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The Type Of Perfume He’s Attracted To On Her, Based On His Astrology



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There are many things a woman does that can drive a man wild, but this one is at the top. Ladies, there is one thing you can do that is simple and can have a man (or your current man) crawling to your feet almost instantaneously.

We are talking about that thing we spray on us before work or a night out; yes, we are indeed saying that perfume is like an aphrodisiac. Because the scents of perfume really vary between women and men, men are so attracted to woman’s perfume and they find it to be extremely sensual.

And ladies, since we support girl power, we just wanted to let you in on a little secret: if you’re looking for love, you just might have men hounding around you because of your scent. And if you’re already taken, then knowing this information will certainly heat your significant other up.

If you read on, you’ll learn that by simply wearing the right perfume, a lot can change. Because of the certain character traits that are different to every astro sign, that means they all have different scents that they favor.

In other words, depending on a man’s astro sign, he will prefer a very particular scent on his partner. So, if you’re here to find out what the new guy you’re crushing on likes to get whiffs of, read on to know which perfume you will head out to buy at Sephora next.

24-Sweep An Aries Man Away With A Little Mix

If your man is an Aries, then you have a man who makes being “on point” a hobby. And because an Aries man is bold and always on his A-game, he likes a woman who dashes around town with sweet and spicy fragrances.

This means a citrusy perfume will do, but so will flowery scents.

Because they are fiery men, they are stimulated by smells that are flowery, but some that have a little mix to them too. They’re the type of men that would admire the smell of jasmine, but also fall for some ginger or myrrh in a scent.

23-These Two Perfumes Will Send An Aries To The Stars

Now, if you want to know which perfumes you should run out to buy if you’re surrounded by an Aries man, we have all you need. Know how we said that Aries men love what is sweet, yet a little spicy? Well, the perfect perfume to entice them is Black Orchid by Tom Ford. The scent is one any Aries man would intensely approve of. Another option that will make him feel whimsical when he is next to you is Karen Walker’s A Eau De Parfum, which is perfect for a sunny summer day with an Aries.

22-A Taurus Man Is Like A Lumberjack

Plain and simple: a Taurus man is an earth sign, and there you have it. What we mean, in other words, is that because Taurus men are a grounded sign, they find simple pleasure in whatever scents they smell in a forest, for example.

This means they will be more likely to fall for a woman that opts for a fragrance that is based with woodsy scents, musk, or even roses.

Anything that is too sweet, besides roses, will not draw them in, though. Think low-key and earthy vibes rather than sweet fruity ones.

21-We Are Defining Those Woody Taurus Scents

Woody aromatic notes are the obvious scents that will make a Taurus man weak in the knees, if the above paragraph was not obvious enough. That being said, we suggest you drop everything, including your flowery Marc Jacobs scent, and head to the mall to make Vol de Nuit by Guerlain your new go-to. If you’re not feeling that one, and you’re looking for something a little more feminine, the Tory Burch Fleur Rose is heaven in a bottle for Taurus men. The scent is pure bliss with rose, amber, and sandalwood notes in a positively earthy Taurus blend.

20-Make Your Scent Chill With Gemini Men

The key to a Gemini man’s heart is compromised of many scents; those that are light, sweet, and have citrus undertones. Because Gemini men are light and easygoing, they prefer scents that are not too strong and just a tease to the nasal passage.

In other words, to attract a Gemini, you must keep in mind you got to be as breezy as them when choosing which scent to grace yourself with.

They also have a strong liking for lavender, so that will do the job, too. Just remember to keep it light and breezy rather than piled on in a cloud of flowers.

19-The Perfect Enduring Fragrances For Gemini Men

A 10 on 10 for a Gemini man is a smell that lingers; basically, when he gets home from a night with you, he wants to smell the soft scent on his clothing. One perfume that is sure to do the work, is Chloe’s Love Story―and who knows, you may just have a love story on your hands. He will not be able to resist the woodsy note that makes the fragrance a lingering one. If you don’t like that pretty perfume, you’ll surely reel him in with the Illicit by Jimmy Choo one too.

18-If You’re A White Flower Woman, Cancer Is Your Man

A Cancer man will be so tempted to be around you 24/7 if you wear anything that is white flower based; this includes the white lilac, white roses, jasmine, and honeysuckle.

That certainly gives you many options to impress him, but you’ll be dreamy to him if you get into the single white note floral fragrances.

He won’t want a whiff of anything else if you make one of these scents your go-to. He could also be swayed by fruity notes, so keep that in mind when selecting the ideal fragrance. But in general, white flowers are a go.

17-Cancer Men Love These Summer Classics

A Cancer is born during the summer scents, so whatever smells summery will surely have him hooked. And do you blame him? He will want to breathe in your fragrance like it is fresh air. One fragrance that will without a doubt have him weak at the knees is J’adore by Dior. This perfume is already a hit among women; it is sensual and a blend of ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine. In other words, he will be hooked. If that scent is not your cup of tea, try out Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum that is fresh white florals in a bottle.

16-A Leo Man Will Rawr Over Your Sweet Scent

Leo men are fierce by nature; they are on top of Pride Rock―remember that? They also tend to be perfectionists and are attracted to anything that is quality.

This means, if a Leo man is in the picture, you don’t have to have various perfume bottles to please him.

The mighty Leo man will be tempted by fragrances that are sweet. But that is not all; they also love scents that are based on notes that are “edible” like citrus or warm. Try and find one perfume that has both, and he’ll be the leader of your pack.

15-The High-End Brands Will Have Him Twirling His Mane

Many women already have this perfume as their staple, but if not, you’ll be glad to know Leo men get feisty over this one because the fragrance is fantastic, and luxury in a bottle. Black Opium by YSL, with just one use, will make you feel like royalty with a Leo around. It is a sweet perfume that is of great quality and is totally what Leos are all about. If not, he will think you’re are royalty if you sprinkle a little bit of Christian Louboutin Trouble in Heaven on you―the name speaks for itself.

14-A Virgo Man Knows Exactly What He Likes To Smell

You know what we love? Men who are simple but also have an appreciation for what is trending in beauty. A Virgo man is just that and always appreciates perfection.

What these guys really have is a keen nose for fragrances that have a vanilla base, a floral base, or musky notes.

Odd mix, right? But that is because Virgos are an earth sign, so the Virgo man that also goes with the hottest trends still goes gaga for sandalwood scents. He likes both whimsical natural scents along with trendy floral and vanilla, so there’s a lot to work with when selecting the right perfume here.

13-Oh, The Variety A Virgo Man Can Give You

You’re in luck if you’re with a Virgo man because he is versatile in terms of his likes. If you are spending an afternoon with him out for lunch, you can spritz some Vikton & Rolf Flower Bomb on you and he’ll probably be hypnotized. However, in the evening, what will really tempt him will be Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme or Comme Des Garcons by Grace Coddington because they are both infused with a warmth that is perfect for the sensual Virgo. Then again, you can also grab your own favorite scent that combines the elements we’ve listed; Virgos are versatile, after all.

12-Libra Men Dig The Timeless Scents

Libra men are full of spunk and energy, so when it comes to perfume, they are super enthusiastic about it! Libra men are the type that cannot just stick to one perfume for life because they enjoy the many different fresh scents.

If you have a Libra man lingering around you, you’re going to have to keep a couple of perfumes hanging out on your shelves.

Why? They are attracted to the classics aka citrus and oriental floral scents. Keep it simple but have many elegant options on hand to switch things up whenever the mood strikes.

11-A Specialty: Libra No. 5

If you’re a perfume enthusiast, then when we mentioned the word “classic” associated with fragrances in the above accompanying entry, then Coco Mademoiselle instantly popped in your mind. If so, you need to go find yourself a Libra FAST. The perfume is posh, fresh, elegant, and simply a classic just the way Libras like it. If you don’t already have and love that scent, just spray on one hint of Stella McCartney’s STELLA and you’ll have him hooked because of the light green notes and its chicness. Of course, remember to switch things up to keep him guessing.

10-Moody Scorpios Fancy Variety

To win a Scorpio man over, it won’t be too difficult. They appreciate all scents that are oriental floral or spice, along with a dash of fruity notes; this means they have a thing for variety.

And because as people, the men are intense, they like fragrances that are a little more extreme like they are.

A light musk fancies them, as well as many floral scents, like geranium and eucalyptus. Scorpios are also passionate, so they’ll certainly remember your perfume scent. That means you’d better choose something you love, because he’ll learn to associate you with that smell.

9-Keep Up With A Scorpio Man With These Perfumes

If a Scorpio man loves what scent you’re giving off when you sashay by him, chances are, he’ll note the perfume down. Because they’re passionate, a perfume scent can certainly win them over. One sent that will give off a great Scorpio-attracting vibe is The One by Dolce & Gabbana; make sure to keep him in a fantastic mood by spraying it all over you continuously. If not, go for Bella Freud J’taime Jane to amp up his sense of smell. Thanks to the powder-musk formula mixed with orange blossom and sandalwood, he’ll be instantly intrigued and hooked.

8-Sagittarius Men Are Expectant

We’re curious about what Sagittarius men think because they are naturally so optimistic about everything; they could switch up from woodsy to florals in just one day.

Basically, Sagittarius men are those type of people that love both salt and sweets.

We can’t blame them though, because that’s the ideal combination of both tastes and scents. Because they are a fire sign, they love to go with scents that have bases with a deep orange or red; whatever color is warmest and most rustic suits their needs. Try a woodsy citrus and floral perfume with a deep red color, and you’re good to go.

7-These Perfumes Will Have Optimistic Sagittarius Men Tripping

If you want to attract the attention of a positive and optimistic Sagittarius, he will smell you miles away if you’re wearing Olympea by Paco Rabanne. Since these signs are impressed by fresh floral notes like dandelion and carnation, this perfume will do the trick. If the dandelion and carnation combo isn’t your cup of tea, try and get him to notice your fragrance by going for Tom Ford’s Santal Blush. This scent is like freedom in a bottle, outgoing like Sagittarius men, and it has all those deep red spices that intoxicate Sagittarius guys with excitement.

6-Capricorns Love What’s Old-School

If you’re planning on winning a Capricorn’s heart over, go with a vintage and classic brand to sweep him off his feet. Capricorns are an earth sign and are known to be the type of people who place value on whatever is longstanding. Plus, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

In fashion, the Capricorn man would stay loyal to original brands, so the same applies when it comes to fragrances.

They appreciate whenever they detect hints of vanilla and warm florals because that is the ideal scent of a vintage fragrance. Think old school, and you’ll be golden.

5-Try The French Designer House Perfumes To Impress A Capricorn

After the description we just gave, we’re sure you’ve been thinking of Chanel, Dior, and Lancôme, and if you are, you’re on the right track. A Capricorn does not burn old bridges; he appreciates them because he has trust in what has been around a long time. The one perfume that is all he desires is Manifesto by YSL. This does not mean the Capricorn is materialistic, they just find stability in what is old. Another perfume they’ll fall for is the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit with hints of orange, vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood.

4-The Intellectual Scents Stimulate An Aquarius

Aquarius men are intellectual, so when they think about fragrances, the first thought that comes to their mind is, “is this scent eco-friendly?”

We don’t mean they’re going to want proof that your scent was made to protect the environment, but they appreciate it if your perfume is a fresh and green fragrance.

A perfect perfume that would be right for his philanthropical side would be whatever is fruity and has a bit of orange blossom, sandalwood, or geranium. Of course, anything perky and greenhouse-reminiscent is great, just don’t overdo it on the woodsy scents.

3-Aquarius Perfumes That You’ll Need

There is no need to be fancy with Aquarius men, just as long as your perfume is an eco product or freshly scented. You will certainly tickle their fancy if you go and wipe out the shelves of Chance by Chanel, because of its unexpected floral scent. The freshness of the floral scent will get his heart pulse high! If not, the other right perfume that will make him go nuts is the Diptyque Eau De Sens because of its blissful mix of orange blossom and bitter orange. After all, citrus is at the height of smelling fresh and green.

2-Those Light Scents Will Make A Splash With Pisces

Pisces men are known to be emotional and sensitive―if you’re with a Pisces, we probably did not need to tell you that. However, as people, they are best represented through soft pastel colors like lilacs, bluish pinks, and whites.

We’re saying this because that is what makes them tempted by scents on a woman that have white floral notes; the color influence.

If your perfume is a light or white floral scent with some lilac in it or a vanilla base, this fish will surely be swimming circles around you. Think light, airy, and see-through, and that’s the vibe you want.

1-Indulge In These Typical Pisces Scents

A Pisces man will get deeply emotional around you if you tempt him with your amber and white floral fragrances. He will think you’re a gem if you accessorize yourself with the scent of Alien by Mugler, because it gives off a positive aura. It is packed with notes of jasmine, wood, and amber gris; all things a Pisces makes a splash about. Then there is the holy grail of positive auras; Alexander McQueen Eau de Parfum. This selection is so delicately composed with white tuberose and jasmine petal that it’s barely there yet just enough of a scent―a definite Pisces pleaser.

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