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The Most Common Mistakes Of Women In Love


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Some behaviors of women in love may be wrong and harm the relationship. We try to avoid these negative attitudes.

Very often, women carry out a series of standardized behaviors in love affairs, which can cause quarrels, scenes and breaks. Sometimes it all depends on the innate unconscious tendency to sabotage happiness. Here are some typical situations and how to change.

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Those that always say no
Go away for a weekend? No mention of it! Going out with friends? Absolutely not because I’m tired. A dinner at the restaurant? I prefer to stay at home. How many women do you recognize in this description? Maybe you behave like that without realizing it, yet it happens.
Very often they are women who need to control everything or who put duties before pleasure, however the substance does not change and in doing so they do not let themselves go. So it happens that these women cause static relationships and the risk is the removal of the partner.
How to change: Try putting yourself in his shoes, how would you react if he told you no to all your proposals? The fact that he proposes a series of things is because he wants to share them with you; then try to please him and recover the enthusiasm of the beginning. This does not mean always saying yes, but finding a playful complicity to enliven the relationship.

Those who always make scenes
When you communicate with him is always a fight? To make you listen to screams? Perhaps there are problems below, but they certainly do not resolve themselves with the scenes. Below is a certain dissatisfaction.
How to change : We need to change the method of discussion and learn to manage conflicts in an adult way. Just start by giving the right weight to things, and learn to be autonomous in solving problems.

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If you run a little too much You go
out with a boy for a few months, you are fine, but then disappear into thin air. Then you think it’s another mockery. Sometimes, however, women do not live things for what they are and such is the desire for a relationship that the lucidity is lost. There is a tendency to confuse plans and bring everything back under the emotional sphere, but going out together and dating does not automatically mean being officially engaged.
How to change : Learn from men, who often do not remain in spasmodic waiting for a phone call and do not exceed with requests. In this way you will discover the lightness of the relationship and things will happen without forcing, calmly and with the right time for both.

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You let yourself be invaded by embarrassment. You
belong to those women who on social networks have thousands of friends and are always courted, but then in real life you don’t know how to behave and you let yourself be overcome by embarrassment? Perhaps you are just afraid and you take refuge in a protected world, but in this way you do not really live and flee, with the consequence of remaining then alone in life.
How to change : Get in the game with your real face, even if it means having disappointments. Only then can you really get to know each other and the others will know who you are and can really appreciate you.

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