When it comes to astrology, it turns out there is a lot more to it than just knowing your basic zodiac sign. If you are anything like me, going deep into the mystical stars to figure out what the future holds is more than intriguing! From planets, transits, elements, sun, and moon signs, there is a lot that comes into play when it comes to our astrological houses. The complete zodiac wheel is made up of twelve different signs, houses, and ten planets. All of these individual factors work together to explain our personalities and behaviors. Your specific chart is determined by the signs, planets, and houses that were in the exact location at the time you were born. In fact, at the time of your birth, the sign that was rising in the east magically becomes your first house.

Each house governs a very specific aspect of our lives. However, the specific sign within that house acts as somewhat of a lens through which we all experience that certain aspect of our lives.

There are a wide array of tools available on the internet for you to view your complete natal chart and determine what house rules your love life. Once you have that down, check out this handy guide as to what it all means!

15 In The First House, You Can Tend To Build Walls Around Your Heart

In astrology, the first house is known as the house of the ascendant mask. While it governs your personality, it represents the masks that you wear when out in the world. In fact, if your sun sign just so happens to be your most real inner self, your ascendant is how others perceive you to be. When it comes to romantic relationships, the ascendant is the sharply focused, condensed version of your many layers that you will typically show during those first few dates with someone new. Before they get to know the true you, they encounter your masked self. Before you can ever honestly be your authentic self in a relationship, your ascendant mask does its work to showcase your best features to attract a potential partner!

14 In the Second House, You Seek A Relationship That Is Based On Similar Values

The second house is considered the home of resources. When it comes to your love life, this is the house that governs your possessions, money, and values. In fact, if you happen to be a Taurus, you understand the importance of values in romantic relationships because Taurus rules the second house. The house of resources keeps all the astrological assets in check. As a result, your self-esteem is governed by the bull, which is why most people tend to want to find their inner confidence whenever they go on a date with someone new or even when they have been with their partner for an extended period of time. At the end of the day, when it comes to the second house and our love lives, being in an emotionally stable relationship is something we all strive to achieve.

13 In The Magical Third House, Communication Is Key For Any Romantic Relationship To Last

The third house is ruled by Gemini. Within the magical third home, communication becomes an essential part of a romantic relationship. In fact, the third house is responsible for the conversations we have, how we understand things, the things we write, the things we read, and the various ways that we teach others about ourselves. As a result, this house is the one that rules our romantic relationships as well. When it comes to having a successful love life, everyone knows that communication is essential. Being in tune with your partner allows the connection to flourish and blossom naturally and organically. At the end of the day, all romantic relationships need a stable form of communication with both partners being open to listening and communicating with one another effectively for the romance to withstand the test of time.

12 In The Magnificent Fourth House, Home Is Where The Heart Is

The fourth house is also known as the house of the nadir. Within this magical house, ruled by Cancer, home, and family reign supreme. This translates well int your love life because making a family or finding a person that feels like home is always a telltale sign that you are looking for love. In fact, while the fourth house establishes the way in which you will create a home for yourself, it also governs the space you can build with your partner. Being open to new people is always important. It’s especially important to have space for new people in your humble abode. As a result, being mindful of creating a sanctuary that allows for others to help you build a life together is the only way to maintain a healthy romantic relationship!

11 In The Fifth House, Being Childlike Is Crucial For Any Relationship To Last

Since the fifth house is ruled by the fiery Leo, children are the focal point of this magical home. In fact, it’s not that this house rules how many children you will have, it actually caters to the childlike wonder that is needed for a romantic relationship to be able to withstand the test of time. Being able to have fun when it comes to love is critical if you want to find a partner that makes you happy. One of the more magical parts of being in a comfortable, romantic relationship is being able to experience new things with someone who you enjoy spending time with. Being able to bond with one another is necessary for a romantic relationship to last. At the end of the day, being in a relationship that brings you genuine pleasure and joy is something that the fifth house strives to achieve.

10 In The Sixth House, Relationships Need Both People To Care About The Well-Being Of Others, Instead Of Their Own

The sixth house is ruled by the altruistic Virgo. As a result, this is the house that governs community service and our attention towards others. Instead of focusing on the relationship with have with ourselves, it is this house that allows us to show compassion for our loved ones, especially our partners. In fact, the sixth house is the one that will enable us to show up fully for our partners and be their support system when they need it most. In times of strife or stress, having someone you can count on in a romantic relationship is the only way you know that what you have is solid. Therefore, when it comes to having a healthy romantic relationship, allowing your partner to care about your needs and vice versa is integral to the relationship as a whole.

Within The Beautiful Seventh House, Maintaining Intimacy Is Key

Ruled by the beautiful Libra, the seventh house is known as the house of the descendant. This is where your intimate partnerships reign supreme. In fact, the seventh home and your romantic life go hand in hand. This is where the fair Libra rules compromise in our romantic relationships. While compromise is necessary, having intimate moments is just as key to any healthy relationship. As a result, with Libra in the seventh house, striking equality and balance are a lot easier than we often make it out to be. Putting up a fight when it comes to compromise is a surefire way to end a romantic relationship before it even gets a chance to begin. Therefore, when it comes to your love life, allow the seventh house, and the spirit of the Libra to bring peace to your romantic relationships, no matter how hard it may appear at first, there is always a solution for the greater good!

The Illustrious Eighth House Will Provide You With Transformation In Your Romantic Relationships

With everything going on in our hectic and busy lives, it can be easy to forget the tiny gestures that keep a relationship ticking. In fact, this is where the eighth house comes into play. The eighth house in astrology governs those small gestures that keep us connected with our partners. For instance, one great way to deepen your romantic bond is to turn off your smartphone. If you happen to be the type of person that is always getting on to Facebook during dinner, then it is definitely time to unplug. Instead of avoiding an argument by flipping the phone on, take time to talk with your partner. Expressing your feelings and emotions is the only way to transform your romantic relationship for the better.

The Ninth House Will Have Romantic Relationships Go Through A Unique Journey To Help You Find The One

The magical ninth hose in astrology covers the higher mind. Also, the ninth house is involved with expansion, international, and long-distance travel. In fact, the ninth house is notorious for being the ruler of foreign languages, inspiration, and optimism. When it comes down to our romantic relationships, there is entirely nothing more important than the ninth house! Ruled by Sagittarius, this is the house that is on a mission to help you find the one. It may have some challenges. There will most definitely be lessons that you will need to learn. But once you learn them, the universe will bring the one to you. There will no longer be any worry or anxiety that you have to endure. Let all that go. And enjoy life with no regrets.

Love Under The Tenth House Is Sure To Be Uneventful

If you happen to be a Capricorn which is the sign that rules the tenth house, your love life is undoubtedly uneventful. In fact, the tenth house is at the very top and the most public throughout all the houses. It governs romantic boundaries that you set with your partner. As a result, if you place yourself as an authority figure in all your relationships, even romantic ones, you may push potential mates away because you end up closing your heart off to people that would want to get to know you better. It is this tenth house that allows you to have the passion you do about your career. At the end of the day, you may end up not focusing or caring about relationships as much as pursuing your career goals.

Within The Eleventh House, Your Love Life Is Sure To Blossom With Someone Who You’ve Been Friends With For Years

Are you looking for a romantic relationship to come to fruition? If you happen to be an Aquarius, you might just be in luck! The eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius which means it also rules friendships, groups, and society. In fact, when your love life falls into the hands of the eleventh house, you are definitely someone who ends up in romantic relationships that all your friends are envious of. While you are original, eccentric, and very unique, people are attracted to your surprisingly alluring personality. At the end of the day, being under the eleventh house is sure to bring you romance by the droves! Therefore, being an Aquarius lady or gent is something you should all celebrate because some are not as fortunate!

Under The Twelfth House, Your Love Life Will Unfortunately Go Through Some Troubles

Do you find that whenever the Pisces moon comes through, we find ourselves facing heartbreak or considering breaking our partner’s hearts? The complete constellation ends with the twelfth and final house. Being the ultimate house, it rules romantic relationship endings. In fact, governed by Pisces, the twelfth house causes strife in relationships and causes them to come to an end. Whether unexpectedly or not, our romantic relationship may sometimes need to run their course. As a result, when a romantic relationship has run its course, the twelfth house will force both partners to go their separate ways. Whether there was cheating or betrayal involved or if the passion or spark fizzled away, the ruling Pisces will be sure to change the relationship towards where it is meant to go.

Bonus Signs:

Aries People Will Stop At Nothing To Get Someone They’ve Had Their Eyes On, No Matter What It Takes

Are you a fun-loving Aries who can’t help but stop at nothing to get the person you want? Ardent, energetic Aries are extra passionate in their romantic relationships. In fact, they just don’t have the time for silly dating rules like waiting a certain number of days to call or letting the other person make the first move. Instead, Aries folks make their own rules according to whatever suits them at the moment Competitive by nature, they love to win, which explains why Aries people tend to get what they want in love. When they have an interest in someone, they go out of their way to pursue the object of their affection by the most direct route possible. As a result, Aries people are unapologetic about expressing their interest in someone and going after the person they desire.

Taurus People Are Known As Hopeless Romantics And Will Try And Make Love Happen With Almost Anyone

Do you happen to be a Taurus who can’t seem to find a stable and healthy relationship? Taurus people are unequivocally hopeless romantics that want to be in love at all times. They see the potential of love with virtually anyone they meet. In fact, beautiful Taurus people are proud of who they are and how they approach dating. As a result, they tend to fall for people quickly. Love, at first sight, is something every Taurus person knows all too well. However, falling for the wrong person is also something Taurus people know all too well. Instead of making the object of their desires their priority, focusing on themselves can usually be an excellent way for Taurus individuals to get over their love goggles and focu on the actual person that is in front of them!

Gemini People Are Creative Souls Who Have A Natural Ability To Communicate Their Feelings To A Partner No Matter How Difficult

Chatting up someone new at the bar is super easy for any Gemini individual. In fact, Gemini people are notorious for being witty and marvelous conversationalists. It’s no wonder that they are some of the most attractive people in astrology. Being a natural-born storyteller, Gemini folks are captivating and have the incredible ability to communicate with anyone, including their romantic partners effectively. Without hesitation, Gemini people are unafraid to show their emotions to their significant others. Being massive flirts, Gemini people have an excellent way of making anyone feel like they are number one in their lives. With an incredible sense of humor and a unique way of making everyone and anyone laugh, Gemini people are multi-faceted creatures that are extremely attractive to most others within astrology!


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