These Zodiac Signs End Relationships In The Most Cruel Way




Aries escapes responsibility, but he can also be very impulsive and straightforward. This makes them always question their ex-partner, or leave them with a bitter taste in the way they express the truths of the relationship.


Scorpio is one of the zodiac’s most vengeful signs and this is a feature that emerges long after the split. However, they can start to be cruel, as soon as a relationship begins to get into crisis. Often they can start to be cold indifferent and may even go so far as to ignore the partner.


Even though she may still be in love with someone, Virgo turns into a bloodthirsty being if she has to end a relationship. When disappointed, this sign can lead to dementia, especially if the frustration is accompanied by a loss of control.


Capricorn can be very insensitive when it comes to making decisions related to the continuity of a relationship. If he finds out that the partner has betrayed him he will not think twice and wipe the partner out of his life as soon as he closes his eyes.


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