The Biggest Slip-Ups He Makes: 20 Things That’ll Have Her Ditch Him

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Being in a relationship is amazing, but it can be plenty of work too. Lots of gals give their guys a hard time when it comes to keeping things going strong. While the ladies often think they’re always right, they may put pressure on their man to always be on his A-game. From picking on their partner to nagging them nonstop, the females find fault more often than their fellas find reasonable.

But guys, you want to make your honey happy, right? So, you’ve got to keep at it and never slip up. Or at least don’t let her know you’ve done something she wouldn’t be too pleased with. You love her, so step it up and try not to stumble. It’s going to be a battle, but if you show her you can meet her (possibly unreasonable) expectations, you may just have a mate for life, if that’s what your aiming for, anyway.

Here are 20 things that a lady may ditch her man over. Some seem petty, some are more profound, but no matter the slip up, your gal won’t be happy if you blow it. Read up so you don’t slip up. Practice makes perfect, so perhaps she’ll give you a second (or third) chance if you don’t get it right the first time around. Good luck!

20-He Calls His Girlfriend By His Ex’s Name

If a guy accidentally calls his girlfriend by another name, he may as well pack his bags and hit the road. It’s bad enough to do it mid-conversation, but if this happens while they’re in the sack, a girl may go berserk. The guy is sure to be embarrassed and feel like a jerk, but his girlfriend will make him feel even worse when she starts shouting, pouting, and doubting his commitment to her. Guys, no matter what you call your girl, never let it be your ex’s name. Erase that name from your vocabulary if need be. Your gal rather be called your mother’s name (which could be equally awkward), but at least she won’t kick you to the curb over the mix-up.

19-He Forgets Her Birthday

Happy birthday to who? If a guy forgets his gal’s birthday, she will never let it go. Because if he forgot the birthday itself, you can be sure he didn’t plan a nice dinner out, buy a gift, or even get a card for that matter. The whole day will be screwed and the guy will pay the price, likely till her next birthday rolls around. And he’d better believe that he’ll have to go over the top to make up for his unfortunate forgetfulness. That is if she keeps him around another year. If you forget your babe’s birthday, come up with an excuse immediately. And it better be a good one. Otherwise she’ll be blowing out her candles with a new boyfriend before you can bake a too-little-too-late cake.

18-He Forgets Their Anniversary

Like forgetting her birthday, blanking out on an anniversary is the kiss of death. Romance will be ruined and he can forget about any celebratory “hanky panky” that evening. This day is super special to most gals, be it the anniversary of the day they met, their one-year mark, or a wedding anniversary. Heck, the guy better remember all of these milestones because his gal will test him. Guys, if you forget your anniversary, you are going to have to grovel. Especially if she got you a gift and you have no clue why.

Write it down, set a reminder, tattoo it on your forearm. Whatever it takes so you never forget this date, do it.

Or else there will be no more anniversaries to celebrate.

17-He Doesn’t Respond To Her Texts

Many girls text excessively. They know it, and the guys they’re with are on the receiving end of endless texts, most unnecessary and always popping up too frequently. She doesn’t care if you are inundated with her texts. She wants a reply, and the sooner the better. There is nothing more pressing than texting her back, even if all she sent was an emoji. You could be at work — doesn’t matter. On the toilet — too bad. In today’s hi-tech world, immediate responses are expected. Have your phone on you at all times. Create a special sound for her texts only. If you don’t have the time to write back, at least send a quick “I love you” to keep her at bay. Otherwise she may find a new fella with quicker thumbs.

16-He Won’t Update His Facebook Status To “In A Relationship”

When a guy and a gal decide they’re “official,” the first thing they do is update their social media status from “single” to “in a relationship.” In today’s social media-obsessed society, a relationship is only “real” if it is clearly defined and declared on Facebook or wherever else such a status change can be submitted and seen. Now if she changes her status and her man doesn’t do the same, they may quickly go from “in a relationship” to “in a fight.” Guys, if you’re calling her your girlfriend, then change the darn Facebook status. It’s today’s equivalent of giving her your letter jacket. If you even know what that is.

15-He Gets Too Wild When He’s Out With The Guys

Guys love when it’s “boys’ night” and they can let loose, grab some beers at the bar, and do their thing. No ladies means lots of masculine energy, no worries about tending to the gals’ needs, and they can relax and recharge. It’s not that they don’t dig their significant others, but sometimes a night out with the guys is much-needed. If you enjoy a guys’ night out every now and then but come stumbling in the house wreaking of booze at 3 AM, your gal is not going to have it. And the worse your condition, the worse her wrath will be come morning. Do it again and she’ll ditch you. Go out, have fun, but be responsible and respectful. Your girl will be glad and your hangover will be half as miserable.

14-He Never Compliments Her

Ladies do a lot to look their best. From picking out the perfect outfit to getting that weekly manicure, she does it up not only for herself, but so her man will marvel at her magnificence. She spends time doing her hair and makeup, shaves herself till silky smooth, and always smells like she’s fresh out of the shower. Do you notice? Perhaps, but if you don’t pay her a compliment, she’ll think you could care less or are taking her for granted. Say something, anything to let her know she’s foxy. Even if you’re not sure why she spends so much time getting dolled up when you think she looks great in a ponytail and her PJs, just throw her a bone. “You look beautiful” works every time.

13-He Doesn’t Do Any Chores Around The House

If a couple lives together, they better work out the chore routine and responsibilities. Unless a gal says she’ll handle it all, she expects the duties to be divided, from doing the dishes to loading the laundry. Guys, if you get too comfortable with your smelly socks on the floor and the trash overflowing, you may as well get comfortable with the fact that you may be living alone soon. Do nothing and you’ll get nothing. Your girlfriend isn’t your housekeeper, so keep up your end of the bargain.

There’s nothing more annoying than a guy sitting on the sofa while his gal is tidying up what’s mostly his mess.

“Mr. Clean” always puts a sparkle in her eye.

12-His Flirty Personality

Some fellas have a naturally flirtatious personality, which is cute, till it’s a cause for concern. If you have a girlfriend (or a wife), you’ll need to curb your charm around other women. Be friendly and cordial, but forget anything that can be taken as even mildly flirtatious. Even the most confident woman can become insecure when she sees her man making eyes at another gal. Even if you have no intention of going any further than a little harmless conversation, your gal may be conjuring up scenarios in her mind that will drive her nuts. Flirting can be fun, but when it becomes a sore spot for your sweetie, your charisma will never come out on top.

11-He Doesn’t Trust Her

Guys can be jealous. They may be overprotective or overbearing, but if a man doesn’t trust his woman, it’s a problem. Especially when there is absolutely no reason he shouldn’t trust her. When a gal has been open, honest, and faithful throughout the relationship and her guy still doesn’t trust her, she’s going to dump him for a man who’s more secure and stable. Going through your gal’s phone or computer, following her to work, or talking to her friends behind her back for information is borderline stalker behavior. If you can’t trust the woman you’re with, find one you can.

10-He Doesn’t Care About His Appearance

Once a couple has been together for some time, they get more comfortable around one another. That’s natural and expected. But once a guy totally gives up and lets himself go, his gal may let him go as well. Guys, show your girl you still give a hoot about looking at least semi-foxy. Put on a clean shirt. Splash on some aftershave. Toss those boxers with the holes in them and buy a fresh pair. If your hair is greasy, give it a rinse. Clip your toenails and don’t forget to floss. It doesn’t take much to look presentable. And a little goes a long way.

9-He’s Always Broke

When a guy stops paying for anything and can’t make the rent, something’s not right. It’s one thing if a guy gets laid off and has some financial issues for a period, but if he is consistently broke, he may be mooching off his main squeeze. Nobody’s saying the guy needs to pay for everything, but if he’s always “forgetting his wallet” or borrows money constantly without paying her back, a woman should see this as a bright red flag. Unless she decided she’ll pay for everything, money matters may be the reason she stops seeing him. Guys, save up and save your relationship.

8-He Doesn’t Get Along With Her Family

If a woman loves her family and her guy can’t stand them, their relationship is doomed. A “daddy’s girl” will never choose her fella over her father. This type of woman needs to be with a man who loves her family as much as she does. After all, she’ll likely be spending lots of time with them and if the guy wants to see her, he’ll have to put up with her parents and siblings too. Give her family a chance to grow on you if you think they’re not what you’d hoped they’d be. Not everyone’s family is “Brady Bunch” material, but as long as they’re not like the Adams Family, there’s hope for harmony.

7-He’s Rude

A person can (and should) be judged by how they treat others. If a couple is out at a restaurant and the guy is rude to the waitstaff for no reason whatsoever, this is a sure sign he’ll be a jerk in other departments as well. Treating waiters as though they are not worthy of consideration is not cool, not ever. A woman may leave her man before the appetizers arrive if she witnesses this sort of bad behavior. Guys, if you aren’t appreciative of people who serve you, who do you treat well? You are no better than the busboy and no smarter than the server. Show your woman you have the decency to treat everyone as equals or else your next reservation will be for a party of one.

6-He Never Wants To Get Married

If a couple has been together for a long time, the subject of marriage is sure to come up. If the woman is intent on getting hitched one day and her guy would rather be a bachelor for life, this is not going to end in “for better.” If you’ve devoted many years to a woman and had her thinking there would one day be a ring on her finger, you better get it or forget it. We all know the Beyoncé song, so “put a ring on it” or put an end to the relationship. If you both understand marriage will never be part of your future, that’s fine, but if she wants to walk down the aisle one day, she will, and you won’t be the one removing her garter belt.

5-He Doesn’t Support Her Career

Any woman who cares about her career expects to be with a guy who is supportive and admires her work ethic. If a lady puts in the time and effort to advance her career and does a great job at it, she feels empowered and important. But if her man doesn’t support her hard work and dedication, she may put her 9-to-5 before her guy. If you don’t back your woman’s career goals and only care about what you do daily, it’s time for her to find a man who is proud of her passion for her profession. While she’s out working, you can work on being a better boyfriend.

4-He Used To Date Her Friend

Ugh. If a gal finds out her man used to date her friend, this could be a deal-breaker. If you once went out with your current cutie’s bestie, you’d better fess up before she finds out herself. Perhaps she can get past the fact that you and her pal used to be passionate, but she needs to know all the facts before moving forward. But when you dish the details, she may not be able to date you any longer. Even if her friend is okay with it, she may always picture you with her friend and it will drive her mad. Gals stick together, so find a new sea to fish in. Friendships before fellas.

3-He Gets In Trouble A Lot

When a man lands himself in hot water, he may also find his belongings on the curb when you find out. Not too many gals want to date a mischief-maker, so be an upstanding member of society and stay out of trouble. If the relationship is new, there is little chance a gal will make her first experience a conjugal visit. And if the couple has been together for a while, bad behavior can cause a significant shift in how they move forward in the future. Perhaps a woman can handle a minor misdemeanor, but if you’re a big-time trouble-maker, consider yourself single again.

2-He’s A Total “Mama’s Boy”

It’s nice when a man appreciates his mother. Showing mom kindness and consideration is sweet, and lots of ladies love to see their guy gush over the woman who raised him. But when a man is too much of a “mama’s boy,” what could have been touching becomes a turn-off. If you’re the type of guy who calls his mommy at the first sign of a runny nose, you will not impress the girl of your dreams. As soon as she realizes your mom is always around and treats you like a toddler, she will find a new guy with the proper portion of motherly love.

1-He Has Terrible Manners

Good etiquette is an important part of being a sophisticated gentleman. If you dine with your elbows on the table, slurp your soup, and chew with your mouth open, your woman is not going to find this acceptable. If you want to go out in public with your gal, you’ll need to have more class than a chimpanzee. When you have no table manners and being seen with you causes your lady embarrassment, she’d rather dine alone than deal with the disapproving stares and glares. Take a class or watch a YouTube video and brush up on your skills for suppertime. Your lady will keep you around longer when you’re not picking food off her plate.


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