If Your Man Does These 16 Things You Found A Real One


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The concept of “a gentleman” has changed its meaning due to emancipation. Modern men are forced to combine things in a difficult manner: behave like a true gentleman and at the same time demonstrate respect for the equal rights of women. Many men are abandoning traditional “knight” gestures for fear of being misogynistic. The lack of successful male role models that could demonstrate how the real gentleman behaves is increasing. However, most modern women still value the gentleman’s gestures: sometimes unnoticed but always very important ways to show a woman that a man is attentive, polite, and has good manners. Today we want to tell you about the 16 signs that indicate the real man. Scroll down to learn the details.

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1. He is working to look better and better every day: he does sports, keeps a normal weight, clear skin and hair. Personal hygiene is very important in being a gentleman. The manicure is not just for women, and the good-looking nails are important to the person of any s**. 2. A true gentleman is a harmonious personality that combines a great variety of traits. He can be both cool and wise. A gentleman will always be able to combine work and personal life. 3. A real man laughs only when there is something absolutely ridiculous. 4. He doesn’t want to be your pen pal and he understands all your tricks. 5. These men definitely know what they want. If he likes you, he won’t be waiting long enough to invite you to dinner.

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6. If a woman is not interesting for him and he does not want to see her again, he will let her know very gently. He does this to ensure that she is not deceived and that she does not waste her time. 7. A real gentleman reads a lot of books and newspapers. He can be an excellent communicator for any conversation. He likes it when you take part in the debate and express your opinion. 8. We’ve all read classical romances about gallant men who open a door or give a coat to a lady. He’s not doing it because a woman is weak, but because he’s strong enough to take care of her comfort.

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9. Such a man knows how to sedu*e and will not imply to bed right away. In his opinion, it is much more interesting to get inside the mind and this is the real victory. 10. A real man will never play the role of a dog that always obeys his master’s orders. At the same time, he likes that you take care of him. 11. He’s never going to be your dad or the brave prince. Such a man wants to see an equal partner next to him who can solve the problems independently. 12. An independent woman that’s who he’s looking for. You have to love him not for money or other benefits, but for who he really is. 13. A real man has his hobbies and interests as well as his surroundings. He’ll be very happy if you share this with him. 14. He knows all his advantages and disadvantages because he wants to be honest with himself. That’s what he wants from others.

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15. Such a man will take care of you with pride, showing that he’s happy to be with you in a relationship. 16. Remember that he’s not a boy and wants to see a real woman next to him. You have to accompany and share all the problems with him.


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