The Ideal Perfume Of Each Zodiac Sign; Discover Yours

  We all leave a mark wherever we go, whether it be a phrase, a personality trait or a life philosophy. But nothing is as striking as our perfume. Our signature olfactory, perfumes can show a lot of our personality, style and moment. But how do we know what our essence is? To help discover the “perfect perfume”, you can take into account the characteristics of your sign. Read below the ideal fragrances of each:


The most adventurous sign of the zodiac likes to be the center of attention. Undaunted and sensual, the Aries need a strong and bold fragrance. The ideals are strong floral, with warm aromas and oriental notes.


Owners of a firm personality, Taurus also have good aesthetic sense and do not need great productions to draw attention wherever they go. Natural and floral fragrances are ideal for natives of this sign.


Geminis are communicative, agitated and love novelties. The ideal perfume would be citrus, with notes of orange or lemon – or the eccentrics. But as changes are with themselves, nothing prevents them from changing fragrance in the next month.


Incurable romantics, the natives of this sign ask sweet and sweet perfumes, to match their delicate personality. Florals with a hint of lavender and vanilla notes are perfect for Cancers.


Leos are powerful and radiant. The most striking sign of the zodiac calls for strong and provocative perfumes, composed of exotic flowers with oriental touch. With an enviable self-confidence, they still risk innovation, blending scents to create an exclusive.


Virgos are discerning and detailed. Soft and floral perfumes are the ones that combine the most with this sign. It is important that the scent is not cloying for discerning virginians – the ideal ones are those with lavender fragrances and jasmine notes.


Libras like balance, so the perfume should be neither too strong nor too weak. Elegant and charming by nature, they like a fragrance for every occasion. The ideal is to vary between sweet and citrus.


The natives of this sign are enigmatic and vain persons. That’s why they ask for provocative and exotic fragrances. Dried, woody and spice-based fragrances are ideal for Scorpios.


Sagittarius are practical, independent, and strong-willed. To emphasize these traits, floral and vibrant perfumes with oriental notes are the ones that most combine with this sign. But the request is that they be smooth. Sweets, never.


Serious and reserved, Capricorns like nature-scented perfumes. They are traditional people and combine with fresh fragrances with green notes and woody touches.


Freedom is the motto of the Aquarius. To highlight the irreverence in the natives of this sign, perfumes with maritime touches and citrus are a great request. Woody fragrances also match.


Pisces natives are dreamy, sensitive and caring people. To match your sweet personality, the best essences are sweet floral, with vanilla and lavender.


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