Lipstick Colors For Each Zodiac Sign



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Most women are pretty vain and like to invest in beauty, do not they?

But did you know that the stars are strongly related to female vanity? That’s right, through the sign of the zodiac we can identify which colors combine more with each profile. The characteristics of each sign are very representative when it comes to makeup and dressing.

And what is the lipstick that most matches your sign? Thinking about it, we set up here a list with the color and style of lipstick that most matches the woman of each sign. Check it out and choose your favorite!


Aries women have a daring personality and like to stand out when it comes to makeup. Despite this pleasure for the highlight, they are usually not too abused and prefer to opt for colors related to pink tones.

Favorite colors: magenta and fuchsia are the favorite colors of native Aries.

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Taurus have great affinity for earthy colors and shades of velvety brown. This is due to the sensual and sophisticated air, well characteristic of the natives of this sign. They like to feel attractive, but without cheering.

Favorite colors: brown and chocolate tones, preferably matte or velvety.

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Gemini range from shades of beige to shades of gray. Discretion is the word when choosing lipstick. But in spite of this discreet air, they often like to dare with one or another novelty.

Favorite colors: Beige or grayish tones. These shades are usually found with the blending of more than one lipstick.

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Cancer are extremely sensitive and romantic, but when it comes to lipstick they like to dare and make a presence. His preference is for more killer and striking colors, but of course always with some discretion.

Favorite colors: wine tones are the darlings of those born in the cancer sign.

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The daring of the Leo is also present in the makeup. Because they always like to be the center of attention, they do not give up the good traditional vermilion. When it comes to lipstick, getting attention is part of the deal.

Favorite colors: the good and traditional red does not leave the nécessaire of the Leo.

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Virgo are minimalists. Classical and traditional, they prefer a climate of refinement when choosing the color. The variations of nude always attract much the attention and the taste of the natives of this sign.

Favorite colors: nude tones that convey sophistication.

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The Libra sign natives are very well-balanced women and this can easily be noticed by the time they are making up. The harmony between colors is essential for them. This provides a refined and gentle makeup.

Favorite colors: shades of pink and rose, preferably velvety.

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Scorpios are sensual and killer in nature, because of this they love colors that make them shine. The metallic tones are the favorites for transmitting, besides a mysterious air, a brilliance that make them stand out.

Favorite colors: Bronze is one of the darlings of the scorpion native.

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Always full of style, Sagittarians like to dare. The preference for dark tones is a characteristic present in the personality of most of the natives of this sign.

Favorite colors: a powerful purple is all Sagittarius look for when choosing the right lipstick.

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The natives of this sign do not give up the feeling of comfort. And when it comes to makeup, that’s even more important! Tones discreet but impactful are the favorites of Capricorns.

Favorite colors: wine tones and dark purple are the favorite of the Capricorn women.

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Aquarians prefer pastels and classic colors. Because they value more hair and other aspects of makeup, they often leave the lipstick color in the background.

Favorite colors: pink and beige, pastel shades and dull.

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Pisces sign natives are passionate about a daring mouth and often invest in novelties when it comes to color. But despite this innovative air, day by day, do not give up the classic.

Favorite colors: always daring with colors of the moment or using the good traditional coral.

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