How does your zodiac sign influence your personality? And in your relationship with others? We reveal all the defects of your personality according to your sign.


The Aries are, by nature, very proud , and it is well known to have immense self – esteem. Also, they often tend to develop this defect over time. In fact, this defect is often reinforced and nourished by the admiration that their environment professes them. In fact, the Aries are very charismatic, often fall in grace and are often surrounded by a circle of admirers . This, obviously, reinforces the egocentric aspect of the Aries.PlayUnmuteLoaded: 0%Progress: 0%Remaining Time -1:10Fullscreen On the other hand, Aries are also known for not listening to those around them . They are so charismatic and their loved ones listen to them and admire them so much that they often forget to empathize. The Aries have a hard time accepting that they may be wrong and never admit their mistakes . It is true that they can often be stronger or brighter than the rest , but that makes them turn to themselves, and they are absolutely incapable of accepting the advice that others give them. They believe that they do not need anyone to be the best. The Aries is a born leader and he has a hard time accepting the authority, as well as to all those people who may be superior to him in terms of hierarchy, financial resources, physical attributes, etc. Aries is, by nature, a leader who does not like to serve anyone. Everyone must obey him, respect him, listen to him and admire him. In conclusion, its three main defects are its authority, its egocentricity and its impulsiveness .


The biggest flaw of Taurus is its possessive and absorbing side . Taurus does not support, especially in the couple, that you can covet what belongs to you. His jealousy is legendary , and Taurus can get carried away very quickly and lash out without thinking if he feels threatened (often, without being right). He also likes the good life and may have a tendency to gain weight or not take care of his body, since he likes good meat and culinary pleasures. He does not know how to contain himself and the temptations are stronger than him. Taurus is a bold sign that never thinks before acting . This aspect can often play tricks on you and earn you many enemies. In a relationship, he is not always faithful or sincere. In this field too, temptations can be stronger than him . It is also a sign that has a hard time hiding its dark side. His past reappears often and he finds it very difficult to overcome, which can weigh on him. Taurus has a complex personality and can be very difficult to understand. He can be carried away by anger and madness in an inexplicable way. Over time, Taurus may tend to calm down and dissipate his anger, but the boiling continues inside him and is hard to handle. In short, the worst qualities of Taurus are its angry side, its jealousy and its complex psychology .


Gemini is a very light and superficial being . Of course, he is not an intellectual, although he is calculating. His way of thinking is simple. You can also change your mind according to the person in front of you. He is not interested in having deep ideas or philosophizing . It is useless to make him talk about culture, politics or history. These issues often remain large, as well as current affairs. However, Gemini can pass for a scholar without problems, since he is a good manipulator who knows how to adapt to situations and their different interlocutors . The background is irrelevant to him, the only thing that matters is the form and the image he projects. Gemini adores the material, the ostentation and the dazzling. He loves what shines, what makes him beautiful and makes him stand out physically. Attracted by money, Gemini can be a venal and upstart, and tends to choose their environment or partners according to their salary or social status. Gemini may also lack empathy, and does not listen to others . It is an intelligent automaton that knows how to please. But after the interest it can have in people, it lacks compassion and a real desire to know the other. These defects tarnish his virtues, because Gemini is nimble in mind, and often funny . His charm and flair make him charismatic and make him always well surrounded. In summary,the biggest defects of Gemini are its manipulative, superficial and unsophisticated side .


Cancer is, without a doubt, the most capricious zodiacal sign . Be careful if your partner is cancer, he could manipulate you from the changing and difficult to follow that he is. Very close to his family, Cancer is a child of mother, for whom the family is paramount. Cancer changes his mind more than his shirt and loves to sulk and lock himself in his own complacency . In addition, he often thinks that everyone is against him. Cancer often lacks joy , can be susceptible and, above all, does not like to be outraged or mocked. It is almost impossible to tell a cancer what is really thought about it without getting upset and showing a lot of indignation. He is unable to control his emotions, either in the family context, in the couple or even in the professional field. This unsociable person is not able to hear what could hurt him for hours. Cancer continues to live in childhood and it is difficult to make it grow and mature ; it is simply impossible to master it and expect anything from it. However, his melancholic or even maudlin side also makes him endearing , because behind all this, cancer is a big baby full of affection. In summary, Cancer is mainly immature, capricious and limited .


As its name suggests, the lion is the king of the jungle, or at least that’s what he thinks! This oversized ego sign constantly pursues the consideration of others and personal success . That is all that matters to him. He wants to win at all costs, be the strongest, whatever happens, and dominate everything that is around him, whether professional, personal or friendly. Leo always wants to be right, and does not admit that he can be criticized or opposed. Better not try to criticize it, it would cost you dearly! Leo does not hesitate to crush his opponents, his pride is stronger than anything else. Woe to those who might have a boss or superior of the Leo sign, because nobody is as authoritarian and angry as the King of the Zodiac! You have to arm yourself with patience and, whatever happens, do not oppose it frontally: I could not stand it. Leo is not tolerant of the weak . Leo is also quite materialistic . He loves the temptation of money and is a born leader who constantly seeks to earn a lot of money and show others his success. He loves luxury, beautiful trips and everything that could attest to his value. These defects make him a fighter who will know how to lead like nobody elseand that keeps fighting to get further and further away. In conclusion, Leo is a dominant being, impulsive and with an oversized ego .


Virgo is the least fun sign of the zodiac . He does not like fantasy or fun. He is a true fan of control and loves order. He is not a leader but rather a follower with a large inferiority complex . He will know how to be a good soldier for authority, always in guard position and ready to serve his superiors. Virgo is also obsessed with cleanliness . He is the maniac of the zodiac who hates above all the disorder and chaos. His greatest fear is that his day to day can be altered; He does not like changes or fantasy . Do not try to give surprises to a virgo either: he does not like anything, since he always seeks control of everything he does. Very self-conscious, he is also unsure of himself and does not like public places or group outings. It is a home-loving person who prefers to spend his time cleaning at home rather than going out and enjoying life . Often surrounded by few people, he tends to criticize his surroundings and be quite hypocritical. In spite of everything, his perfectionist and intelligent side means that he is often a bright, cultured, interesting and always well-educated being . In conclusion, the main shortcomings of Virgo are its controlling desire, its too manic side and its lack of confidence .


Libra is often criticized for being the weakest in the zodiac . In fact, it is true that will pound are friendly, but do not know assert themselves and say what they think . They can also give the impression often of being hypocritical or of exceeding in their attempt to please at all costs and, above all, not having confrontations or hurting anyone. They are often too reflective, they live in constant doubt and it can take up to hours to make simple decisions . These great undecided are always afraid of everything and do not throw themselves into the pool if they have not weighed well the pros and cons: hence his name, which represents balance, but also indecision. Librans are also great complexes that have little confidence in themselves. Far from being leaders or audacious, they have the impression of being inferior to others and not being able to follow them . However, they are creative intellectuals who are too often unaware of their own abilities and who need their environment to push them forward . In fact, sometimes they are a little soft or even lazy. If you live with a pound, do not wait for decisions or initiatives; however, in return he will always be happy to follow him, but at his own pace! In summary, the main defects of Libra are its lazy side, follower and indecisive .


This great manipulator and calculator of the zodiac always hides his cards of the game. It is a mysterious person who does not reveal his thoughts . It can even tend to be quite hypocritical if it can be of some use without any inconvenience. Scorpio stings and can hurt without compassion. Beware of his cruel words: he will not hesitate to tell him what he thinks for the sole purpose of hurting him . Scorpio is an inquisitor who often attacks his environment, although not necessarily consciously. Its sole purpose is to achieve its ends, and especially to reach the top. Scorpio is also known for his great sexual appetite. So, is he always faithful? Not really, because nothing will completely satisfy your wishes . Scorpio is never satisfied and always expects more from his partner. He has no taboos and always seeks excess in everything he does. It can also be exhausting in the long run, since you’re never tired and it’s hard to follow. His great energy, however, is what makes him a powerful being and a born leader. This seductive manipulator hides, however, a rather dark and pessimistic, and may even lack confidence once pierced its thick shell. In short, Scorpio is primarily manipulative, excessive and cruel .


This great dreamer is often considered as the sage of the zodiac , the intellectual with strong ideals. In reality, Sagittarius is a great naive who tends to believe that everything will turn out well . He never sees beyond their noses and does not realize the dangers that can haunt him or the malice of others. In addition, the Sagittarius can tend to be stepped on quite easily. Sagittarius has little confidence in himself and does not often dare to express his ideas, despite being a good thinker and more cultured. He is often told that he is not always reliable at work, as he is clueless and carefree. He also has too much tendency to dream instead of act; The gap between reality and your world is sometimes too big to be taken seriously. It also often disappoints those who think they have found a friend in them. It can be adorable and then completely forget your interlocutor . Sagittarius enjoys life to the fullest, but soon abandons everything he tries to do and all the activities he undertakes. So, you can easily pass for a lazy person. The main defects of Sagittarius are carelessness, naiveté and lack of seriousness .


Capricorn is reputed to be ambitious. Indeed it is, and you are attracted to success and money . He is addicted to work, a born leader who needs to spend a lot of time leaving his skin to reach his final goal: professional success. He loves power and wealth. Capricorn is a lone wolf that seldom surrenders . You never know what you think, and you hide behind a shell that you can rarely penetrate. This great mysterious never reveals his letters or his feelings. So if a Capricorn is delivered to you, you can be really sure that you love him. If you like to laugh and relax , do not mix with him. Capricorn is not really a clown, rather the opposite. It is quite austere or even, as it is often said, boring and depressing. It’s his side almost too realistic, even pessimistic, what makes him be like that. It transfers so much things to the intellectual plane that it costs him to live the present moment and to let himself go . Therefore, you need to be close to people who push you to be more cheerful. In summary, Capricorn’s main shortcomings are that he is ambitious, austere and mysterious .


If there is a zodiac sign that is extremely difficult to know and master , this is Aquarius ! He is often said to be eccentric and unreliable , which is quite true. When in pairs, Aquarius is able to put feet in powder at any time. It is hard for him to give himself up and communicate his feelings . But do you really have them? He often gives the impression of being totally insensitive and impervious to love. It is difficult to retain this eternal seducer. This great passionate and passionate equally is a specialist in running. Whether in friendship, in love or at work, he is not able to commit himself in the long term . He likes the adventure too much for it. At work,Aquarius does not like authority . Aquarius can also destabilize because it is very eccentric (sometimes, too). It is difficult to follow, since you can let yourself be carried away by your own delusions, your lyrical anger or your excesses of all kinds. In summary, the main defects of Aquarius are its lack of seriousness, its eccentricity and lack of empathy.


Pisces is a vulnerable person, often disconnected from reality . Criticized by his lack of seriousness, Pisces is a sign that is carried away by life, which does not take the reins or dominates at all. In addition, Pisces denotes quite indifferent to what happens around him; take the opportunities as they come and never take anything seriously, but with great carelessness. Pisces is a depressing, melancholic and capricious sign . Easily passes from laughter to tears without knowing very well why. He gives the impression of being a fearful or even weak person, but in reality he is very pessimistic and has little confidence in himself .His relative weakness also sometimes drives him to lie or manipulate so as not to take his actions and blame others. Capable of the best and the worst, Pisces needs to fall very low to resurface. Try to be surrounded by stable people to not waver. But if you have relatives who support you, you can express all your creativity and intelligence. Its main flaws are its lack of realism, seriousness and its very low confidence .

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