Passion And Challenge: How Easily Does Each Zodiac Sign In A Relationship



Love, when true, presupposes trust. It presupposes faith in the power of your feelings, your own and your loved one’s, the absence of doubt, even if logic is the opposite. Love requires the ability to put aside one’s hurt selfishness (the worst advisor in all our affairs) and not lose confidence in the value of this relationship.

The moment we ask ourselves “Do I really love him / her?”, The moment we set our mind to judging the curtain of emotion that we think is clouding our judgment, we are no longer just talking about love, but about evaluating it relationship. Something that is certainly needed if we are to build a lasting and stable situation. It is simply good to recognize our own criteria beyond the grandiose love declarations.

What does love mean in dispute? How easily do zodiac signs dispute in a relationship?

The lack of questioning does not mean self-interest. It means that love has so much power that it insists on “nevertheless” (whatever the “these” are: frustration, fatigue, distractions …). It is a power that not everyone can easily find. A power that is often lost along with original passion, especially when it has not been able to translate into true love.

Who in the end are those who insist on their love and put aside the doubt? What zodiac signs can and do say “I love you anyway”?


Aries occasionally gets into questioning crises about his relationship, especially when the initial ignition of passion has elapsed. On the one hand they are possessed by zodiac signs and can easily feel threatened and, on the other hand, find it difficult to operate in any situation if they are not motivated by excitement. And his excitement is usually intense, but short-lived. However, Aries demonstrates commitment to her relationship and defends her militarily against any external danger, unless she can sabotage it at another stage … by herself. It is simple: if one is entitled to destroy the relationship for the sake of doubt, he will be exclusively himself and no one else.


Taurus gives himself a great deal of time until he settles for the kind and gravity of his relationship. In the meantime, he can constantly put it under the microscope of the dispute, even if on the outside he leaves the impression that he is quiet and content with his partner. But when he finally decides that he can build on that relationship, believe in it, he leaves no room for doubt. So much so that it can end up on the opposite end, that is to say, avoiding it, and probably should. It is perhaps also a refusal to be frustrated by the fact that he made a wrong assessment.


Gemini lives in a constant dispute, even of himself. So how could he not first throw the seed of doubt into a relationship? And even without waiting for the facts to come to him … But his doubts are as clear as the clouds in the sky. Come on, pretty much give it a shot. Then comes the cleansing and he is again okay in his relationship, confident in its value, durability and endurance, until its next “crisis”. Usually even the other half gets used to the situation and no longer cares.


With Cancer, there is often something paradoxical about love: the more he falls in love, the more his precious relationship ends. This is because his insecurities are directly proportional to his love. The fear of loss awakens within him, which sometimes causes him to act in a reactive way, prompting him to constantly look for vulnerabilities in his relationship, to find flaws and to lose all confidence in its solidity. So he begins to question his partner’s feelings at every opportunity and bring destruction to his imagination and, sometimes, to reality.


Leo has confidence that he… breaks bones and usually begins his relationship on the basis that he is not allowed to go wrong with it unless he has caused or desired it. So long as he is well with his mate and enjoys this relationship with pleasure, he finds no reason to question either its solidity or the other’s expressed feelings of love. Nor is it easily tempted by signs that something is wrong, as this would primarily be a blow to his own self-esteem. The happy conclusion of all this is that a satisfying Leo relationship has many chances of longevity.


The Virgo always wants to know where he stands and where he walks, so the analytical mechanism in his brain does not stop working for a moment. The bad thing is that too much analysis sometimes leads to dissolution, as doubts, doubts and over-rationalization begin. The worst thing about the delicate field of love. He does not easily trust the great words (he prefers the great works), nor the promises, the assurances, nor his favor, that – and well – he brought him the ideal love. So, even if the latter happens, he is capable of a lot of … perfectionism even spoiling the perfect one, for doubt.


For a zodiac sign that is synonymous with doubt, such as Libra, the field of love offers innumerable possibilities to get rid of this psycho-emotional feeling. Wanting to achieve the perfection of an earthly paradise in his relationship, he puts it on… in the scales and confronts it at every opportunity. He is prone to external influences and can easily be shaken for a thousand two reasons. Important or insignificant events, third party views, unfortunate coincidences, and insecurities of their own, ally in order not to find the coveted peace easily. But because it is deeply a kind soul, it gives the other plenty of relief and goes on with his relationship, overlooking the shocks.


Scorpio’s typical behavior in his love affair, with the jealousy and possessiveness he manifests, could be seen as a manifestation of insecurity if it were another sign. But not for Scorpio. He is likely to show that he constantly questions the stability of his relationship and the validity of the love expressed by his partner. But deep down he doesn’t believe it. His ability to perceive what is inside him, combined with his usually dynamic personality, leaves no room for real doubts. He knows who they are and what they have together. He simply plays, consciously or unconsciously, his own power play in the relationship.


The Sagittarius usually prefers to enjoy love (as long as it holds him) rather than get involved in introspection or weigh the weight and quality of situations. He does not question his relationship, simply because he is not bothered, one that has so many other interesting things to do in it. Although not a fan of his “believe and not research” fan, his erotic enthusiasm helps to overcome the blissful side of the relationship, and his optimistic nature does not allow him to slip into the limelight of doubt. It may just be a fine morning to wake up and reject it completely, for a bunch of unexpected or even unexplainable causes.


As Capricorn sees it as a major blow to cheating or making a failed emotional investment, he behaves in a rather suspicious way (and) with love. He will not unconditionally surrender his heart to each other’s hands unless he is convinced in all possible ways about the value of this relationship. It may leave an impression of unshakable stability, especially to third parties, but it is constantly on the alert to point out the weaknesses of its love and pass it through a thousand questioning sieves. However, this does not mean that any doubts will be expressed directly to the person concerned. Lets them get together … for a time of need.


With or without a doubt, the Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that hold an emotional “mistress” in all their relationships. He prefers not to bet too much on love for his overall happiness. But because he likes clear situations and because he needs to believe in the profound good nature of people and things, he chooses to see his relationship through an optimistic perspective. And even more so, if the man next to him does not give him the support to challenge him. So he prefers, instead of wasting his psychic reserves on the perverse doubts, to use them in more efficient pursuits, erotic or not.


By its very nature, Pisces has the capacity to live in love in all its fairy-tale dimensions and, as is well known, in fairy tales everything is only “good” or “bad”. In the first case, the words most likely for that sign, for a period of … uncertain duration, words such as “doubt” and “dispute” have simply been deleted from the dictionary. Whatever others show him, the facts, the downright reality, Pisces has his eyes and ears closed and adheres to the original quality he has given to his love. Thus, it can exhibit an unexpected stability in the relationship, even if it is known for its zodiac signs and mood swings.


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