The First Love Of Childhood That People Never Forget, Is it True

  If the statement “the first love we never forget” is right, is some kind of rule, I, for a change, do not follow. And it’s not that I want to be a different person, not at all. I’m quite normal. With a little sugar and drama in measures (bigger and more intense), I confess … But other than that, I’m a very normal person. No better, no worse than anyone. These days I even asked one friend and another about this first love. And if I say such first love is because I think I do not know. They say it’s that college sweetheart, you walk hand in hand down the hallway or that stallion in the room you love and do not care about. Such a first love can be reciprocated (or not). Perhaps the first love may be the neighbor of the door, of the window, of the balcony. That you go in the house play video game, drink orange juice, eat chocolate pesky. Maybe the first love is the colleague of the chrism. That was even more beautiful with a social outfit and hair gel. Hence, you are super happy that your parents make you take pictures together and hand in hand. Maybe first love is that guy you know in the ballad. Which conquers you with smiles, dances and a kiss to lose your breath. He makes that night unique and makes you feel the most beautiful girl in that place. Little did he know that you had never kissed in the mouth. If it was not the first love, it sure was the first kiss. Maybe your first love was the one you kissed in the game of truth or challenge, in hide and seek, in the catch, in my cat or even in me did not die. But, maybe you have not had a first love as they say out there. The one who made his hands sweat, his stomach bubble like butterflies, his legs tremble and his heart want to come out of his mouth. If you had lived that, you’d remember, would not you? Yes No Maybe. Who knows. My view on first love is a bit more complex and probably more comprehensive. Why the hell can not I see things like everyone else? I understand as first love, when from the bottom of your heart the desire to say “I love you” is born. When you think of a person 24 hours a day and do not forget it even in dreams. When you stop doing some things for yourself and start doing for the other. When the happiness of the other person is their happiness and their sadness is their sadness. When that person has defects that you would not accept in anyone, but that in it, they seem to be minor. Either the defect was not that big or the love is big enough to accept living with it. When a person takes you from heaven to hell, from coffee to sugar and makes your relationship the best of the best in the world to be intense. Perhaps the first love is not necessarily that of childhood, which we never forget. Maybe the first love is the one you feel, live and know deep down in the chest that love is not from the fairy tale, the Nicholas Sparks novels or any novel. First love is to be afraid of losing, to want to be around, to like touch, to have chemistry. It is talking all the time, being silent and then rearranging the subject again. It is to be best friend, accomplice, lover. First love is to miss the size of the sea and feel love the size of the world. It is sometimes blind, deaf and dumb. And the next moment, see, hear and speak. First love is what I live and feel. Now it makes no sense, it once makes all sense. Perhaps for you the concept of first love will continue to be different, but for me love is this, what I feel, live and I keep here on the left side of the chest.


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