The most important thing: finding the dream woman does not mean that a man has met the woman who is the least resistant. She is the one person who is a little bit more special than everyone else and sweetens every thought of the future. She is the person who puts a smile on your face every day, when you think about him and when you do not doubt if she is the right one, when it gets exhausting. She is also the one who leaves all other women behind – no matter how pretty, intelligent, funny or smart they are – because no one else is like them. For this one special woman, man should also be willing to give up something of his own kind, because without concessions, no relationship will last forever. A relationship always means work,

1. Convenience

Anyone who does not come out of the cottage cheese for his wife does not deserve her either. Of course, it’s better to do everything when it suits. But if things are postponed daily and not done, then it can be really annoying for the woman at your side and triggers associations on the subject of unreliability. Does man then actually this “Oh I can do that again and again” attitude to the relationship, then maybe it’s too late …

2. To live the day

This point moves at similar latitudes as the first one. At the beginning of a relationship spontaneous decisions can still be very nice, but the everyday needs structure and a little planning and planning. This is only given when the lady of the heart can rely on her husband and his commitments. The general personal perspective should not be lost sight of. A common reason for separation is that the partner can not give direction to his life and that a common future becomes unpredictable or unthinkable. And common goals are just as important as the implementation and pursuit of personal goals …

3. Let yourself go

This does not necessarily mean the neglect of the outward appearance, even if that is a frequent criticism of women in their husbands. It is also generally desirable for a man to reflect on his behavior and its impact on his partner. Being moody and grumpy with other people is one thing, but when the partner becomes the victim of her own shortcomings at regular intervals and is suffering from the bad temper of her partner, understanding soon ceases. For true love does not blind, but opens the eyes of a man. So, for the tenth time, who has been “forgotten” by his husband for forgetting time with his friends in the pub or in front of the game console, raises the question

4. The loner

Being with somebody or even living together inevitably means getting involved and hiring each other. Just imagine, you find yourself in an apartment that is fully furnished to the taste of your girlfriend and should live there from now on and feel good. There is resistance, is not it? Likewise, the favorite woman in the life of her partner, if he does not at least a little bit on them and makes room for them – so that she feels comfortable in his life and likes to participate. Compromise is the magic word that makes your relationship a pleasant venture for both. Be open to the ideas, wishes and suggestions of others, seek understanding and respect for the things that are important to you. If you want a woman with character, you should be prepared to feel it in the form of a headwind. Although these changes can be exhausting and sometimes annoying, one partner is not called “the better half” for nothing. Because this provides for progress and (personal) development and changes a lot: views, opinions and the view of life and love …

5. egoism

What sounds hard now, it does not necessarily have to be. Because own views, one’s own opinion and one’s own will should not be denied to any human being in a relationship. But it is important to recognize from where these personal things become difficult and incomprehensible for the partner. Always stubbornly enforcing one’s own head leads above all to a result: one has a lot of time and space to do the things one wants, because the partner has sought the distance. Taking care and taking responsibility for another person may be unfamiliar and difficult in the beginning, but it also means that you always have someone with everything and you are always there – to have a better half …


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