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The ONE Thing We Absolutely Need To Have In A Relationship, Based On His & Her Zodiac Sign


Everyone has that one thing we really need out of a relationship — the surefire deal breaker. Sure, there are nice-to-haves, like a rich family and a flashy car, but in the end, we’re all willing to put up with a lot if certain key facets of the relationship are in place.

Each of the 12 astro signs has an essential question or issue that dominates their lives. There’s always one riddle that we have to solve in order to be happy. In the realm of relationships, that can come out in sometimes unexpected ways.

Here’s a look at each Sun Sign, and the one thing they truly crave and must have in a relationship — his and hers.

24-Love Aries Woman For Her Strength — And Never Try To Hold Her Back

If you don’t know her, the Aries woman can seem like a bit of a paradox. On the outside, she’s all glam and fashion-forward. You may be fooled by her grace and charm, but on the inside, she is pure steel.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries woman, you absolutely must love her for her strength and leadership qualities.

If you don’t, her ambitions and all those projects that take her away from you will wear down the relationship over time. Above all, do not try to stifle her, because there will be consequences.

23-Aries Man Needs To Feel Like He’s In Charge

Aries is the Ram, a Cardinal sign governed by Mars. It should surprise no one that the Aries man needs to feel in charge of his life. Now, it’s the 21st century, and we’re not talking about telling his SO what to do. Still, there needs to be some part of the relationship that his partner cedes over to him.

Let him plan vacations or decide where to go out for dinner every Friday.

Don’t let him overrule you where it really counts and when decisions should be made together, but if you can see your way to letting him take over at least some corner of your coupledom, you’re giving him something he really needs.

22-A Taurus Woman Needs A Natural Man

No matter how rarefied or artificial the the atmosphere, a Taurus woman will always have a fresh, natural kind of beauty — like Gigi Hadid, the quintessential Venus girl.

A Taurus woman might lead a jet-setting lifestyle or love life in the big city, but at least once in a while, she has to escape to the farm or the woods, or somewhere else where she can recharge in a natural setting.

She needs the same kind of naturalness from her SO. Be real, be sincere, add a dash of romance, and that’s all she asks for.

21-Taurus Man Really Needs To Feel Your Love

To begin to understand your Taurus man, just take a look at the symbols associated with the sign. There’s the strong, macho bull, governed by Venus, the goddess of love.

He may hang out with the guys most of the time, but the Taurus man will always have women as friends. If he really feels your love, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

He’s the guy who’ll blow you kisses and send you mushy text messages, hold the door open for you, and carry your heavy grocery bags. Tell him how much you love him — a lot— never forget those good-bye kisses, and pamper him with attention, and his heart will be yours.

20-Be A Gemini Woman’s Anchor In Her Topsy-Turvy World

The twins are the symbol for Gemini, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there are only two sides to your beloved Mercury girl. She’s got plenty more than that.

She can go in seven different directions at once — a true whirlwind. Fate also seems to keep her busy with a never-a-dull-moment life path.

If you can be her solid rock in the midst of the chaos that is her usual daily life and love her for her creative energies without resenting them, it’ll be the missing piece to her puzzle of life.

19-You’ll Have To Keep Up With Gemini Man’s Whirlwind Pace

The Gemini man can sure talk a good game. In fact, that’s probably how you met him, while having a fascinating conversation about 12 different topics at once. That kind of restless energy is his trademark, and it was a precursor of your relationship with him.

He’s easily bored, and if you really have your heart set on spending every Sunday at your mom and dad’s for dinner, or any kind of stable, predictable lifestyle, you’re definitely barking up the wrong tree.

If, in contrast, you enjoy his spontaneous nature, and not only love chasing after him on his latest whim, but can intrigue him enough to chase after you on yours too — he’s your man.

18-Understand A Cancer Woman’s Many Moods

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, and its many phases and daily change in position give you a clue as to the inner nature of your Cancer lady love.

It’s not that she’ll necessarily have wild mood swings, but her emotions will noticeably change on a pretty constant basis.

She needs a partner who is sensitive enough to realize that, and to be able to clue into those moods, knowing when to laugh along with her, and when she needs a shoulder to lean on.

17-A Cancer Man Needs Peace And Quiet

The man born under the sign of Cancer is sensitive, with a soul like the deep dark ocean. Sometimes, those depths frighten even him. That’s why, when he’s confronted, his reaction is often a sideways move rather than direct confrontation.

Let’s just say, you don’t want to be around him if he ever does let his anger blow up. With him constantly managing his emotions, what he really needs in a relationship is peace, harmony, and a complete lack of drama.

That doesn’t mean you don’t get to speak your mind. It just means that, if you’re the type to play head games and you enjoy emotional drama, just remember to duck when the volcano finally bursts — it won’t be pretty.

16-Leave Center Stage For Your Leo Woman

Your Leo woman doesn’t grab center stage — she owns it. That’s her natural place, right there in the spotlight. If you have any kind of problem with that, or you feel the need to compete for attention with her, then brace yourself, because this lioness has claws and she’s not afraid to use them.

With the sun as her ruler, she can’t help herself.

Let her have top billing, and she’ll be the generous, good-hearted queen that she can be. Try to take it away from here, and it won’t last long.

15-Leo Man Needs Your Fandom

Leo is ruled by the sun, and his natural place is the center of attention, on his throne as king of all he sees. Does that make him egotistical? Sure, but he tempers it with a sunny charm and a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts.

People just naturally gravitate toward this natural leader. His biggest secret, though, is that even with an adoring public, the one person’s fandom he really needs is yours.

Let him know — constantly — that he’s your number one, and he’ll flash that megawatt charm all day long. Put him down, and let him know you don’t respect him, and expect a moody lion to come out.

14-Appreciate The Classy Perfection Of A Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman has a devotion to perfection that is often misunderstood. She shops for timeless style and quality, not the latest fads. Sure, she can get fancied up to go out to the club, but it’s more likely to be a classy little black dress than a see-through number that leaves little to the imagination.

Even her features are likely to be classic, and that’s the kind of style and values she aims for. She needs you to appreciate and value that.

If your head is going to turn every time a flashy Leo or Pisces babe walks by, you’ll be killing the relationship by a thousand small cuts.

13-The Often Underestimated Virgo Man Needs You To Recognize His Worth

The world we live in doesn’t always value the Virgo man. He’s intelligent, diligent about every task he takes on from work or home, and absolutely reliable, but he won’t broadcast his virtues.

He’ll quietly work away, performing some essential function without blowing his own horn, trusting that the intelligent people will note his worthy contributions.

Sadly, they often don’t, especially when there are pushy Bulls, Rams, or Lions jostling for promotions. Even if the world doesn’t appreciate him, though, he absolutely needs his SO to be his biggest fan. With their solid support, he can be his best and ignore everyone else.

12-Libra Woman Hates Drama

Libra is represented by the scales. While that can imply balance, when you think of it, there is usually a lot of back and forth motion before they can be adjusted to a perfect balance on both sides.

That’s because brainy Libra women are considering all sides of a question before they speak or make a move. With all that going on in her mind, she usually ends up pretty drama-averse in her home life.

She needs a calm environment with good light and the right feng shui flow through to function at her best. She also needs a relationship where she can feel safe, and where drama is at a minimum, if not a complete stranger.

11-Peace And Harmony Soothe A Libra Man’s Heart

The Libra man can fool you. On the outside, he can be all personable charm, a real ladies’ man who seems to party through life, and go through girlfriends on the reg.

As an intellectual Air sign, though, you have to dig a little deeper for the truth. Underneath, he’s got an intense love of peace, harmony, and beauty, and a need for real intellectual stimulation.

His mind is active every second he’s awake, and he’s constantly measuring and considering his world from every side he can, trying to find a balance. Out there in the world, there’s often little in the way of balance or calm, so he craves it in his home life and personal relationships.

10-Scorpio Women Need Passion

The Scorpio woman doesn’t just want you — she wants all of you. She may be laughing at somebody’s joke at a party — because she’s very social — but look into those eyes and you’ll find the intensity.

While she’s playing it light, she’s actually sizing up everyone in the room, you included. Before you even saw her, she had you all figured out, and she’s wondering if you can be part of her plans for world domination.

It’s not far from the truth, if she’s a typical Scorpio, and she may just do it. If you can stand the heat, she’s a smoldering volcano of passion, no matter what face she chooses to show the outside world, and she expects an equal amount of fire from you.

9-Scorpio Man Craves Intensity

The Scorpio man never does anything halfway. Anything. If he’s the fan of a sports team, he’ll be the guy painted in team colors on game day. His passions extend to all facets of his life. That may include arguments about what color to paint the walls and what to wear on a night out.

While he is, ironically perhaps, a Water sign, he needs to feel that fire of engagement with life, and with you too.

He won’t stand for a lukewarm response from his SO, and will quickly get bored if his passions aren’t returned.

8-Your Sagittarius Woman Wants A Fun Partner In The Adventure Of Life

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, all intellect and will, and mutable, which means often meandering in direction. That describes the life arc of your typical Sagittarius woman to a tee. She craves adventure and excitement out of life, which may not necessarily mean far flung travel, but it certainly fits if it’s feasible. Anyone looking for a homebody who will happily pay off a 25-year mortgage and retire on the same property should definitely look elsewhere.

The Archer needs a relationship that is light, happy, and full of fun.

That doesn’t mean she’ll run when things go wrong, or that she can’t handle mortgage payments, but her restless spirit needs someone who can keep up with her active imagination.

7-Sagittarius Man Needs Smart, Interesting Partners

It’s not that your average Sagittarius man won’t notice how you look — he certainly will. But he’s more likely to be captivated by a certain kind of artsy/intellectual style than glitter or flashing a lot of skin. Extra points if you’re cosplaying as an anime babe, especially if it’s an obscure manga with some kind of hidden meaning.

The combination of obscure detail and off-beat imagery will hook him for sure.

This lively Fire sign engages with his mind first. Intrigue him with your wit and intelligence, add some kind of imaginative quirk, and he’ll love you forever.

6-Capricorn Woman Wants A Gentleman Who Will Treat Her As An Equal

The Capricorn woman is a worthy, hardworking soul with no small amount of ambition in life. She’s always appropriately dressed, pays her bills on time, and expects equally grown-up behavior from anyone she gets involved with. She needs your respect and she needs you to behave — at least, in public. In private, the two of you can get as wild as you like.

The Strong, capable Capricorn woman will assume you consider her your equal unless she disturbingly finds out otherwise, and if she does, you’ll be out the door very quickly.

She knows her worth, and she won’t stand for anyone who doesn’t share her view.

5-Understand Capricorn Man’s Public And Private Faces – And Keep His Secrets

The classic Capricorn man is really two people — the respected businessman on the outside, with the soul of an artist on the inside. Many of them will indulge both sides of their character, although with this practical Earth sign, you can count on most making a living from that business-like end.

He needs to project a conventional face to the world, but in private, you’ll find that he lets his hair down, and then some.

Capricorn man needs you to love him for both of his sides, and to keep his private side a secret between the two of you that you’ll never, ever share.

4-Aquarius Woman Needs Her Independence

Aquarius woman is a little like a butterfly. Try to trap her and contain her, and she’ll not only be unhappy, you can do real damage. But, let her fly free, and you can enjoy her company and the way she’ll brighten your life with her high flying ideas and vivid imagination.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign and an Air sign, which means that she is ruled by her head, and she does favor long-term relationships.

But, that doesn’t mean claustrophobic relationships where you are together 24/7. She’ll always need time to herself and the freedom to scout out her own adventures. Don’t worry, if she’s truly in love, she’ll always come back.

3-Give A Long, Long Rope To Your Aquarius Man

Your Aquarius man really didn’t mean to forget all about Friday night dates. That, in spite of the fact that you’d been planning it for weeks. See, he ran into that old friend from college and they got to talking. Next thing he knew, it was already Saturday morning!

You’ll be furious, and then next week, he’ll show up out of the blue on your doorstep with flowers and an extravagantly beautiful necklace that he bought for you when he was in Taiwan last month.

Oh, did he forget to tell you he was in Taiwan? He’s a Fixed sign, so he does actually crave continuity in his relationships, believe it or not, but if you don’t like spontaneity or roller coasters in general, best give this one a wide berth.

2-Pisces Woman Needs To Find Her Hero

The Pisces woman is a sensitive, romantic soul. She’s dreamy and lives close to her emotions. Most of all, she needs a safe haven when it comes to her personal relationships.

She needs to trust her SO and feel like he’s her very own superhero. Neglect, lack of attention, and an attitude that dismisses her emotions will leave her cold, and she’s likely to leave you cold, too, eventually.

If she loves you, it’s because you became her hero in her imagination. She knows the difference between dreams and reality, but if you ever seriously fall off that pedestal and the dream dies for good, then your relationship will too.

1-Pique His Imagination And Pisces Man Is Yours

The man born under the sign of Pisces is a dreamer. That can mean anywhere from the classic closet daydreamer who hides from reality to the successful businessman, artist, or entrepreneur who made his dreams come true.

Whatever he latches onto in life first has to come alive in his imagination, and that includes you.

He may take a look at the scantily clad exhibitionist, but ultimately, she leaves him cold. Now, if she’s wearing an unusually-designed, scanty dress, and reciting esoteric poetry at the same time, that’s a different story. Hook his imagination, and he’s hooked on you.



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