers, they might include a subtle (or not so subtle) nod to that somewhere throughout the ceremony or the celebrations. There are lots of popular themes, including Harry PotterGame of Thrones, Ancient Greece, Victorian era, Superhero, the 1980s, Winter Wonderland or even Art Deco.

6-Air Dresses Are Super Expensive

The air signs generally like the finer things in life. So you might have guessed that when it comes time to look for a wedding dress, these ladies are drawn to the most expensive and exclusive gowns on the shelf (or on the runway). It’s not uncommon for the air signs to sometimes have much smaller weddings so they can put more money toward the dress, which is probably the element that they care the most about. Ideally, they like designer dresses, or to have their dresses custom made so they know that no other bride has ever worn it.

5-One Word To Describe The Perfect Wedding For A Water Sign: Meaningful

The weddings of the water sign aren’t necessarily spectacular like you might imagine of signs who are so passionate about love.

Instead, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are inclined to go for nuptials that mean a lot to them as individuals, whether they involve fireworks or not.

Cancer in particular usually prefers an intimate ceremony that is completely about the love she has for her partner. Scorpio similarly wants a celebration full of meaning, without hundreds of guests she isn’t close to. And Pisces tends to crave a wedding on the beach, so she can be close to water which makes her feel the most like herself.

4-Cancer: An Intimate Ceremony Is What She Craves

Cancer is another of the signs who loves the idea of love and has probably been waiting her whole life to get married. For her, the exchanging of vows is the most important part, and she really doesn’t care who’s there to see it or what they’re saying about her. The most meaningful wedding to her would be something quiet, close and intimate that highlights the love between her and her partner. Some weddings become all about having the best dress, the best music, and the best venue, and inviting all these people the couple doesn’t even know that well. But Cancer craves something much more intimate.

3-Scorpio: Her Wedding Should Be Quiet, Personal, And Beautiful

Scorpio prefers to live her life in the shadows than in the spotlight, and also won’t fare too well with a huge wedding that everybody’s talking about for weeks after.

Trust is very important to her, and she only feels comfortable opening up around people she actually trusts, so she should take that into account when she’s planning her wedding.

Instead of having a huge party, she should keep the guest list small, even if there’s only a handful of people there. The more secretive and quiet the wedding is, the more comfortable and happy Scorpio will be.

2-Pisces: She’ll Be At Home With A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding isn’t for everyone, but it is for Pisces, the ultimate water baby who was probably a mermaid in a past life. This sign simply feels at home by the water, since it makes her feel genuinely happy and free. If she could, she’d probably try and have the ceremony in the actual water itself! But in most cases, Pisces will be happy enough to tie the knot in the sand. As long as she can hear the gentle ebb and flow of the waves and see the glistening water in the distance, she’ll be in her element.

1-Water Dresses Are Romantic And Traditional

When it comes to the dresses of water sign brides, everything feels quite romantic and traditional. The styles are usually flowy like the water itself, rather than being stiff. Their dresses might feature lace and intricate designs that resonate with them and their partners.

Being such romantics, the water signs also tend to like traditional elements of wedding dresses, and include things like veils and trains, though nothing over the top.

Their dresses tend to be quaint and feature imperfections that make them individual and unique. Water sign wedding dresses are usually the kind that make guests sigh.


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