The Look For The First Date: How Not To Miss It


Stretched tights or flesh-colored knee-highs, ruined enamel and impossible hair clips: here are some things to avoid on the first date!

Men, in terms of clothing, fashion and fashion, have few ideas but those few are decidedly clear; if you don’t want the first time you go out together to become the last one, you should know that there are some accessories and details of the feminine style that the males hate! We know that the first impression is very important and influences the idea that you make of a person, so in order not to risk ruining it you will have to pay attention to some small details when preparing your look for the first appointment . It is not necessary to dress yourself elegantly as if you were going to the premiere of La Scala, you can very well adopt a sober and minimal style, but keep in mind those few details to avoid if you don’t want to let it go! 7 things that men hate Unless he is already blinded by love, remember that even men, like women, have particularly severe judgments when they go out with a girl for the first time and if you don’t want to let him go, but you want to conquer it , just as there are some phrases to say , there are also some details to avoid in the look for the first date!
  1. Flesh-colored knee-highs They should be abolished from your drawers, but if you can’t do without them, avoid them with a man! It is a little lovely and very sad that reminds us of an ancient custom of grandmothers!
  2. Hair Tongs Mollettoni, tweezers, hair clips with little flowers and puppets don’t even have to be in your bag (you never know that you accidentally take them out to fix your hair at some point in the evening). If you want a gathered hairstyle there are clips and elastic bands!
  3. Harem pants and leggings Do you know those pants with a wide Arabian style horse? It seems that men detest them because they do not show any body shape! So I’m at least banned in the look for the first date! Same thing for leggings unless you have a toned body.
  4. Ugg boots and Birkenstock sandals How to blame him, Uggs are certainly warm and comfortable especially if it’s cold outside, but they don’t make any woman harmonious and pretty! The same goes for the Birkenstock stocks , ideal for traveling but absolutely not very charming if you go out with a man.
  5. Sweaters with bears So soft, but a bit childish and certainly not very charming , sweaters with teddy bears and puppets are a piece of women’s clothing that men don’t particularly like.
  6. Chipped enamel Many men watch and love women’s hands, and if they see that they are not well cared for and especially if the nail polish is not cured they are literally horrified. The idea they make is of an untended girl! So either the color is well spread, otherwise avoid and leave the nails natural.
  7. Unpublished intimate suits Women should first take care of themselves, even more so if they go out with a man for the first time (but also in later ones): a detail unwelcome by the male is unpaired or ruined underwear. Men do not expect garments to be attractive,charming and lovely but the right underwear is synonymous with femininity and self-care.


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