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The Number-One Thing She Looks For In A Guy (Based On Her Astro Sign)

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When it comes to relationships, everyone seems to want something different — and that’s totally normal. We’re all unique human beings, and we’re all looking for something a little bit different out of love. Some people want a partner who is super adventurous and spontaneous, while some people really want to be with someone who is down to just stay in and cuddle on Friday nights. Of course, finding your perfect match is always a challenge, but here’s the good news: there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, and chances are, one of them is right for you.

What really determines our preferences when it comes to dating? Why do some women go for a certain kind of guy, while others don’t seem to have a type at all? Why do we all have such different priorities? Sometimes, it seems like those priorities and preferences never really change, either. Ever had a friend who just seemed to date the same kind of guy all throughout high school and college, and then eventually married one of them? Well, a lot of these preferences are predetermined by astrology. Here’s the number one thing that you look for in a guy, based on astrology.

More than anything else, fire signs are looking for a guy who can take them on an adventure. These signs truly take after the name of their element: they have fiery personalities, and they need to be with men who can keep up with them!

Many guys are attracted to women born under fire signs, simply because they are so confident and generally have no problem striking up a conversation with a guy first.

But women born under these signs are not just looking for any guy — they want someone who really stands out from the crowd and impresses them.

19-Aries: A Man Who Loves To Travel

Aries women will pretty much fly anywhere at the drop of a hat. These women have some serious wanderlust, and at some point, pretty much all of them have heard someone ask them, “Are you ever going to settle down in one place and find a man?” But here’s the thing, for an Aries woman, the right man will be someone who really wants to travel and see the world with her. She needs to date a guy who feels that same urge to explore that she does. In fact, this is the most important trait in a man for Aries women.

18-Leo: Authentic Confidence

Leo women are probably one of the most confident. These women can walk into any room and just own it. And they can always tell when a guy who approaches them is feeling confident or nervous.

Leo women are generally very popular and they never seem to have a shortage of guys who would happily take them on a first date.

But make no mistake, these women are super selective because they have so many options, they don’t want to lower their standards, and they don’t have to. They will always go for the most secure, confident guy in the room.

Everyone knows that out of all the astro signs, Sagittarius women are probably the most carefree. While some women are really looking for a guy to balance them out, Sagittarius women basically want a guy who shares their core personality traits. They are similar to Aries women in a way — sure, some people say that opposites attract, but this just isn’t true for Sagittarius women. A Sagittarius girl really just wants a guy with a laidback attitude. She needs to be with a guy who has the same outlook on life as she does, not someone who is too uptight.

16-Fire Signs Want A Fiery Romance

At the end of the day, women born under fire signs really just want the kind of romance that you see in fairytales, just with a little extra passion and a hint of drama. Basically, they want fiery romances. But they don’t want to be the damsel in distress.

A woman born under a fire sign wants to be with a man who understands and respects her independence — and she wants a man who will support her as she goes after her dreams, because these women do not hold back when it comes to going after what they want in life.

When it comes to romance, earth signs can be hard to read. They’re not the most outgoing signs, so it can be tough to figure out what they are really looking for in a partner. But if you’re a woman born under an earth sign, you already know that the answer is much more straightforward than what people would assume. Deep down, you’re truly just looking for a guy who wants a traditional relationship. You don’t want a casual fling — you want someone serious who will take you on real dates and buy you chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day.

14-Taurus: A Guy Who Can Fix Anything

What are Taurus women really looking for in a man? Self sufficiency. And it’s not because they’re on the lookout for a guy who will just drop everything and do anything for them —on the contrary, they need a guy who can keep up with them and understand that they’re never going to be the damsel in distress!

A Taurus woman wants a guy who can do things for himself and respect that she’s also going to want to do most things for herself.

In other words, she definitely needs a man who embodies all the best qualities of masculinity.

They say that two leaders dating each other could get complicated — after all, only one person should be wearing the pants, right? But for Virgo women, this isn’t true.

They want equality in their relationship, but they want to be with a man who is a leader in his own right outside of the relationship.

It may sound confusing to outsiders, but this is really just what works for them. She wants someone who has a lot of integrity and really dedicates himself to the things he believes in, but he also needs to allow her to lead at times.

12-Capricorn: An Ambitious Man

Capricorn women are known for their sense of ambition. They never sit back and just hope for good things to happen to them — a Capricorn woman is always the one who will go out and get it done for herself. And she definitely wants a man who approaches life with the same outlook. Is a Capricorn women going to go for a dreamer or a doer? Let’s just say that she will go with the second guy every time. She needs a guy who can keep up with all of her career moves, so he better be ready to hustle!

11-Earth Signs Want Someone To Keep Them Grounded

Essentially, women born under earth signs want to be with men who will keep them grounded. That just seems to be part of being an earth sign, right? They are definitely looking for a guy who will take them on classic dates, celebrate holidays with romantic plans, and live a more traditional lifestyle, but these women also want to be with guys who understand that they have so many ambitions and dreams of their own. They want a guy who can also support them in all of their major goals — they don’t want someone who will try to hold them back.

10-Air Signs Want Someone To Challenge Them

If you have ever been an interested in a woman born under an air sign, you know that you can’t just land a date with them with a few choice flirting moves and good looks. You really have to prove that you bring something important to the table if you want to be a part of her life.

A woman born under an air sign wants a guy who will really challenge her to be her best self.

So if you want to be with her, you have to show her right off the bat that you can do that.

Gemini women are notorious for being somewhat fickle when it comes to relationships, and men may find themselves scratching their heads and wondering what it could be that these women are really looking for. Here’s the thing, if a Gemini woman is going to stay with a guy long term, he has to have a great sense of humor to keep her on her toes.

If she can see herself staying with you for years on end, you had better be able to make her laugh.

She is not asking for much, but she will not settle for less than that.

8-Libra: A Man With Style

What are Libra women really looking for? They often have long lists of qualities that they’re hoping to find in a man (let’s be honest, these women are picky in the best possible way), but there is one thing that they will notice right off the bat, and it can make or break a guy’s chances. If he doesn’t have a good sense of style, well, good luck with any Libra girl. These women are very visual, and they don’t want to date a guy who just wears jeans and T-shirts — they want a man who looks his best.

7-Aquarius: A Spontaneous Guy

When an Aquarius woman gets into a relationship, she is not looking to simply give up all of the fun aspects of her old single life — she wants the best of both worlds. No, this does not mean that she won’t be loyal, but it means that she really is looking for a guy who will keep things spontaneous even after they start dating. She doesn’t want to just stay in and watch Netflix every night, she still wants to go out, meet some new people, and have good time, with her favorite guy in the world by her side.

6-Air Signs Want A Man Who Will Help Them Change For The Better

If a woman born under an air sign gets into a relationship, it’s not because she is just bored with her life and wants a change — it’s because she genuinely believes that if she stays with this man, both of them will become better people as a result of it. She wants to be in a relationship if it will help her become a better version of herself, and she wants to do the same for the man she is with. She thinks that this is the only real reason to settle down with someone for a few years or more.

5-Water Signs Want A Hopeless Romantic

Water signs are the true hopeless romantics. Out of all the signs, women born under water signs are the most likely to fall head over heels for someone at first sight.

In fact, ask any water sign, and they will definitely tell you that they believe in love at first sight without a doubt. They would do pretty much anything for someone they love, and they wouldn’t even think twice about it.

That’s why a woman born under one of these signs wants to be with a guy who believes in intense, true love the same way that she does.

Cancer women fall in love easily, but they will fall out of it just as quickly if they notice that a guy is not as serious about it as they are.

They do not want to be with someone who isn’t going to give it their all. And most of all, a Cancer woman really needs to be with a guy who is willing to show her his sensitive side.

She can’t be with a guy who keeps his guard up. Above all, she wants to be with a guy who is willing to be vulnerable and open with her.

3-Scorpio: Real Honesty And Trustworthiness

If you’ve ever met a Scorpio woman (or you happen to be one yourself), you know that they are way more emotional than most signs. In fact, some would say that they are the most emotional sign. That’s why a Scorpio woman definitely needs to be with a guy who can communicate well and be honest in everything he does. She has a tendency to get nervous about men who can’t be totally honest, and if her suspicions have been right in the past, she will undoubtedly have trust issues to work on. She needs a truly honest man.

Pisces women are very artistic. This is one of the core traits of this sign. Any guy who is hoping to date a Pisces woman had better be ready to show off his creative side. A Pisces woman will always want to be with a man who has some sort of creative hobby.

This is why you will often find that Pisces men and Pisces women get together — they both understand each others’ drive to create in a way that other signs usually don’t.

So if you want to date a Pisces women, be ready to get a bit crafty.

1-Water Signs Need An Emotional Man

Overall, any woman born under a water sign needs a man who is in touch with his emotions. She cannot be with a guy who is closed off emotionally — they will not understand each other on a deeper level, and they will simply be totally incompatible.

Instead, she needs someone who isn’t afraid to stay up late at night just talking about his feelings and working through any issues they might be having.

Men who are afraid to get in touch with their feelings will never be good matches for water signs — she definitely needs a sensitive guy at heart.

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