If a woman says we are different


Hello friends, this is December 1st, exactly a month is left before the New Year, and now is the time to begin to summarize the past tense. This is often what many women do when they evaluate the prospects of a particular relationship with a particular man.

And when this assessment is negative, they, accordingly, make a decision about the gap.

But so that the further situation would pass as calmly and painlessly as possible, without explaining the objective reasons and offenses from the strong half of humanity, the most banal phrase is said on their part: we are too different and in no way match each other!

In this article, I would like to slightly lift the veil of mystery behind this simple and straightforward expression and try to explain the real reasons for such an act, to which many guys are completely unprepared.

As for me, frankly speaking , there is no such thing that we are different with regards to the relationship between a man and a woman. Indeed, it is absolutely clear that two people of the opposite s– cannot be close in many ways , but if they were brought together by something, even for a specific and short time, it means that they are already close emotionally and sensually. So, the above proposal already sounds, at least not appropriate.

Here, most likely, the brain enters the matter, and outside thoughts that do not see prospects in your relationship. That you are not good enough to become a good father and husband for a long time. A woman in you is not confident enough and does not feel the stability and strong male support. Maybe financially (by the way, this is the most popular reason), or emotionally you are not so good, or she does not feel intimacy and satisfaction, so to say, being next to you.

In any case, if this expression is expressed, it means only one thing that a woman does not see a way out of the current situation, and your words and prayers here are unlikely to change anything. It’s certainly possible to seek a true answer from her, not vague phrases, but I don’t think if you find out the truth, it will help you with something, and most likely on the contrary, it hurts you even more.

So in this case, I leave the choice to you: try to look for answers and correct something in yourself or just accept the fact and live on, decide only for everyone personally. But so that you do not undertake, remember: people who will meet on your life’s journey always leave an indelible imprint on our destiny, and how we react to it and build our future destiny.


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