The Most Difficult Combinations Of Zodiac Signs For love

  Who has never read the horoscope or went after information about the sign of the person to whom it relates or the one for which it has at least a little interest to throw the first stone. Signs help us immensely when it comes to discovering personality, thinking, likes and other important details of someone. Combinations of sign, ascendant, moon and the other planets can then be extremely revealing. However, it is not always that the surprise is good. Sometimes we run the risk of relating to someone who has nothing to do with us, which can bring us some problems and difficulties in making this love work. However, it is worth noting that the indicative signs are not always completely accurate, especially because when we speak of them, we speak of people who have the energies very much in force. That is, if you take an interest in someone, it is always worth taking the risk and trying out a relationship rather than believing in the stars and letting an opportunity pass that could be cool. That said, we list below the four sign combinations that are the most difficult (but not impossible) for love. Check out!

– Aries and Cancer 

It’s almost trying to mix something extremely sour with something intensely sweet. Aries are impetuous, impulsive, immediate, prone to being irritable. Cancer, on the other hand, are affectionate, mellow, dramatic and suffer easily from any kind of fighting. It is a combination that would need many energies from other stars in the astral map of the two involved in this relationship to work, otherwise it is quite possible that the Cancer lives suffering from rudeness that the Aries swear he never committed. In sex, for example, problems can also arise, because the Cancer likes conquests, caresses and preliminaries, when the Aryan likes to dominate and go directly to the subject.

– Taurus and Aquarius 

One loves to stay at home, the other needs to live adventures at all times. One needs to feel secure to be comfortable, the other finds security in the new experiences that appear. A very difficult combination to work out. To help, bulls are stubborn and difficult to change their way of thinking and acting for someone, Aquarius also do not usually bend easily and much less tend to leave their lifestyle for another person, mainly because if they do, they lose their essence and run the risk of getting rusty. For a relationship between these two natives revenge it takes a lot of love and good will to adapt from both sides, only one giving up a little and the other more a little that this relationship engages.

– Gemini and Scorpio 

Geminis are usually mild, like to have lots of friends and talk to anyone who wants to listen.Scorpios tend to be denser, more reserved and very jealous. The conflict would probably be there, Geminis would be pruned and controlled by the Scorpio, who in turn would feel utterly threatened by the expansiveness of the Geminis. In time, the Gemini would tend to find the Scorpio a grumpy annoyance, and this one, in turn, would see in Gemini someone who never grows. A relationship between these two signs only if the rest of the astral map collaborate and speak very loudly.

– Capricorn and Pisces 

Imagine someone flying and someone else feeling obligated to pull this person to Earth at all times?For it is more or less so that it would be a relationship between the serious, responsible and realistic Capricorn and the sensitive, disconnected and living in a parallel Pisces world. Capricorns tend not to be able to deal with someone who dreams too much, and the Piscean, in turn, does not understand and sees as hardness and lack of consideration the way a Capricorn acts in the face of the world. A relationship between these two signs would tend to frequent quarrels because one can not understand the other’s way of living.


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