The Hidden Signs Of Each Zodiac Signs Falling In Love Based On His & Hers

  When people fall in love, sometimes they’re surprised! Not all of us know exactly when we start to fall for someone – it just kind of sneaks up on us and catches us off guard more than it should. So, what are the subtle signs to look for? Obviously, not everyone is the same. Some people suddenly become awkward around their person of interest, while others seem not to skip a beat at all. What are the hidden signs of falling in love, how hard are they to spot, and how can you tell whether it’ll actually pan out into a real relationship? The answers to these questions can, of course, be found in the stars! Many believe that who we are depends greatly on when we’re born. You think the stars just so happened to align in certain formations throughout history and repeat certain cycles for kicks? They’re trying to tell us how to understand ourselves and the world around us! When we need help, all we need to do is turn to these ancient symbols, and they’ll guide us in all we do. Do you want to know the hidden signs of each member of the zodiac falling in love? Well, here they are:

24-Virgo Women Fake Indifference – And They Do It Well

Everyone knows Virgos aren’t just thinkers – they’re doers too. They don’t just sit around hoping the right situation will just fall into their lap at the right time, they plan for that stuff to happen and they make sure to get all their ducks lined up in a nice, pretty, row before making a move. The same goes for when they’re in love. A Virgo lady is pretty good at maintaining the same demeanor around a guy as the did before she realized she had feelings for him. Her nonchalance is a trick, designed to make him feel comfortable around her. After all, he won’t stick around much if he thinks she’s too into him, right? So a Virgo girl holds her tongue, and her emotions, until the opportune moment.

23-Taurus Men Make Self-Depreciating Jokes

It’s really easy to lose confidence when you’re face-to-face with the person you’re falling for. Suddenly you become hyper-aware of everything you say, everything you do, and even what you wear. How does a Taurus deal? He makes self-depreciating jokes. He knows he’s usually known for his confidence, so a part of his personality recognizes the benefits of lowering his guard and showing his girl his hidden sensitive side. He isn’t always his overly-confident jock, he can be the adorable guy who gets nervous around a pretty girl too. Taurus men know women want to feel like they’re seen amid the sea of admirers and letting her see his nervous side is exactly how he tells her he’s starting to fall. Good job, Taurus, good strategy!

22-Scorpio Women Start Dressing Like Him – In Her Own Cute Way

They say we mimic those we admire, right? Well, for Scorpio women, it’s the same for matters of the heart. Even if she doesn’t realize she’s doing it, a Scorpio lady will suddenly start wearing the same colors he likes, or maybe she switches up her wardrobe just a touch so she looks like her outfit compliments his when they’re side-by-side. Scorpio women are too smart to go too far by wearing exactly the same shirt or distressed jeans. She knows to tone it down and to simply show her own sense of style and how well it can go with his. It’s also her subtle way of telling other girls to back off because they’re so in-sync that they’re already wearing couple’s outfits! You go, Scorpio Girls!

21-Capricorn Women Change Their Hairstyles More Often

Capricorn women want to stand out. Even if they’re still in the beginning stages of falling in love with someone, she’ll go out of her way to make sure she looks good. If it means waking up two hours earlier than normal just to make sure she’s washed, blow-dried and styled her hair to perfection, then she’ll do it! She doesn’t try to make a point of her new “do,” she just struts her stuff and knows he’s going to notice her without having to make herself stand out. Deep down, Capricorn women already have the confidence to believe their crush is already looking at them – all she needs to do is take advantage of it by making herself look super cute but also that she didn’t put too much effort into it. When it comes to the balancing act, Capricorn women are professionals!

20-Pisces Men Find Excuses To Touch Her (In A Non-Creepy Way, Of Course)

When a Pisces guy starts to like someone, he suddenly finds excuses to touch her. He’s not going to get all creepy with her, of course, but he’s going to do small things, like hand her some papers and brushing fingertips. He might not start off as boldly as finger-brushes due to his shy nature, but he’ll definitely pass her in the halls and “accidentally” brush shoulders or initiate silly games like thumb wars. However he decides to touch her, it’ll be fully innocent and he’ll have only the best intentions at heart. A Pisces man doesn’t want to frighten his crush, he wants her to feel cherished and comfortable when she’s around him. If all it takes is a little nudging and a few flirtatious glances, then Pisces has got it down!

19-Leo Men Can’t Look Away From Her

When it comes to the ladies, a Leo man is on point – but that’s just how he is around ladies in general. If it’s concerning a woman he’s hoping to date soon, a Leo loses his cool and suddenly his eyes are following her from the moment she enters the room to the time she leaves it. God help a Leo guy when his crush is talking to him! As she talks, of course, she’s going to look him in the eyes and of course, he’s going to want to look at her back, but that’s when things get complicated. While he can keep an eye on her without her knowledge, when it comes to maintaining eye contact, a Leo man’s courage fails him. It’s okay Leo men, the ladies like a shy guy!

18-Aquarius Men Start Spending More Money (On Her!)

You don’t have to be rich to spoil your lady, and no one knows it as much as an Aquarius guy! He knows how to stretch every penny to make sure his leading lady knows she’s loved. He might not start by buying her extravagant jewelry, but he’ll definitely offer to pick up her lunch tab and might surprise her with a small gift or two. An Aquarius man doesn’t care if his intentions are completely obvious or not – he’ll do what he wants and if she picks up on it then there’s an opportunity for things to progress at a faster rate. If she doesn’t pick up on it, well, at least he gets to show his affections in one of the simplest ways he knows how – spoiling her.

17-Aries Women Give Him Her Full Attention

Aries women might be all over the place sometimes, but when it comes to the men they’re interested in they’ll find themselves paying more and more attention to him. Ever hear of active listening? An Aries certainly hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come naturally when she’s near her crush! Suddenly she’s able to focus on his words and respond with a coherent reply! Gone are the days where she gives a guy only part of her attention, now she’s able to listen full-on and engage in more in-depth conversations! This is great for both parties since it allows each person to get to know and understand the other on a deeper level. Congratulations, Aries ladies, you’ve finally mastered the basics of oral communication!

16-Sagittarius Women Start Biting Their Lips

If you’re ever wondering who your Sagittarius girl is into, you need to pay attention to her facial expressions. Whenever her crush is around, suddenly she’s biting her lip and you can tell what she’s thinking without even guessing. She won’t mean to be so obvious, but when he’s around, she doesn’t worry about what other people might think. She couldn’t care less about how other people see her, even her crush. If he catches her biting her lip, she doesn’t shy away. She might feel embarrassed on the inside but she knows the importance of faking it ’til she makes it. If he thinks she’s confident, then that’s enough for the moment. She wants him to notice her and once he does, all bets are off.

15-Gemini Women Suddenly Start Watching More Rom-Coms

As strange as it sounds, when a Gemini woman starts falling for a guy, she suddenly starts watching romantic comedies. If she used to watch them before, then she ups the ante by watching them even more often. While this behavior may be more difficult to spot, it isn’t any less of an indicator that she’s falling for someone. If your crush is a Gemini lady, just ask her about any run-of-the-mill rom-com and if she jumps on the topic, you’ll know that she’s really been putting in more time. A Gemini gal doesn’t have to make her intentions known – especially to her crush. She just wants to enjoy what it’s like to be in the beginning stages before progressing to letting her crush know what she’s all about.

14-Libra Men Start To Exude More Confidence

While they may seem confident most of the time anyway, when a Libra guy is starting to fall for someone, he’s suddenly a lot more confident than he used to be. He’s able to step outside his comfort zone more often and he even goes as far as doing things he’s never done before. Libra men want to seem like they can be there for their women, and they want their crush to pay attention to them in a positive way. He may not be confident enough to confess his feelings to her right away, but he’s definitely going to use that temporary courage spike to get her to look his way before the important moment of truth: The moment he decides to ask her out.

13-Taurus Women Get Anxious

Speaking of confidence, a Taurus lady is generally extremely sure of herself – until her crush shows up on the scene. Suddenly she’s not able to pay full attention to her friends and when she talks to them, it’s obvious she isn’t able to fully participate in the conversation. She’s also low-key stressing because she’s over-thinking how he’s going to react to seeing her. While he may be entirely unaffected, she’s wondering if her hair looks okay, if her makeup is on point and whether getting his attention would be a good thing or a bad thing. While the Taurus lady is internally freaking out, she’s still aware that it’s important for her to at least pretend to stay chill. The only cure for her anxiety? Talking to him and feeling comfortable doing so.

12-Pisces Women Draw More Attention To Themselves

If getting his attention means she needs to do something wild with her hair and think a little outside the box with her outfits, a Pisces woman is willing to do it! She doesn’t necessarily care how she grabs her crush’s attention so much as making sure he’s actually noticing her. Pisces girls want their crushes to start as friends and move from there, so when she’s doing something crazy, he’s already aware of her personality and he’s laughing alongside her. Some of the cooler Pisces ladies change up her makeup, get a haircut or start dressing with a new style to give off a “pay attention to me” vibe without seeming too over-the-top. Of course, once he’s paying attention, it’s only a matter of timing to get him by her side.

11-Cancer Men Tend To Go Outdoors More Often

Cancer men like to think about their lady love. What’s the best way to spend time alone and to think about things? Venturing into the great outdoors! All he has to do go for a hike. He’ll become one with nature, listen to the animals, feel the breeze on his face and fill his mind with thoughts of the girl he’s pretty sure he’s starting to fall for. When he’s not daydreaming about the girl he likes, he’s going outdoors specifically to take his mind off her. He’ll go play soccer with some friends, try a new hiking trail or will even take his dog for an extended walk. Whether he wants to think about her or not, the great outdoors will always be a Cancer man’s escape.

10-Capricorn Men Change Up Their Look

Capricorn men love attention from their lady, so it isn’t a surprise for him to start small. Even if he doesn’t recognize that he’s falling, the best giveaway is whether he’s starting to switch things up. Is he suddenly buying a lot more color for his wardrobe? He’s probably falling for someone. Did he randomly get a haircut? Yup, he’s in love with someone. Is he suddenly growing out a mustache? You’d better believe he’s looking for love. Even if the changes are subtle, if you know to pay attention, then you’ll see that he’s got someone in mind. If you’re hoping it’s you, don’t worry about anything and just step forward and let him know you noticed his changes. If you’re the one he’s looking for, then it all works out in the end!

9-Virgo Men Can’t Look Her In The Eye

Unlike the Aries woman, Virgo men can’t look their crush in the eye if you paid them! They’re just too shy and too afraid of their true emotions shining through. If there’s one thing a Virgo guy is all about, it’s his comfort level. He doesn’t want to rush into admitting his feelings unless he knows for certain that he’s into her. Unfortunately, he can’t look her in the eye and he definitely isn’t going to follow her around the room. He’ll definitely take note of when she’s in his vicinity but he won’t have the courage to stand up and talk to her until he’s ready. Virgo men, don’t be ashamed of this endearing quality! You do you and in the end, your lady will be by your side!

8-Aquarius Women Smile More Often

It shouldn’t be a surprise that an Aquarius woman will show off her pearly whites when her crush is around. When you love someone, you release endorphins just by standing in their presence. What do endorphins do? They make you want to smile, they make you want to dance and they definitely want to make the most of the time they have when their boy toy is in the area. She isn’t even smiling so he can see her gorgeous happy face – she’s doing it solely because she feels the joy associated with being around the guy she likes. Aquarius women couldn’t hide it if they tried, so if you’re suddenly smiling a lot more often, you might need to evaluate your feelings about the men (or the women!) in your life.

7-Gemini Men Start Asking More Personal Questions

What do people do when they start liking someone? Well, they do a lot of stuff, but a Gemini guy wants to get to know her better. How does he get to know her better? He starts asking her questions. They start really general – what’s your middle name? What’s your favorite color? What are your goals? Then, once the friendship starts, he moves to more complex questions. What’s your family like? What’s your biggest fear? What’s “your number?” Suddenly the questions become more personal but she’s open to answering them because he started slow and there is a friendship serving as a foundation for the possibility of a romantic relationship. If anyone needs help getting to learn the way to a girl’s heart, turn to a Gemini man!

6-Libra Women Want To Go Out In Groups More Often

Libra ladies know what they want – and sometimes that scares them! They want to find an excuse to hang with their crush, and the most seemingly innocent way to be around him is to invite him out… along with a ton of other friends. Whether she gets to spend any one-on-one time with him is irrelevant because he’s nearby and her heart is already pounding! When a Libra lady starts to fall for someone, she starts making time to hang out as a group. Of course, he won’t make every outing, but it doesn’t really matter because her legion of friends is there to keep her mind off him, if even temporarily. Libra ladies, don’t be ashamed of blending in the crowd as a quick camouflage! In the end, he’ll still be aware of you and that’s still a step in the right direction!

5-Sagittarius Men Are Suddenly More Generous

When Sagittarius men start to like someone, he notices a shift in his mood. He might have been a generous person before, but he might not have; regardless, he becomes more generous once he starts liking someone. He might offer to help someone during a move or even help someone out with their work. He won’t ask for anything in exchange, either. Sagittarius men are easily swayed by their emotions and in matters of the heart, they tend to move in a positive direction. Suddenly they’re the best version of themselves and it isn’t even because they want the attention – it’s because they genuinely feel like offering their assistance. Good job, Sagittarius men! You’re the ones who make a positive change in society and maybe even the world!

4-Cancer Women Up The Char

Cancer women start to fall for guys and suddenly they’re among the most charming women in the world. What makes a woman charming? Is it her natural beauty? The way she dresses? The way she chooses to style her hair? Well, yes, it’s kind of all of that, but it extends much farther. Cancer women start to fall and suddenly they look a lot more attractive – and it has nothing to do with how they dress. It’s their inner beauty shining through because they’re able to let their guard down. Even if they don’t change literally anything else about themselves, when a Cancer lady puts down the walls, everyone is susceptible to her alluring personality and natural charm. Once that happens, there’s no way her crush won’t recognize what’s up!

3-Besties Become Lovers For Scorpio Men

Scorpio men don’t fall in love as easily as some of the other star signs. It’s due to this that they tend to fall in love with their best girlfriends. They might not fall as quickly as one might expect, but eventually, it does happen. Scorpio men prefer girls they’ve known for a while already and they don’t want to chance to fall for random women who may or may not turn out to be wonderful. Scorpio men want to know they’re loved and they want to know who they’re falling for – inside and out. Who better, then, than a best friend? As soon as he starts to cross the line, it’s obvious how he feels. Whether his bestie will return his feelings remains unclear, but he’s still willing to try.

2-It Just Clicks For An Aries Man

When an Aries man falls for someone, there aren’t really any signs. He’ll be absolutely normal one moment then will go nuts and profess his feelings the next. Everyone is always surprised when an Aries guy falls in love – including the Aries guy! Sometimes all it takes is a moment for a person to recognize that everything is falling into place. There isn’t necessarily any rhyme or reason to it. Whether it’s being at the right place at the right time or something more in-depth, when an Aries guy falls, he falls hard and fast. His feelings are just as true as anyone else’s, it’s just that they might be a little more fleeting than other star sign’s. It doesn’t make his relationships any less important to him either, so keep an eye on your Aries man because you never know when he might profess his love!

1-Leo Ladies Crack More Jokes

When a Leo lady likes someone, she feels strangely comfortable. There’s no stress on her shoulders, no concerns, no expectations – she just wants to be herself and is just fine doing so. She doesn’t expect others to view her differently either. In fact, she doesn’t notice the change in herself regardless. When a Leo girl starts to fall, she’s so open that the jokes and witty remarks just roll off her tongue as if it were the most natural thing in the world. You can always tell when a Leo lady is starting to fall for someone simply by paying attention to her personality. She’s livelier when she’s falling and she’s more open and puts her true personality out on display. When it comes to love, always keep an eye on your Leo girl.


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