These 3 Dark Sides of the Virgo will frighten you all



All signs of the zodiac have their dark sides as a result of the fluctuation of their features. Virgos in their dark days can focus on details to the point of obsession, with an imminent need to control the environment and the people around them.

Need for perfectionism: Perfectionism can be motivating. Students belonging to the Virgo mark work hard to achieve ’10, while the officers belonging to this mark are dedicated to accomplishing every goal at work. On the other hand, the need for uncontrolled perfectionism can cause them a number of problems in relationships, work and self-acceptance.

Some Virgos are physically and emotionally agitated by clutter, interrupted schedules, and ineffective use of time. Such situations can be difficult for Virgos, but also for the people around them. A Virgo in front of a pile of dirty clothes can be scary. Fear of failure can lead to this sign of ‘analysis paralysis, the inability to take creative risks.

Viruses and body image: Virgos are earth signs and have a particular focus on the body, but often have a troubled and confused image of it. They perceive flaws as thin lips or large ears and this can be all they see in the mirror. Viruses want to have control over things and if they have a troubled body image, this can cause them to have eating disorders.

The Dark Side of the Virgo at Work: A strong work ethic makes people of this sign appear to be the only ones doing something and not seeing a broad picture of the situation. This myopia makes them feel dissatisfied and isolated, thinking that others are receiving the glory. Rarely are they seen smiling. When this happens, Virgo may seem judgmental to others who seem to have gotten the job done easily.


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