Why some people just suddenly no longer report, you will probably not be able to understand and understand in all cases. In the meantime this phenomenon has become widespread in dating – you meet, write and suddenly there is nothing but silence. There is also no response when asked and calls remain unanswered. Unfortunately, we also have no insider tips to protect you from it, but it is particularly often these zodiac signs that stand out in ghosting …


They are the ice kings under the zodiac signs and can simply switch from hot to cold better than anyone else and no longer report from one day to the next. Clarifying things is not their strength and often they are unfair when it comes to explaining to others why they are angry. Most of the time, watermen are firmly convinced that the other person knows what he hurt them with and therefore does not need an explanation for their disappearance.


People born under the zodiac sign Pisces are extremely sensitive and take a long time to get to know someone in order to get used to them. Added to this are their mood and feeling fluctuations, which they can throw violently off the track. Then they suddenly question everything disappear without further explanations from another person’s life. The finest in ghosting.


Cancer-born people have their own pace and anything that doesn’t make them nervous. This means that they withdraw quickly if they feel they are not in control of the events and their timing. Dating with a cancer can sometimes be difficult because they feel slightly attacked and then suddenly stop responding.


The zodiac sign Scorpio is also at the forefront of ghosting. Even if he is a very sensitive contemporary himself, he is not particularly squeamish with others. He prefers when he doesn’t have to say the things he thinks and the other person understands them almost wordlessly straight away. Since this is of course rarely the case, scorpions have to move out of their comfort zone, which sometimes overwhelms them so much that they simply no longer report.


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