The Food Recommendations For Each Zodiac Sign


Astrology can also be useful when you decide to go on a diet, in fact it reveals the foods that are assimilated and digested better by the various zodiac signs.


We are in spring and our body feels the need to detoxify. All of us, thinking of summer and holidays, want to be fit, more beautiful, without too many fat pads.
The need for a diet is triggered and everyone has a new one ready to adopt. So why not also use astrology that recommends the most suitable foods for us , those that our body assimilates best?
Before moving on to advice for the various zodiac signs, we also take into account the important effect of the Moon on our metabolism.
The basic rule is that with the crescent moon there is more fluid retention and it is less easy to lose weight because fats and sugars are more quickly assimilated. This period is good for those who want to put on a few pounds but those who want to lose it must pay more attention.
During the phases of the waning Moon it is better digested and less fat. On the day when the Full or New Moon is formed, it would be advisable to take a break to detox by eating fruit and drinking herbal teas. In the two days preceding the New Moon it is better to avoid food excesses by avoiding listening to the urge to eat more typical of this moment.

Below are the food recommendations for each sign: 

Aries astrology dietARIES
You have a good appetite but don’t like complicated foods or wasting time in the kitchen. You don’t even like to follow a dietary scheme because you get bored, on the other hand you prefer a simple diet for sauces and delicacies. The secret to profitably follow a low-calorie diet is to keep yourself free in choosing foods. However, avoid red meats that contain more fat and do not exceed carbohydrates. Season with raw oil and increase vegetable consumption.

Astrological diet bullTAURUS
You are gourmets and do not disdain good food but you are also disciplined and, if you want, you know how to follow a diet rigorously, even if the desire for a break, from time to time, you will want to take away from it. One tip is to eat whole wheat pasta and bread that stimulate a sluggish metabolism for you and contain precious fibers. And then lean meat, vegetables and fruit. A full meal is always preferable but not abundant in rations. Instead, abandon sweets and sausages.

Astrological twins dietGEMINI
Food is not a priority topic for you, you don’t follow special diets and normally you manage to stay slender. Eat more out of curiosity than a real appetite and attract appetizers, so don’t feed yourself in a balanced way. A diet suitable for you would be the one that makes you stay at the table for as long as necessary, nourishing yourself with all the foods useful to your body. To satisfy your desire for novelty you could play with spices.

Astrological cancer dietCANCER
You like good food and you are good cooks. You love to receive and prepare your dishes yourself, but you are welcome to accept an invitation to the restaurant. Your problem is water retention, while gluttony can lead you to overdo the sweets. To lose weight you should give up sugar, starch and, if you can, limit the use of dairy products. Bring fresh salads, fish, lean meats and little fruit to the table. Make a liquid diet on the day of the new moon.

Astrological diet lionLEO
You like refined dishes and good traditional cuisine, all washed down with excellent wine. You are not very careful about the diet also because you use the time of meals for business meetings. To run for cover, you take refuge in the gym. You should watch out for overly fatty foods and not to overdo it with salt, because your weak point is blood circulation and the heart. The Mediterranean diet, if followed well, should be good for you.

Virgin astrological dietVIRGO
It is not difficult to put yourself on a diet because you take care of your health, but the anxiety that often dwells in you can lead you to throw yourself on food and then nurture strong feelings of guilt and thus enter a vicious circle. However, you love diets and willingly lend yourself to a diet. The intestine is a delicate area for you and therefore dairy products would not be indicated. Yogurt is good for lactic ferments, and then fruit, lean meats, soy cheeses, little oil and no to sweets.

Astrological diet balanceLIBRA
Your proverbial search for harmony and balance keeps you away from excesses, including those in the food sector. You like the choreography of cooking and meals more than their content. You are not very consistent and therefore a diet that goes too long over time is not suitable for you. For the relief of your kidneys you should drink good water and then, for the diet, abound in vegetables (preferably raw), limit starchy foods and sweets, eat fish and lean meats.

Scorpion astrological dietSCORPIO
You like everything that is tasty and spicy, exotic cuisine, spices, spirits. You love cold cuts, game and good Italian cuisine. You like excesses and sometimes you let yourself go without regard to the quantity and healthiness of your food. You therefore need periods of purification based on herbal teas and healthier foods. You could choose to eat fish more often, including shellfish and then vegetable purée. Allow yourself a day of liquid diet per month.

Sagittarius astrological dietSAGITTARIUS
Governed by Jupiter you are true gourmets, lovers of conviviality and of everything that gives “taste” to life. You like new flavors, exotic foods. You don’t like to follow dietary regimes but, normally, you are active people who willingly dedicate themselves to some sport, thanks to this you try to keep your weight under control, even if the tendency to obesity is present for you. Reduce fatty foods, bread, alcohol. In spring, treat yourself to a detoxifying diet.

Capricorn astrological dietCAPRICORN
Preferably choose to feed yourself with simple dishes, cooked with good quality ingredients, possibly organic. Do not like exotic foods and prefer a healthy traditional cuisine. You know how to be sober in eating and not just for dietary reasons but for your own rule of life, the fact remains that you occasionally grant yourself some small madness. Hardly increased in weight, but you will have to commit yourself to varying the food as much as possible to avoid deficiencies.

Astrological diet aquariumAQUARIUS
You can embody the person who chooses macrobiotic or vegetarian diets to follow your religious-health ideal or you are on the other side and appreciate Florentine steaks, beer and exotic foods. You can attend a fast food restaurant as well as a good traditional or ethnic restaurant. In the kitchen you like to mess with foods by making unusual combinations but you are not too fit for diets. To lose weight, choose fresh vegetables, a few dairy products, lots of fish.

Astrological diet fishPISCES
The approach to food follows your emotional needs: eat more because you are sad, bored or in good company. Don’t look for particularly elaborate foods, you like delicate flavors and desserts, alcohol is a temptation for you. You tend to gain weight and suffer from water retention but you do not have enough constancy to follow a diet. To find the line you should limit your consumption of dairy products, choose more fruits and vegetables and make a day of liquid diet at the exchange of the Moon.



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