The Two Best Ways To Get Over A Breakup (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)



Breakups are hard. One minute, you’re with someone you love and care for and the next, you’re just…not. Whether you were the instigator or they were, it can feel like an emotional and physical upheaval and you can be left wondering what to do next.

Maybe you lived together or even had a family together (pets count as family, FYI), or maybe you’d been with them for so long that it feels weird to be on your own again. Every breakup is different but, in many, many ways, we all feel the same things when the relationship is over: unsure, worried, perhaps a little relieved, sad, angry. It’s a weird, swirling vortex of messy and conflicting feelings and you may have no idea what to do to get over it.

That’s where we come in.

Turning to the stars, we’ve determined the two best ways to help you out of your rut and get on the path to healing after heartbreak. Your star sign can signify a lot about your strengths and weaknesses, which includes how you feel after you’ve split from your SO. We’re not medical professionals, but if you’re still anxious from a broken heart our recommendation is to take two of these and call us in the morning!

24-Sagittarius: Clean Out Your Closet

Sagittarius isn’t the kind of sign who loves lightly, because it can take an awful lot for them to commit to another person.

When things go South, Sagittarius may be inclined to throw up her hands and peace out, but taking the time to process all those unruly feelings is necessary.

Of course, getting too up close and personal with her emotions is intimidating to this commitment-shy sign, so cleaning out your closet is both a therapeutic “purging” of old items and a rediscovery of something new she might have forgotten she had!

23-Sagittarius: Get Away For A Weekend

Sagittarius craves distractions when emotions are running high, and she’ll often bolt when the going gets tough. Getting away for a weekend on a solo trip or a girls adventure is just what the doctor ordered to help heal a broken heart!

Discovering new horizons or just escaping the everyday surroundings that remind her of her ex is necessary to prevent dwelling on any feelings of failure, which can arise from a dead relationship, and surrounding herself with her squad or getting some quality me-time is great for getting some positive energy flowing. Plus, it’ll give her followers major Insta-envy!

22-Capricorn: Go To A Movie

Capricorn isn’t the type of sign to really look into her feelings when a relationship ends. She would much rather distract herself that do the grunt work of parsing through old memories or talking about her emotions. In fact, she’ll probably quickly convince herself that she’s much better off! (Which is likely true!)

However, the stoic and uncompromising Capricorn can do herself a disservice by burying her emotions deep. Instead, she should treat herself to a solo movie that’s pure escapism – think fantasy, adventure, or sci-fi – to really turn off that analytical brain.

21-Capricorn: Work On Something New

The temptation to throw herself into work is high for a Capricorn, who is naturally prone to ambition and workaholism. However, in the event of a breakup, burying herself under mountains of work isn’t necessarily the best thing to help her heal.

Instead, since work is rarely intimidating to this determined sign, she’s better off focusing her efforts on working on something entirely outside of her wheelhouse! Picking up a hobby, finally getting around to reading War and Peace – whatever! Using her brainpower for something other than her job is a very Capricorn method of healing after heartbreak.

20-Aquarius: Get A Massage

It can be tempting for the aloof Aquarius to turn off her feelings after a breakup. She risked vulnerability once and refuses to lay herself so bare ever again! This can lead to her becoming cold and withdrawn, but it’s important for this sign to remember that physical closeness can be a good thing, and staying in tune with her body rather than retreating into her head is a must.

A trip to the spa or a good massage is precisely how she can indulge herself in this way. Aquarius will be able to really relax and nourish her body instead of twisting her mind up in knots.

19-Aquarius: Vent Over Drinks

Aquarius is a social sign who loves being around friends. After a breakup, she may feel the temptation to become a bit of a recluse rather than deal with others, especially since she shies away from a emotional connection.

That said, Aquarius needs to bite the bullet and go out with her girlfriends for a major vent session.

Too often, she keeps her emotions pent up inside her; with the help of her BFFs and a glass of bubbly or two, Aquarius can really express how she’s feeling and know that she has a strong support system, even if the person she thought would always be there for her is now gone.

18-Pisces: Sleep And Spend Some Time In Your Dream World

A sign that is guided by her dreams, Pisces prefers to draw out relationships rather than end them with a clear-cut declaration. Her penchant for romance and desire to see the best in people can leave her lingering in relationships longer than she should.

This sign is the most intuitive, and a lot of that comes from her dreams, so Pisces should take a nice long nap and reconnect with her inner eye to recognize that this decision was the right one. Getting a much-needed recharge of the body and mind is essential for her sensitivity.

17-Pisces: Make A Pro-Con List

Pisces wants to see the best in people and will often give her SO endless opportunities without understanding the toll it may be taking on her. She second-guesses her decisions a lot, which can lead to more on-off relationships than most.

Rather than question her judgment, Pisces should make a clear and concise pro-con list of her ex to understand that, while that person may have been great in many ways, there were a lot of other reasons that they didn’t work out.

Seeing the reality of the situation laid out will be hard for her to deny, but necessary for her to move on.

16-Aries: Go On A Hike

Aries thrives in nature and the outdoors. She doesn’t want to hole herself up with a pint of ice cream and cry on the couch. Rather than get sad, this sign gets mad, and that burning energy is a great motivator to get her butt outside and realize that, even if her world feels off-kilter or like its crumbling, the universe outside is beautiful

The solitude of being in nature on a hike is perfect for the hotheaded Aries, who might make a bad decision if confronted with her ex.

Getting her anger out by screaming from a mountaintop or embracing how alive and active she is sans her SO is one of the best ways for this sign to heal.

15-Aries: Try Boxing

All the aggression that burns inside the youngest sign needs an outlet and, while she might want to key her ex’s car or leave vitriolic messages on his IG page, boxing is a much healthier and more controlled environment for all that pent-up rage – and bonus, it’s an excellent workout!

Fierce and competitive, boxing lets Aries put her game face on and she can visualize decking her ex without actually causing him any harm; a winning situation for all parties!

14-Taurus: Bake Something

Taurus is a sign that may be inclined to eat her feelings after a breakup. A sensual sign, she has always found comfort and solace in food.

Rather than pack on the pounds after a relationship ends, focus that need for tactile comfort – and delicious tastes – into something more constructive, like baking or cooking something and sharing it with her family and friends!

Baking is a comforting form of therapy for many, but especially for Taurus. Seeing the effort that goes into making something from scratch will make her less inclined to devour it on her own without thinking, but still provide the same satisfaction.

13-Taurus: Sign Up For A Class

This Earth sign craves stability and what is a breakup if not a complete upheaval of the stability to which she’s become accustomed? Breakups can leave Taurus feeling unmoored and at a loss, which is why signing up for a class will inject that much-needed schedule into her daily life.

Instead of locking herself up at home for days on end, a new class (think painting, pottery, gardening, whatever) will give her purpose and something around which to organize her day and reinvigorate her with the challenge of learning – and mastering – something new.

12-Gemini: Meditate

With the arrival of a breakup, Gemini will feel like she’s being torn in a thousand different directions at once. She’ll be laughing, crying, silent, talking a mile a minute, needing to be surrounded by people, needing to be alone – you get the picture.

In order to keep herself grounded and focus all of that frantic energy, Gemini needs to take a few moments every day to meditate.

Checking in with herself daily will allow her to calm the storm brewing inside of her and center herself.

Something she needs when this twin sign feels as though she has lost her other half.

11-Gemini: Get Online

Gemini, the flirt that she is, needs to know ASAP that she can still snag a guy whenever she wants to. While we wouldn’t normally recommend hitting up a dating app so soon after a breakup, Gemini needs to know that she’s still got it going on.

This sign tends to rush through relationships and collect them more than the other signs, due to her social and outgoing personality. Letting herself know that there is more than one person for her out there is key in her journey to finding love again.

10-Cancer: Have A Slumber Party

A breakup to a Cancer can be devastating. If left to her own devices, she will wallow for ages, make sad Facebook statuses, repost tragic memes, and honestly leave everyone around her asking if she’s okay. Because of that, this sign should not be left alone for a while after the end of a relationship!

A slumber party with her best friends will keep her distracted during this tough time, filled with junk food, fun music, and the support of her girls. Healing with the help of their unconditional love is a must for this sensitive and insecure Water sign.

9-Cancer: Watch A Sappy Movie

A little wallowing is okay for Cancer, which is why we recommend one sappy movie watching. She needs to cry out all her lonely tears in a safe environment, and streaming something sad on Netflix is a great way to do it.

This sign is super sensitive and more likely than not, has pinned all her thoughts of future happiness on this dude who is now relegated to the past. She needs to be allowed to mourn that, but not stay stuck in her depression.

We recommend a single movie viewing alone and one with friends, but anything more could risk leaving this sign in a sob-filled rut.

8Leo: Take Yourself Shopping

Nothing lifts Leo’s spirits quite like a little retail therapy! Hey, it’s called “therapy” for a reason, right? Leo needs to remember that she doesn’t need anyone to make her happy and that the best gift is the one she gives to herself.

Of course, splurging should be kept within reason (and within budget), which is why we suggest that Leo try thrift-shopping for some cool, one-of-a-kind finds that’ll provide more satisfaction than burning that credit card at a dozen high-end places will. Discovering something unique is way better than paying top dollar for something everyone else already has!

7-Leo: Get Your Thoughts And Emotions In Order With The Help Of A Journal

While shopping is a great activity for Leo to do, we don’t want her to bury her feelings in material possessions. This sign can be a little too concerned with the surface of things, which may leave her completely blindsided when a breakup occurs.

Taking the time to journal her feelings will allow her to uncover what went wrong in the relationship, while also finding out more about herself and what she values in her partnerships.

Spending some quiet time with herself rather than regaling an audience about all the sordid details of her ex will prove to be much more beneficial in the long run.

6-Virgo: Curl Up With A Furry Friend

Reliving a breakup to the point of insanity is something Virgo knows all too well. She will tie herself up in anxious knots and overanalyze how things could have gone differently, even if she was the one who pulled the plug! Instead of trying to convince herself (and everyone else) of something different, she should spend time with someone who can’t talk back – like a fluffy, cuddly friend!

Virgo is a sign that is naturally drawn to all things furry and four-legged, and snuggling up will slow her heart rate and release those endorphins that her tired, anxiety-laden brain desperately needs.

5-Virgo: Get Lost In A Book

A sign that is all about self-improvement, Virgo may be drawn to self-help books following a breakup, believing that if she had changed, things could have gone a different way.

Instead of relying on expensive tomes by pseudo-scientists (although if you’re into that, you do you), we recommend trying to read something that is all about escapism – and won’t remind her of her ex.

Burrowing herself in a book will open up new worlds for Virgo, who can get trapped in her head, and provide her with the reassurance that just because life gets messy doesn’t mean you don’t find your happy ending.

4-Libra: Get Together With Friends

A social sign who is always on the lookout for her “other half”, it can be alluring for Libra to jump to a new person in order to get over her last. Instead of giving into that temptation, we suggest surrounding herself with friends at a time when she needs companionship and turning to social events to reinvigorate her.

This sign is sometimes perceived as self-centered (even when she attempts to help others) so being with other people who recognize that this is her time of need without asking too much of her is ideal.

3-Libra: Make Something Beautiful

Libra loves beauty. Ruled by Venus, she is drawn all things lovely.

This can make her shallow, but instead of appreciating things for their surface appeal, Libra might be better off trying to make something beautiful all on her own.

This can take many forms, from planting flowers or tending to a garden to crafting jewelry to volunteering her time cleaning up a public park! Stepping outside of herself to beautify her surroundings is a great use of her energy and will help her realize that she can have a life and fill it with gorgeous things even if she doesn’t have a partner (at least at the moment).

2-Scorpio: Burn Some Bridges (Not Literally)

Scorpio is a tough sign to deal with following a breakup. She will alternate being sad with bouts of righteous anger.

A Scorpio does not believe in second chances and so the best way for her to get over a breakup is to sever all contact with an ex. Purging him and his image from all social media as well as her living space is required for her to move on.

She will need to quell her urge for revenge or retribution and the first step in doing that is to get his face off of her feed.

It may be harsh, but it’s the only way a Scorpio can begin the process of getting over someone.

1-Scorpio: Be A Kid Again

Scorpio has a difficult time letting things go since she rarely opens up enough to let someone in, and when she does – and gets crushed – she’ll retreat all over again.

Instead of dwelling on the relationship and falling deeper and deeper into anger, resentment, and depression, Scorpio needs to hang tough and embrace her inner child.

Take on the role of the “fun aunt” and babysit a niece, nephew, or a friend’s child. Being around innocence and joy will make her reconsider her jaded outlook. Acting like a big kid and having fun, even for just a few hours, will refresh her emotions and give her a positive target for all that love she has buried deep inside.


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