The 12 Zodiac Sign Pairs With The Most Complicated Relationships



You want to know if your star signs match? Here are the zodiac couples struggling with the most complicated relationships.

Nothing is ever easy for you two.

If you have been in a long-distance relationship or in a relationship with multiple separations and reunions, you know the complexity of relationships. If you’ve ever had a relationship, seen a movie, or read a book, you know how complicated relationships are with another person.

Relationships are complicated – so why try to maintain a particularly problematic one?

Sometimes there is nothing left but to draw a line and leave things behind. But sometimes, for some reason (perhaps out of sheer stubbornness), we cling to a relationship and want to work on it, even if it brings us frustration, anger, and tears.

Is it a matter of pride? Maybe because we feel that most people will give up such a complicated relationship as ours, but we ourselves will rescue them, even if it’s the last thing we do?

No matter how much you wish the relationship to be a healthy and successful one – sometimes that just is not possible and all your constant repair work just makes it worse.

Giving up a relationship does not mean that you are lazy or weak – you act smart and practical. Sometimes the heart does not want to hear what the mind has to say, even though it is clear to everyone that this relationship can not last.

Some relationships are simply doomed to fail before they even begin, others turn out to be more than challenging.

When external factors such as children or a common business play a role, and ending the relationship involves more people than just the two, it is worth trying to work on and overcome the problems.

But is it wise to enter into a relationship when it is foreseeable that it will become complicated and more and more difficult over time? If we can avoid a relationship with endless, unsolvable problems, it may be best not to get involved in it first.

Astrology can tell us everything about star sign compatibility and which zodiac signs lead to the most complicated relationships.

12 zodiac couples who have the most complicated relationships:

1. Aries & Virgo

First, let’s talk about what these two would do to each other. These two signs are completely opposite and opposites attract.

The Virgin would admire the self-confidence of Aries and his uncompromising assertiveness. The ram would find the brilliant spirit of the Virgin very appealing and her ability to solve any problem.

However, Aries’ tendency to take risks and not take all aspects into account before acting would drive the ever-grieving virgin insane.

Should the ram get into a harsh mood and be harsh with the maiden, that could end everything between them.

When a fire sign (Aries) and an earth sign (Virgo) come together, it is difficult for both to understand the behavior and attitude of the other.

2. Taurus & Scorpio

The sensuality of the bull and the s**uality of the scorpion would go well together.

Both are passionate, restrained with their confidence and can be extremely jealous – which would form the core of their problems. The bull will not understand the jealous behavior of Scorpio and his need for revenge.

These two signs would definitely drive one another into a dead end, as none of them give in. A relationship might work if it’s restricted to the bedroom; but outside of that there is too much danger that one of them will hurt the other.

3. Gemini & Aquarius

In some ways, these two fit together perfectly – they are both free spirits who love conversation and are very intellectually gifted.

Both love men, but twins are better at socializing for the sake of companionship; they need no reason or agenda, whereas Aquarius would prefer that the social event goes hand in hand with a fundraiser for a good cause.

Gemini are more adaptable than Aquarius and can express their feelings better. Aquarius would prefer that no one express their feelings, which will not suit the twins.

How much fun is love or happiness because if you can not talk about it?

Twins are known for their inconsistency, Aquarius for their unpredictability, and sometimes these two qualities are not compatible – but sometimes they are.

4. Cancer & Pisces

Both crabs and fish are creative, caring and sensitive people, but the cancer may tend to become emotionally bring too much what fish can not quite understand.

Also, Cancer is fully aware of how each of its relationships has influenced and made it the person it is today; However, he has the impression that fish not only do not remember the past, but never seem to learn from their mistakes.

These two are great partners in the creative sense and work well together in artistic projects such as art installations, theater productions and readings, but everyday relationship work can be challenging for them.

5. Leo & Sagittarius

These two characters know how to have fun and how to make a great first impression. Sagittarius usually manage this with their fantastic sense of humor and lions with their star appeal.

The problem is that the lion desperately needs someone to give him the limelight and the shooter is not good at being just a pretty appendage.

If the lion loses control, becomes condescending or tries to patronize, the shooter will not stay or use all his energy and talents to help the lion feel better.

However, these two are fearless and enjoy themselves so much that they fit well together as friends (or well as friends with certain merits), but a long-term romantic relationship would be complicated.

6. Virgo & Aquarius

Virgins care about what other people think about them, but not about Aquarius. Virgins are known to be balanced and dependable and to tend to rely on tried and tested methods they have already tried.

The Aquarius prefers to be inventive and is extremely curious about the new and the untried.

Virgins often find Aquarius frustrating because he is too flighty and reckless. However, they also wish a little to be as free as Aquarius and admire him for it.

Virgins like to be near Aquarius because they know that they often have to be reminded of the possibilities that this has to offer.

7. Libra & Pisces

Scales and fish are truly gracious, caring and sometimes gentle people. Scales admire fish very much and love to spend time with them.

Both signs can be very romantic and tend to idealize love – when both partners head in the clouds, it becomes difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

If one or the other shows how real he is, he may fall from his pedestal in the eyes of the other.

These star signs are perfect for a romantic movie or novel, but with luck to the end of their days, so have their difficulties. As for romance, they are perfect for a summer flirt, but everything long-term will require work.

8. Scorpio & Leo

Here we have a power couple that has been made for eternity. Both signs are dynamic, passionate and proud. They are considered by others as leaders and role models.

The scorpion appreciates honesty and passion above all, lions have no such close relationship to the truth. If they have to fib a bit to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings or to look better, that’s just the way it is.

The scorpion may become jealous and may not understand that the lion’s intention in flirting is not to seduce the other but to pull him into orbit.

These two signs tend to dominate their relationships, which can lead to complications when both enter into a dominance contest.

9. Sagittarius & Libra

The shooter is a wonderful party guest because he is so outgoing and friendly; Scales feel attracted to it.

Sagittarians, like scales, tend to avoid conflict, but their solution to dealing with an uncomfortable situation is often simply to put some distance between themselves and the problem.

The shooter is extremely independent, which may disturb the scale that hates aloneness. Gunners can be quite direct and do not have the diplomatic skills of Libra.

Scales are too undecided and shooters too unreliable for a relationship between the two to be permanent.

10. Capricorn & Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer have a lot in common – both value their friends and family, both need a cozy place to consider as their home and both are very reliable.

Capricorn is less emotional than the cancer, but always ready to support the cancer with a strong shoulder through any emotional turmoil that it undergoes.

The cancer can be emotionally needy, which does not matter to the Capricorn, as long as he is not required to be as open with his emotions as the cancer.

Capricorns are usually more restrained than crabs, which tend to carry their hearts on the tongue. As long as the two create a balanced give and take in the partnership, a relationship is feasible (though not without challenges).

11. Aquarius & Sagittarius

This is where two zodiac signs meet, who love to travel, meet new people and do not need a travel companion to have fun. Both appreciate their own independent nature as well as that of their partner.

However, difficulties could arise from the fact that shooters can end up being extremely egocentric – especially when it comes to the selfless need of Aquarius to help other people.

These two seem to go out together, but eventually they drift off in completely different directions and eventually end up in two very different places.

12. Pisces & Capricorn

Fish like to spend time dreaming and thinking, while ibexes are far too pragmatic. Fish tend to be occluded, mysterious, and sometimes even furtive, which may not be as good on Capricorn.

Fish are easier to influence than ibex; For the relationship to work, Capricorn should not use it against the fish.

If in doubt, fish will always choose somebody’s benefit, while Capricorn needs proof that a change has taken place.

Fish are much more confident than Capricorn and have a very different view of life and the world, which can generally lead to complications in relationships, but especially between fish and Capricorn.


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