The 5 Most Jealous Horoscope Signs That Do Not Let Partners Breathe Calmly

At the beginning of a relationship, couples do not get fed up with each other. Meetings every evening, strolling through town, hugging in bed. But over time, the stresses of everyday life and other people around you begin to overwhelm this perfect harmony. According to an astrology expert, some signs of the zodiac are more likely to be jealousy partners, so if you are coming up with one of the signs in the list below, pay attention to its uncertainty.


Crabs can be just as jealous as other water signs (fish and scorpions), they just don’t show up right away. To begin with, they seek security in a relationship as they are sensitive, delicate, home-grown like crabs hiding under a shell. If your partner is a crab, there is a need for some encouragement to open up with you about how he or she feels, so be sure to give them the space to do so. Make sure you also give them attention and dedication, otherwise they will feel vulnerable to you.


According to renowned astrologer Drew Allen, the Lion is a very faithful sign of love and needs to know that his partner is just as loyal. Since attention and praise are important to lions, it is easy for them to become jealous, and they can even become ‘cruel’ if their partner distances themselves from romantic gestures and attention. If their partner praises someone else, they feel worse. Make sure you surround a lion with love, so he will not feel neglected in a relationship.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. Not only are they critical of others, they are also themselves. This constant analysis can lead to jealousy and possessiveness when it comes to romantic relationships. Just when they imagine a lack of loyalty can become paranoid. If your partner belongs to this sign, ask them not to analyze everything that happens. The best way to tell a Virgin you love is to affirm your love, make meaningful actions, and always find specific ways to serve your love.


Some firefighters like independence in a romantic relationship, even wanting to have the space to grow individually. But scorpions are not one of them. They are known as the most possessive and jealous signs of the zodiac. Scorpio is an emotionally examinative sign, prone to passion. Such behavior gives this sign of uncertainty. To help your scorpion partner be more secure in a relationship, often show how dedicated you are to him.


Fish are the masters of escape, perhaps because they need a period of rest to absorb other people’s emotions around them. While fish are so emotionally attached, they can be jealous of relationships, especially when they perceive a threatening situation. You have to be direct and honest with them in order to give them security. Quality communication and time are also essential. They have a keen intuition to sense dishonesty.


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