Qualities That Make A Woman Incredibly Charming

  Being s**y is universal in most cases, especially for men. You do not have to be a genius to find out what men find attractive to women, but is there anything besides big bre*sts, wide hips and a nice bu*t? You will not believe it, but there are some non-se***l qualities that make a woman incredibly charming. Here are Features That Men Find Most Attractive In Women:

1. Eyes

It is widely known that eyes tell a lot about a person. Eyes are definitely the most attractive facial feature on women for men. Whether it’s the shape, the color, or just the way you look at it, a man is crazy for beautiful eyes and it’s the first thing he notices about a woman’s face.

2. Smile

The second most important facial feature is the smile of a woman. No one likes negative people, and if you do not smile enough, you will make the impression that you are not a very positive person. Show your teeth, wear a little red lipstick and he will definitely snap when he sees you.

3. Hair

Although men do not necessarily notice when you change your hair, they definitely love long, shiny, and full hair. If you play with your hair while you look at it, that can drastically change your opinion of you. Every man has his hair color preferences, so you can not generalize that, but one thing is certain – men are turned on by women with pretty hair.

4. Voice

Many men agree that they can only be turned on by the sound of a woman’s voice, especially a high timbre. Studies show that men associate high voice with youth and small, female bodies that they find charming.

5. Size

An attractive body can not be perfect without being tall, with legs that are in proportion to size. Tall women are considered more attractive but this can be a double-edged sword for men because of his instincts of being dominant in a relationship, so if a girl is taller than him or the same size, he may feel intimidated.

6. General attitude

Attitude and how women care are pretty important. It’s about how you give yourself, with self-confidence and a lot of self-esteem, which men like very much. This also includes the way a woman walks, not just walking, but how she enters a room somehow catches his eye. It’s about her charisma and a man can feel her presence without seeing her. If you take care of yourself, it also shows that you live well and consciously.


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