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If He Says These 20 Things On The First Date, He’s A Boy, Not A Man.

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Dating these days isn’t as easy as it used to be. Sometimes dating can even be frustrating. Even when you do go on a first date, sometimes it goes so poorly that you wish you would have stayed home and enjoyed “Netflix and chill” alone.

There is nothing worse, however, than going on a date where the guy says something wrong. There are a lot of things that guys come up with that just make us shake our heads. When a guy says something wrong on a first date, it usually has a lot to do with their maturity level. You don’t need to waste any more time dating a boy when you could be dating a man.

It’s likely that you aren’t the first woman that has heard something ridiculous on a date and you are likely to be the last. For some reason, there are some guys that will say just about anything without thinking about it. These are the guys that rarely get second dates because of what comes out of their mouths.

These guys are probably frustrated themselves because they can’t figure out why they aren’t getting any second dates. But we know why they aren’t! If he says these 20 things on the first date, he’s a boy, not a man.

20-Asking For A Kiss (Or More)

It wouldn’t be the first time that a guy thought buying dinner would mean he would be getting something in return. But it’s embarrassing for a man to even come up with an assumption like that.

If a man suggests that dinner or drinks should equal a form of physical repayment, then it’s best to call it a night, alone.

And, do not go out with that little boy again. It’s a woman’s prerogative if she wants to kiss a guy (or more) on the first date, but you certainly aren’t obligated to do so just because a guy foots the bill.

19-He Talks About You In An Odd Way

A guy that can’t stop complimenting on your body throughout a date is bad news. He’s obviously immature and not ready for anything real. He’s likely to just want something physical with you. “I had a guy interrupt me mid-sentence during a somewhat intellectual conversation to tell me he couldn’t stop looking at my legs,” one woman told Mic. “This was not cute!” Trust us, you don’t want to date a guy that can only focus on your legs instead of great conversation. Besides, while physical attraction is great, it’s the mental and intellectual connection that really matters.

18-He Hints By Clearing His Throat

Some guys are just way too creepy. As Lisa, 37, told MIC: “For a brief while, I dated a guy that subtly coughed as we neared any door to remind me I was supposed to stop and wait for him to open it for me. I took that as my cue to always open the door for him.”

If you have to point out your chivalry, then you are probably doing it for the wrong reasons.

Besides, it’s so annoying to be constantly clearing your throat to get attention. Real men use their words instead of grunting like little boys (or cave men).

17-He Mentions That You Look Like His Ex

If that isn’t a red flag, then we don’t know what is. Chances are he saw you on the dating app and likes redheads. His ex was a redhead and now you are next on his list. Gross. If a guy is on a date with you and states, “You look a lot like my ex,” then we would have to suggest that you forget the second date. We’re not sure why he would have agreed to the date in the first place but there might be a chance that he’s not over his ex and is just trying to replace her.

16-He Makes Passive Aggressive Remarks

A guy that makes passive aggressive remarks throughout a date is a toxic person that you don’t want to involve yourself with. During a conversation where a woman stated that she wasn’t really looking to get married, her date said, “I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t looking to get married. Why are you dating then?”

Not only is he stating that she is likely just another “typical female,” but he’s disregarding her wants.

Avoid this guy at all costs because he really isn’t interested at all in what you have to say, he just wants to put you in a box.

15-Stating That You Look Better In Person

“Wow! You look better in person than in your profile picture!” Wow, indeed. Did a guy actually just say that? We’re not sure what goes through a guy’s head that makes him think that it’s okay to say stuff like this to a date. So, if he felt like she was less attractive on an online dating site, what did that mean? Did you meet his low standards and he’s relieved now to see that you are better looking in person? Regardless of his meaning, it’s more of an insult than anything. He’s definitely a boy that needs to grow up.

14-He Declares His Love

Only someone who is emotionally immature would think that they fell in love on the first date. We’ve all heard about “love at first sight” but can we say that it’s even possible?

We recommend questioning any guy that claims he loves you after the first date.

Barbara Bloomfield, a counselor at Relate says “If the date went well, by all means, text and arrange another, but maybe don’t send countless texts and declare your undying love for them just yet,” she told The Independent. “Also, when on a date, avoid bringing up topics such as whether you want children or marriage. These kind of conversations are better left to couples in long-term, committed relationships.”

13-He Tells You That You’re Not Like Other Girls

Ugh! We hate that. One guy told a girl that she had the “best music taste of any girl I know.” Another woman said that a “boy” she dated told her, “he wasn’t normally attracted to black girls,” but he felt the need to tell her she was still “pretty hot.”

Seriously what on earth? Why do guys feel the need to compare us to other girls?

Do they think it will make us feel better that we are “better” than most girls? Obviously, they haven’t gotten the memo that girls are always on the same side as other girls, so dissing them won’t impress us.

12-Don’t Date If You Don’t Want Kids

What? That sounds completely ridiculous and yet it has happened. When it comes to a first date we recommend not talking about anything serious. First dates are meant to be light and fun. A guy once took a girl out and started talking to her about having kids. When he found out that she had no interest in having kids he stated, “Then why do you bother even dating? How can you reject what is biologically the reason you exist?” This is a boy’s response, while a man would understand that it’s a woman’s choice to have children or not, and it’s also her prerogative to see people without having to confess that on the first date.

11-He States That All His Exes Are Crazy

How many times have we heard this? You probably have dated a guy that said it or know a friend who dated a guy, that’s how common it is. If a guy says to you, “All my exes are crazy. Like, psychopaths-who-need-medication crazy,” you can bet he’s lying.

The crazy person in the relationship is usually the one who says everyone else is crazy.

If he states that all his exes are crazy, look for the common denominator, and kick that boy to the curb. Everyone has faults, but it’s not fair for a guy to blame every woman he’s ever dated for his dating downfall.

10-He Talks About His Ex The Whole Time

A guy who talks about his ex is clearly not over his ex. To behave that way during a date shows emotional immaturity as well. “It’s only natural that your ex may pop into conversation briefly when you are dating but try to consciously keep the amount you mention them to a minimum. Talking at length about the break-up may give them the impression that you haven’t moved on. Take an interest in the person you are dating and be present in the moment, rather than dwelling too much on the past,” Bloomfield suggests.

9-He Implies That You’re There To Serve Him

If you actually take a guy home with you or go to his house for a date, this could crop up.

And if you let a guy talk like you’re the servant in the house (or even a restaurant), you have more patience than we do.

Imagine you are sitting there having beers and a guy says to you, “Be a good little woman and go get us some beers.” So not cool. There are some men out there that think that women exist to service them and that’s a boy’s mentality, not a man’s mentality.

8-He Tells You That You Are Needy

How does one become needy on a first date? But apparently, this guy thought she was. Who seriously says this after a first date? Trust us, he’s doing you a favor if this is the best that he can come up with. One woman got told this from a boy-man: “I really feel like you are too needy to go out with again.” He’s going to tell you this after you had to endure one of the worst experiences of your dating career. You don’t want to have to date a guy like this in the first place.

7-He Asks You To Get Him Free Stuff

You would probably assume that this could never happen, but it does. “Me and my date are at the bar. He hands me a $20 bill and says, ‘Be a good little woman and go get us some beers.’ I ask, ‘You are sitting right next to the bar, can you get us some beers?'”

Her date, however, responded that it would be better if the lady ordered; he assumed she could flirt with the bartender and get them served more quickly.

It’s too bad that boys think that they can behave this way and that we will continue to date them.

6-He Asks To Connect On Social Media

After a first date, you usually want to exchange phone numbers and proceed to text each other cute messages. That is, if the date went well. But it’s super weird to have a guy ask to add you to social media after the day, especially if you haven’t committed to becoming Facebook friends or Snapchat buddies. Does he plan on stalking you after the date? It’s best to keep guys off your social media until you are actually an item. That way you don’t have to do the awkward blocking of them later on if things sour sooner rather than later.

5-He Suggests He Likes Weird Things

Oh boy! Fifty Shades of Grey here we come. If a guy is more interested in telling you about all his strange… ahem… interests on the first date than he is in getting to know you, he’s not grown enough to be dating.

A guy who cares more about whether you fit his ideals isn’t good date or boyfriend material, anyway.

If he’s fishing for info on what your personal preferences are when it comes to getting intimate, that’s not first date talk, and he should definitely know better than to open with such awkward talk.

4-He Talks About Personal Hygiene

Seriously, gross! When a guy starts talking body hair over dinner, it’s time to call it a night. A man would not have these conversations with a date. One girl went on a date and a guy asked her, “How do you feel about men with lots of hair? Everywhere?” We’re not even sure what a good response would be for a question like this. But we doubt that you will go out on another date with him or want to see him without his shirt. After all, quirks that pop up once you’re smitten with someone are way easier to deal with than a stranger trying to take his shirt off on a first date.

3-He Asks To Meet Your Kids

Any grown man would understand that meeting the kids is something that happens way in the future, not after a first date.

After all, you need to make sure the guy will be a serious part of your life before letting your kids get to know him.

It’s a little creepy anyways that he’s so anxious to meet them. If a guy is on a date with you and he asks you, “When can I meet your son?” it’s not a great sign. It’s bad enough trying to date as a single parent without having to deal with bad dates like this one.

2-He Comments About What You Are Eating

When a guy comments on what you are eating or drinking, it’s a way of making you feel like you are doing something wrong. “I ordered food and the guy said, dead serious, ‘Are you really going to order all that?'” one woman told MIC. “I think it was just an entree and I added a soup or something. Then, normal conversation. As food slowly arrived he would just stare and say, ‘I cannot believe you are going to eat all that!'” Similarly, if you order a salad or any other type of food, a guy should keep his mouth shut.

1-He Tells You That You Talk Too Much

Never date someone that says mean things to you. It’s definitely the way a boy would behave, not a man. One guy told a girl in the politest way possible that he didn’t like when she spoke.

Telling a girl she’s annoying when she talks is about the rudest thing that a guy could say to you on the first date or any date.

One guy said to his date, “Your face? Have you seen your own face? It’s beautiful. You ruin it every time you open your mouth.” Wow, that’s not only offensive, but also a complete date ruiner that will result in this boy not getting a second date with a gorgeous lady.



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