How To Show Your Love



The girl we are not taken first to confess in love, but how to show your loved one your feelings and not seem obsessive? There are many ways to show him your love.

1. Smile. Smile at him as often as possible, so that he sees that this smile is only for him. You must have seen how lovers are smiling, rather than with their mouth, but with their eyes. The look shines and the face brightens.

2. Listen to him carefully. Is always! Do not rush to take the conversation into your own hands, listen to it, ask questions, this will show how important it is to you.

3. Laugh with him.  Even if you heard this joke a hundred times, do not worry, are you glad that he is having fun?

4. Be interested in them . Where he was born, how he went to school, what kind of girls he liked then, where he served, how things were at work, what dishes he loves, dreams about. Ask to show children’s pictures and get ready to listen to stories about all his classmates from first class to prom :).

5. Consult with him . After all, he is so clever, so let him advise how to resolve the conflict at work, help you choose a camera, etc. And do not forget to thank for the help and add that without him everything would be much more difficult (of course you are independent, but his advice is invaluable).

6. Divide his interests . If you are truly in love, then you don’t even have to pretend that you have suddenly become interested in football, fishing or quotations of securities. You really will be interested!

7. Do not cross it. The destiny of women to give in, and if you do not want to give in, learn to manipulate, but this is still far away, so leave the last word behind it. In addition, if he is not indifferent to you, then seeing your softness will gladly make you something pleasant.

8. Praise him . Himself, his friends, parents, dog, hobby, style of dress, etc. to infinity.

9. Give him gifts . And even better surprises. SMS with a funny quatrain, a little devil in his pocket, an unusual souvenir from a business trip, whatever, if he sees what you thought of him when choosing a gift. And of course, such a classic as a favorite dish for dinner. Do not give shaving cream to your favorite men, do not be trite.

10. Be happy to accept his gifts . Show that you are happy to see his attention, praise his choice, brag to your friends (so that he hears).

And finally, do not overdo it! Otherwise, from such a sugar girl, he might be vomiting :). In love, sincerity and understanding is more important than manipulation.


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