Great love is possible for all signs of the zodiac, but each sign has its own obstacles to get through when it comes to successful relationships. By taking into account the advice relevant to your particular sign, you could improve your chances of finding true love, or if you’ve already found it, helping it stick!

Depending on when you were born (in the middle of your sign or near the border of another sign), you might find that you don’t have the problems typical of an Aquarius or a Cancer, and are more like a Capricorn or a Leo. So don’t try to follow the advice if it doesn’t work for you—we’re all individuals, after all! Generally speaking, though, these romantic tips might just clear up a lot of your problems.

If you are making mistakes in relationships, check out what love advice your star sign should follow below!

15 Aries: If It Ain’t Broke…

As one of the strongest signs in the zodiac, Aries likes to take action. If you think something is wrong, you’re not the type to let it work itself out—you take charge 100 percent of the time and do something about it. You’re exactly the same when it comes to relationships. When something doesn’t appear to be working out between you and your partner, you do whatever it takes to fix the issue. A lot of the time, it’s great that you’re so proactive. Other times, you could end up causing more harm than good.

It’s a good idea for you to follow the clichéd advice if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it with regards to your love life. Even though things appear like they need your intervention because you’re so alert and emotionally invested in the relationship, much of the time it’s just a minor bump that should be left alone. Trust that your relationship is strong, and doesn’t need your constant tweaking!

14 Aries: Be Patient

Being as proactive as you are, you also tend to be a tad impatient. It definitely comes from a good place—you’re so passionate and ambitious that you just can’t wait to move onto the next step. Timing is a huge factor in relationships, and rushing things is a great way to ruin something that would have otherwise turned out pretty great. For this reason, you have to remember to be patient with your partner.

You might feel temped to ask where the relationship is going and put pressure on them to make big commitments like moving in or getting engaged before they’re ready, but try to resist. Remember that everything happens in its own time, and just because the relationship is seemingly not moving forward for a while, doesn’t mean it’s going backwards either. Don’t make any big decisions too quickly, or you could end up losing someone that means the world to you because you didn’t take the time to think things through properly.

13 Taurus: Release Control

As a Taurus, this might be hard for you to hear, but you can’t be in control all of the time. You naturally like things done to your standard. You’re set in your ways, and you generally don’t like a partner to come in and mess any of that up. Between us, you’re also the most stubborn sign in the zodiac—that’s what you get for being the Bull! That strong mind comes in handy a lot of the time, but it can also get in the way of you compromising with your partner, which is a huge part of any healthy relationship.

To help things run more smoothly between you, or even begin a strong relationship with someone you really like, try to ease up just a little on the control you’re holding tightly in your hands. It’s okay if things don’t go as planned sometimes. It’s okay if you try something different from what you’re used to. Trust your partner!

12 Gemini: Remember Your Partner’s Feelings

There are a few super sensitive signs in the zodiac, but Gemini isn’t one of them! You are enthusiastic and energetic, and though you love forming connections with people, it can be difficult for you to settle down into a relationship. When you do commit, it’s with someone you’re really passionate about, and someone who is okay with you having your independence and switching up your routine quite often. And when you do find someone like that, you might find yourself messing it up by forgetting their feelings altogether and becoming a bit selfish.

You have certain needs in a relationship, including the need for change, excitement, growth, freedom, and stimulation. Usually, you’re really preoccupied with making sure those needs are met. Make sure that you remember your partner’s needs as well, because you do tend to get carried away with looking after yourself and neglecting your other responsibilities in a relationship!

11 Cancer: Think Before You Reach

Like it or not, Cancer is full of emotions. In a relationship, you’re exceptionally understanding of your partner and provide great support. You’re overly considerate of their feelings, even though it might take you a while to open up yourself, and feel love twice as much as other signs do. Basically, you take absolutely everything to heart, and are a little sensitive, even if you don’t let on that you are.

Issues can arise when you become too emotional and allow your feelings to influence all your words and decisions. The main thing to remember is to take some time out before you react to things, because when you act off hot emotion, you can be irrational. Take the time to cool off and logically decide whether your partner is really out of line or whether you’re just being super sensitive. That way you’ll avoid saying and doing things you regret out of anger or hurt.

10 Cancer: Gain Some Independence

That’s not all the relationship advice we have for Cancer! As we said, you’re great to be in a relationship with because you’re capable of deep love and are able to form a connection that other signs only dream of. One of the downsides to all those feels you have is that you might end up being clingy or dependent on the other person. You don’t mean to be—you just love them so much that you want to squeeze them and hold their hand all day long.

That kind of infatuation is flattering up to a point, and then it can get annoying. Just remember that you do have a life outside of your partner, and you want to nurture that as much as you nurture your relationship. By distancing yourself a little bit and focusing on your own life, you won’t smother your partner and will create space for them to appreciate you more.

Leo: Forget Perfect

If you’re a Leo, it’s likely that you’re very into the idea of everything being perfect. It’s no secret that you’re an idealist, and especially when it comes to relationships, you tend to wait around for a flawless person to come along and sweep you off your feet. Or, being the Lion that you are, you tend to pursue people aggressively, and then forget all about them once you get the slightest inkling that they aren’t up to your standards.

Trust us: you’ll be a lot happier if you detach from the idea that you need perfection to be happy. The perfect person doesn’t exist, so if you keep waiting for them, you’re going to wait forever and miss out on having really great relationships with real people. Try not to abandon people when they show you that they’ve got flaws—instead, work on the issues that you can fix, and see the good in those that you can’t.

Virgo: Let Them In

Often referred to as the most talented sign of the zodiac, Virgo is good at a lot of things. Languages, numbers, and remembering facts might be your strengths, but one of your weaknesses is getting real about your emotions and opening up. Even with a partner who doesn’t like to get overly emotional themselves, this can be a serious obstacle to a healthy relationship.

As a person, you’re very self-reliant and have no problem with independence. You like to maintain control and don’t like to give away your power or be vulnerable, but you have to do that sometimes with the person you love. It helps your bond to grow stronger! If you’re going to take any relationship advice, it should be to face your fear of laying your feelings on the table and shutting people out when you have an issue to discuss. Instead, learn how to bring up your feelings in a beneficial way.

Virgo: Put Away Your Microscope

There’s something else that Virgo can do to improve their chances at a successful relationship, and that is to stop analyzing your partner. You have a tendency to study every little thing they do and then jump to conclusions about it in your head, but you should find a way to stop nitpicking at the little things. In other words, put away your microscope.

You’re a critical thinker by nature, and you make judgments in your head, even if you know not to say them out loud. That’s who you are, and it’s probably not something you’re ever going to change. But what you can do is remind yourself when you find yourself judging or criticizing your partner for something insubstantial that they’re only human, and you’re blowing things out of proportion once more. Most relationships have their share of big issues, so don’t waste your time worrying about the tiny ones!

Libra: Stand Up for Yourself

Libra makes one of the best partners in the zodiac. More than any other sign, you love the idea of being in love and hold romance and relationships very high up on your priority list. As a result of that, you go to a lot of effort to make sure that you’re a good partner and that your significant other is happy. That said, you can take this to extremes and feel that you’d rather keep quiet about the things that are bothering you than be honest and possibly upset your partner.

Unfortunately, there comes a time in every relationship when you have to sit down and have a talk. The issue might be really serious or it might not be, but communicating your thoughts to each other stops feelings from boiling over and causing a huge fight. Just remember that if your partner values your opinion, you should be able to say what’s on your mind without fear of disturbing the peace.

Scorpio: Build Some Trust

Trust is very important to Scorpio. You are very trustworthy and reliable yourself, and prove to your partner time and time again that they can trust you. In fact, one of the things that upsets you the most is when they don’t have faith in you after you’ve shown them that they can. That said, you should take your own advice and learn to build unshakeable trust in them too.

Of course, you don’t want to go and put all of your faith in someone that doesn’t deserve it. But if your partner doesn’t deserve it, then they’re not likely to be your partner for very long, seeing as you are quick to turn away people who betray you. Ultimately, you want to trust your loved one, but the jealous feelings inside of you can sometimes get in the way. Learn to ignore the instincts telling you not to trust someone who’s proven that they are reliable.

Sagittarius: Practice Using Your Filter

Honesty is one of the hallmark traits of Sagittarius. You just don’t see the point in lying, and are too confident and comfortable with yourself to care about sugarcoating things to spare other people’s feelings—you don’t need things sugarcoated, so you don’t see why other people do. This attitude can lead you to be quite blunt with your significant other, and with specific people, that can be a huge problem.

If you’re dating someone who’s sensitive or critical or even someone who would take care with what they say to avoid offending people, you’re going to come off as looking pretty bad if you’re brutally honest with certain things. There’s no need to lie, but practice using the filter between your brain and your mouth so you learn to phrase things in a way that doesn’t upset your partner and doesn’t make you look like you don’t care about their feelings.

Capricorn: Don’t Let Them Use You

There’s a certain partner that Capricorns tend to attract, and they’re usually the opposite of Capricorns themselves. You are ambitious (more so than any other sign) and extremely hardworking. Success is often a very real possibility for you, purely because you are so dedicated, and you do tend to experience many rewards for your effort. It’s not uncommon for those who are the opposite—lazy and without a goal of their own—to feel enticed by the appeal of a Capricorn, who has things they’ll never have.

We suggest that you make sure your partner isn’t using you. If you’re single, look for someone who’s ambitious like you and who will have their own lives to keep them occupied, since you’re usually too busy to take on the role of their caregiver. If you’re already in a relationship, let your significant other know that you expect them to contribute just as much as you do.

Aquarius: Learn How to Communicate

Speaking of independence, Aquarius has that particular trait in abundance! Like a few of the other signs, you are slower to settle into relationships because you don’t inherently like the idea of being bound to another person or having your freedom taken away. Once you do finally commit to another person, you can struggle with trying to include them in your life, since it’s natural for you to worry only about yourself and do things alone.

Every relationship is different, and some couples spend more time apart than others. It’s okay if you find that you need a lot of time alone for your own well-being, but just make sure that you communicate your needs to your partner, and let them know what’s going on. If you don’t, you just look like you’re distancing yourself for no reason, which will lead them to jump to all sorts of conclusions.

Pisces: Take It One Step at a Time

Pisces is another sign that doesn’t have a natural tendency to commit. You do like the idea of being in love and are often overwhelmed with passion. Having someone else there is really important to you, but the committing aspect can make you feel like you’re being boxed in, which is your worst nightmare. You need to be free to be yourself, have your passions and create things with your own special touch, and subconsciously, you might think that a real relationship could hinder all of that for you.

It’s a good idea for you to take the whole relationship thing one step at a time. Don’t think about committing to someone for a lifetime—instead think in smaller blocks of time and on a smaller scale so it doesn’t feel like you’re giving your life away to someone. The truth is you crave love, so don’t miss out on opportunities just because you’re afraid.


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