Much is said about beauty. We find various articles and videos discussing patterns or giving makeup tips or straightening hair. In the same way, more and more we find the styles that serve us the most, those that connect with our essence and makes us feel the self-esteem up there. Therefore, just as the signs determine important traits of our personality, they can also help us to know the beauty products that match us most. So we separate a list for you and in case you know your ascendant is worth taking a look too, because so you combine the tips and rocks in the choice.


Impulsive and impatient, Aries like simple, practical things. For this reason, the idea is to use products that can make things easier and still make them leave the house wonderfully. So, bet on a BB Cream. It is also interesting to wear a red lipstick, since its ruler is Mars, and a stylus eyeliner, which is practical and leaves the look very striking.


This time it has nothing to do with food or sleep. When we talk about beauty, Taurus are powerful and sensual, as well as cherishing comfort and good quality. That’s why remarkable perfumes match your personality.


Gemini have a lot of creativity as well as an immense capacity for mutation, that is, they have the facility to transform themselves. For this reason, nothing better than having many palettes of shadows, with various colors, so they can let go of the imagination and stand out!


Oh, our cancer motives. They tend to be romantic and so make has to match that personality, does not it? For this reason, the right products for the person of this sign are: blushes, to leave the apples rosy, a lip gloss and mascara to make the look very noticeable. Just can not forget that the mascara needs to be waterproof and we do not need to explain why, right?


The leo like to stand out and love to get the looks of everyone around. Therefore, nothing better than bet on illuminates and also in shades shining with golden tones.


For the Virgo everything has to be in the right place and well symmetrical. Therefore, to ensure a uniform beauty, bet on correctives and contours. However, do not forget the makeup fixative, which is so that nothing gets out of the same place.


Libra are known for indecision and the difficulty of focusing on something for a long time, right? Right! However, they are also very vain and do not dress up in ten minutes. So it’s important that Libra make wild jokes like nude lipsticks and a palette of shade with few colors, so you do not waste a lot of time deciding what to go through.


Passionate and seductive, the Scorpio combine with a strong make and show what he came to. For this reason, they should bet on a striking look, worked on the eyeliner and mascara, but also a red lipstick to give the finishing touch.


Sagittarius are fun, humorous and love innovations. So it’s worth betting on glitter and glitter! Try using illuminators, colored shadows, and also lipsticks of different colors.


Determined and courageous, Capricornians are those who, when they decide something, simply do! In addition, they are also arrived at wealth, right? Hence, the beauty products that most match with them are makes as a contour kit, to leave the face well of rich. Still, they can also try to make a very striking eye with a faded black.


Aquarius already like to be freer and do not like too many routines that trap them. However, they are also a bit “rebellious” and when they decide to use make, they use it to express themselves. Therefore, the aquarius must invest in metallic and colored shadows, in addition to strong and flashy lipsticks.


Meek and sensitive, the Pisces are gentle and express it with ease. For this reason, their beauty products should be more eye-catching like an eyebrow kit and mascara, so they make their looks even more passionate.

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