I’m Slowly Learning What Love Actually Is


I’m slowly learning that love is unmeasurable. Love is universal because it’s the mother of all languages. Love is endless because it defeats distance. Love is timeless because it’s still. Love is beautiful because it’s in the eye of the beholder. Love is medicine because it heals. Love has no depth because it lives inside of us. I’m slowly learning that love is a gift because it’s hard to find.

I’m slowly learning that love is imperfect. Love stinks, love hurts, love gets hard at times. Love can be confusing, unclear and indecisive. Love can get out of reach, love can be challenging. Love changes, and love transforms. Love can be overwhelming, unpredictable, uncontrollable. Love can keep you up at night. Love can make you worry sick about someone. Love can drive you crazy, love can take you to dark places. I’m slowly learning that love can leave you messy, lost, hungry.

I’m slowly learning that love works differently for everyone. Some people fall in love at first sight, others fall in love after years of friendship. Some people start on a serious note like dating or being in a relationship, others go from fuck-buddies to lovers. Some people fall in love effortlessly, others fight it until they can’t deny it. Some people love forever, others love just for now. Some people love once, some people love multiple times. Some people run after love, others run away from it. I’m slowly learning that some people change for love and others change because of love.

I’m slowly learning that love is about balance. Love means that sometimes you stay. And other times you leave. Love means that there are times when you try harder and fight more. While, other times you just let go and have faith in what’s to come. Love means that there are situations when you need to speak-up, express who you are and make your voice be heard. And there are situations when silence is the right thing to do. Love means that you are strong but you get to be weak. Love means that you think before you act and you follow your heart fearlessly. Love means that you plan ahead and you lose yourself in the moment. Love means that you are the one and you are the heartbroken one. I’m slowly learning that love means that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

I’m slowly learning that love is huge. Love is unconditional. Love forgives. Love gives second chances. Love sees the best in you. Love doesn’t determine your worth based on your income because love knows you’rE worthy regardless. Love accepts you for who you are. Love doesn’t care about your gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, race, shape or size. Because love sees your uniqueness, love knows you are magical. Love is powerful because it can save the world. Love is powerful because it makes people stronger, kinder, happier. Love is powerful because it cannot be removed or stolen from someone.

I’m slowly learning that once you have love, you’ve got everything. 


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