The 5 Most Sticky Zodiac Signs

  Everyone has a different way of dealing with things that happen in their life and of course that could not help but influence the way they react to love, right? While we see those more liberal people who enjoy having their space respected, even when they are in a relationship, we also see those who are a total stick! As you are already tired of listening, our sign has a great influence on how we deal with the world and the people around us. So, it has a strong connection even to the loving aspect of our life, and can give us hints as to how a certain person acts within a relationship: does he or she love to be touching the partner, or would rather be more discreet ? These are important questions and it is interesting to know that before you head into the relationship! So if you want to know a little bit more about that crush that you’re in the mood to put everything on the scale and see if your personality and the way they really relate match, we can help you! Find out which are the five signs that are a real chewing gum! – Cancer  Everyone knows that Cancers are sentimental. They are not afraid to show what they feel, and for this reason, they love to be close to their loved one and to sleep in the shell. Romantic eternal love to make gestures that show their love, but usually respect their will and only do something public if they know that you will not care. – Leo Although they are also very sticky, Leos prefer to receive caresses instead of donating. Vain, they love public acts that catch the eye of everyone who passes by, and so do not refuse kisses in the middle of the day. Dating with a leonine is much like having a cat: they are the ones who send them, but they are the ones who receive all the affection.
  • Taurus
Possessive and jealous, Taurus love to show their love publicly. Any time is time to kiss, and they do not care what people can talk about you. They are also very attentive and are always making little surprises day by day, even if it is no special date. – Scorpio  Scorpions love very intensely from the beginning of the relationship. They go out of their way to seduce you, and when you realize it, you are already completely involved with your partner. Although they are very romantic and loving companions, they also have a desire for control. So it is important to be attentive and always talk about the relationship so it does not become abusive and manipulative!
  • Pisces
If you are interested in a Pisces, it is good to have a lot of patience to deal with them! Dependent and insecure, they love to hug each other and do everything together. Afraid of being rejected and abandoned, they always need a lot of attention and care. Although we always have those signs that do not care to show their love, we also have those who prefer to live in a more quiet and discreet way – and that kind of relationship should also be appreciated! Check out! – Aries  Although they love to hug and kiss their partners, the Aries are very independent people. So they do not like hanging on someone’s neck for long. They need your personal space!
  • Gemini
Always communicative, Geminis often prefer to have that deep conversation that is dragging on various subjects than caressing without saying much. But calm down! This does not mean that this sign does not like a fondness. Watching serials and movies on your beloved’s lap, for example, is something they love to do! Virgo  Pragmatic and rational, Virgos are considered colder. That is to say, they are not much to be demonstrating their feelings in public. Between four walls, the story is different: they are extremely affectionate and do everything for your partner to feel good. – Libra Honesty is very important to the Libra. Therefore, they often exchange that endless chatter to talk and exchange confessions with their partner, since they love to be always learning more about the person they love. – Sagittarius  Swapping caresses, kissing and embracing: Sagittarius loves doing all this and more! But he likes to do it in his time, that is, he does not like being pressed or having someone always on his feet. It is important to give space to this sign and understand its need for personal space. – Capricorn  Do not worry if the Capricorn does not show much affection in public. That’s his way! Instead of showing the world how good your relationship is, he prefers to do it just for you, between four walls. There, he is always extremely affectionate! – Aquarius  The Aquarian is always ready to take that long-running chat, but it seems to have lasted only a few minutes. In addition, they love to sit quietly in the house, hugging while watching a movie or even read a book together. It does not take much contact or caresses to satisfy you: just being in your company is enough.


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