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The Most Cynical To The Uber Optimist (Based On His & Hers Zodiac Signs)


Some people like to take life with a grain of salt and a lick of lime. Others like to see it as a piece of Heaven on Earth – full of promises and ripe for the taking. And our astro sign can say a lot about which side of the spectrum we fall under.

That’s why, no matter how watery her individual birth chart might be, a Sagittarius girl will always be a fountain of optimism and cheer, ready to forgive and forget. And however light and airy her disposition might be, a Virgo will love nothing more than grumbling late into the night about all the dense people who have been hounding her since the past week!

So if you are wondering what’s the lowdown on your sun sign, today’s your lucky day. Because what follows is a fun and quirky list where we have ranked all the astro signs from the most cynical to the biggest optimist.

Are you going to find your name in the Hall of Fame of optimism? Or will you learn that people don’t like your negative Nancy ways? Read on to find out more. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

24-Virgo Guy: Can’t Stop Overthinking!

It will be odd the day a Virgo guy decides he’s going to take the metaphorical chill-pill and let life take its course. One that we are sure we won’t ever get to see. Cause chill pills and Virgo don’t mix well.

The lad’s a classic over thinker, obviously! And that’s a side-effect of having a mercurial nature (Virgo is ruled by Mercury) but being forced to tamp it down with conservatism (his is an earth sign).

After all, air and earth are opposites. Where one likes to float and be flexible, the other likes to hunker down and resist change. Thus, the pessimism.

23-Virgo Girl: P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L

The Virgo girl is so practical that we had to spell it out for emphasis! Want an example? Well, she’s the kind who will surprise you with a slice or two of chocolate cake on your birthday just because there are only the two of you and eating a whole cake would be a calorific nightmare.

Suffice to say, this lady knows all the pros and cons of everything she does. How else will she prevent life from taking a bite out of her?

22-Scorpio Guy: Who Are We Kidding?

The Scorpio guy has the gift of clear sight. Where others get distracted by the superficial details, he doesn’t. That’s why he’s such a great judge of character. He can see through people for who they truly are. And what he sees impresses him rarely.

That’s why he’s such a negative Nancy. He knows that most people mess up their lives real bad. And if given the chance, will mess up your life just as badly (with bad advice, of course!).

21-Scorpio Girl: Can’t Unsee

Scorpio girls are usually very pessimistic and cynical. And it’s because their sun sign karmically attracts bad experiences and negative people into their life. Why? Because tough life lessons are the means through which a Scorpio’s soul learns to grow and mature.

Maybe that’s why they are so cautious about new people and trying new things. They have a history of things going downhill on them and you cannot unshy a person who has been burned badly more than once.

20-Capricorn Girl: Duty. Responsibility. Hard Work

The Capricorn girl’s priorities in life are straight. She wants to shine in her career and earn respect for herself and her family. And she wants to eventually settle down with an equally career-savvy partner with whom she can create a powerful family.

And since goals of this magnitude require a tremendous amount of sacrifice and hard work, it’s no coincidence that her outlook on life can be quite grim at times. After all, those who hound success know that failure is always just around the corner.

19-Capricorn Guy: No Children Here

Capricorn guys are mature right from when they are really young. Mostly because they tend to have fathers who have high-profile careers and who instill in them since a young age the importance of discipline, hard work, and sacrifice.

And when you are raised in such a heavy-duty environment, you can’t help but become all serious and cynical about life. After all, the number of people who fail are far greater than those who succeed. And a Capricorn will never let themselves forget this adage.

18-Taurus Guy: Nope

The Taurus guy is cynical by nature. Even his sense of humor tends to be dry and sarcastic. (Unless his lady love chastises him for this causticity.) Want to know why?

It’s because he’s a fixed earth sign! And there’s no one on this planet more stubborn than him. (Fixed. Earth. Get it?)

So no, he’s not interested in switching to email because he doesn’t want the government to spy on him. And neither is he interested in learning all those new catchphrases, like YOLO and FOMO, because they are just stupid fads that will pass with time.

17-Taurus Girl: Home Is Where The Heart Is, And The Heart Is At Home

The Taurus girl is a happy soul as long as she can go back home at the end of the day. She truly believes that nothing can put you in a bad mood as long as you are surrounded by things you have known all along.

So while she is cynical about people and knows that life does everyone a bad turn every now and then, she’s cool with everything as long as she can come back home and recline on her favorite chair with her favorite meal in front of her.

16-Libra Guy: I’ve Changed My Mind

The Libra guy isn’t exactly cynical. He’s just cautious. Because he doesn’t want to make a wrong decision when there are more people involved.

And so he keeps picking at the pros and cons of everything and changing his mind multiple times in just one day. All because each time something else sounded better to him and then he got hold of some fresh information.

It’s enough to drive anyone up a wall! But at least, he knows how to mask this with a veneer of pleasantry.

15-Aquarius Guy: Could Go Either Way

The Aquarius guy is a bucket of conundrums. One day he’s super excited about this new idea that he’s sure would make life easier (and better) for everyone, including him. And the next day, he’s super depressed because he has just realized that he will have to wade through a swamp-load of bureaucracy just to get the idea off the ground.

It’s the side-effect of being a social air sign but being ruled by the change-monger planet, Uranus. He tends to flip from cynical black sheep one day, to optimistic white the next.

14-Aquarius Girl: We Make Our Destiny

The Aquarius girl, like the men of this astro sign, is also affected by the see-sawing effect of being cynical one day and optimistic the next. But she tends to have a better hold of the situation because society never expected her to suppress her anxieties and emotions.

That’s why she has learned to deal with them over the years and now knows that, while she will never be free of anxieties, if she works smartly enough, she will manage to change her destiny one day.

13-Cancer Guy: Just Do It

The Cancer guy is as moody as a bee. All because he’s ruled by the changeable Moon. That’s why he’s super happy and all about embracing the power of positive intentions one day, and seriously glum the and sure that nothing in life will ever be right again the next.

Nevertheless, he has a tender disposition, and therefore, believes that the only way to get over your emotional swings is to take action. And sometimes that action is to get a second soundbite from a trusted friend or family member.

12-Cancer Girl: Satisfied With Very Little

The Cancer girl would be the happiest person on the planet if everyone learned to live harmoniously with everyone else and never did someone a bad turn just because they felt like it. Unfortunately, most people are quite selfish and prone to breaking hearts (and their words). That’s why she is extremely cautious when she interacts with new people.

Nevertheless, she has a soft heart. And so when someone speaks kindly to her, she is always more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

11-Pisces Girl: It’s A Dreamy World

The Pisces girl is the opposite of the Virgo in every way. Where one is practical, the other likes to dream. Where one likes to work hard and take control of her own life, the other would rather rest back and allow life to take her wherever it pleases.

And while most people think this makes the Pisces girl a doormat, in reality, it gives her the fortitude to see through some really bad times and emerge victorious in the end. Because times are never tough for too long. And no one knows that better than her.

10-Pisces Guy: What if…?

The Pisces guy is not blind. He knows that people can be mean and usually take advantage of kind souls. And that life can throw dangerous curveballs your way every now and then. But none of it can dampen his spirit.

He would rather live in his world of ‘what if’s than be bothered with the petty annoyances of life and people. Because he knows that things tend to smooth out on their own when you are patient and allow them to unfold at their own pace. Pretty zen if you ask us!

9-Leo Girl: I’m Too Fabulous

She’s the queen and she deserves the best in the world. The best clothes, the best friends, the best everything! And the reason why she believes that is because she is a Leo. The sign ruled by the glorious Sun. And have you ever seen the Sun wink out of existence even once? It’s impossible!

So when bad times plague her or people try to take her for a ride, she simply turns up her fabulousness and tells the universe she isn’t having any of this bull. No, thank you!

And what do you know? The universe hears the command and makes all the bad stuff go away. Leos truly are blessed.

8-Gemini Guy: Tell Me More

The Gemini guy is such a smooth-talker that nothing and no one in the world can escape his charms. So he doesn’t have to bother with negative things like cynicism. He knows that he can fix the situation in a jiffy as long as he has the ability to think and communicate.

That’s why mean-spirited people don’t faze him. He simply sits by their side and asks them to tell him more. And that open-minded nature of his (plus, the fact that people love spreading the gospel of their beliefs), wins him friends each and every time.

7-Libra Girl: Let’s Talk About It

The Libra girl is a wise one. She knows that conflicts are never meant to be the end all and be all. One just has to be willing to have a dialogue with the person who annoyed them and things usually turn out well in the end.

So whether she’s patching up things on her own or playing the mediator, she’s always optimistic that things will turn out the way she wants them to. And what do you know? The universe always responds to positive beliefs. So yay for her!

6-Sagittarius Guy: Outta Here

The Sagittarius guy doesn’t take life too seriously. Why should he when there’s so much to learn in the world and explore? Neither does he mind people and their words too much. They usually sound uninformed to him and he’s quick to educate them about it, which shuts them up real fast.

And though this guy is great at making friends wherever he goes, he doesn’t sweat it even if he does come across a few nasties. He simply bids them good luck and goes his merry way. After all, life’s too short to waste in bitterness and vengeance!

5-Leo Guy: Love Makes The World Go ‘Round

The Leo guy is a warm and generous soul. Plus, he’s got a magnetic charm about his person that wins him many friends and followers. No wonder he’s such a people’s favorite.

And when you are favored so well by people, how can you ever develop even a lick of cynicism in yourself? In fact, he’s the first person to point out that no one’s going to be nice to you if you want them to convince you they aren’t bad to begin with. Hell, you wouldn’t either!

4-Gemini Girl: What A Beautiful Day!

The Gemini girl is full of spunk and character. And gab. Lots and lots of it. That’s why she’s so good at engaging people in animated conversations that leaves them with a smile on their face for the rest of the day.

And what do you know? Just because she loves breaking the ice with juicy gossip, she is also rewarded with the same. Can you see why this girl has zero cynicism about her person? She has the skill to woo anyone and everyone, that’s why!

3-Aries Girl: On It

The Aries girl does not have time to waste on being bitter and holding grudges. She had better things to do with her time. Like conquer the world and bulldoze through obstacles that people erect on her path. In fact, sometimes she doesn’t even realize she has crushed the haters because her eyes were locked on the target too firmly.

And since the universe helps those who help themselves, this girl always manages to accomplish everything she ever wanted to accomplish and get everything she ever wanted to acquire!

2-Aries Guy: Let’s Partaayyy!

The Aries guy is a man’s man. But not the stereotypical angry male kind. Those are signs of deep insecurity and the Aries guy has none of that.

Instead, he’s perfectly confident in his abilities and knows that nothing can stop him from getting what he desires. And so he does! It’s the law of attraction. And he knows it intuitively.

Is it so hard to understand now why life’s a perpetual party for this guy? He’s just to happy and motivated to notice the bad stuff!

1-Sagittarius Girl: Just Breathe

And the uber optimist: Sagittarius. Nothing can faze this girl! No hardship and no ill-treatment. It’s like she’s always wearing rose-colored glasses that edit out the bad stuff and show her only hope and promise in the world.

Sagittarius women are unstoppable. Full of energy, charm, and wonder. So when she faces failures in life or has to deal with judgmental folks, she just breathes in deeply, chalks it out as not her problem and goes her merry way once again.

Maybe that’s the secret behind her Sagittarius luck. If you believe it, it will be!



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